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Christmas Net Lights

Updated on August 24, 2015

Net Lights

Christmas net lights are a great addition to your Christmas yard décor, especially when you have a lot of bushes or shrubs that would be perfect foundations to lay these fascinating net lights on.

Like all Christmas lights, Christmas net lights come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and you can put out net lights of different colors, single color net lights, shaped net lights and themed net lights.

All of them are fantastic to me, and would be based on each individuals personal tastes or look and feel they desire for their Christmas yard décor.

Another thing Christmas net lights offer, which is one of the best features to me, is their flexibility, where you option of placing the lights closer together to get that sense of being clustered together, or spread it out to have a look of being elongated. Both of these work, and each has it's own place, as you can see in the examples below.

Various Christmas Net Lights

The following Christmas net lights give a good example of the variety there are out there and how they look in different circumstances. The last two photos are my favorites, although part of that's because the first three are showing the net lights in the daylight, which loses a lot of their effect.

Like those tree wrap net lights, those really look great at night, you just have to picture how they would look going up a tree in the dark.

Solar Net Lights

Christmas Net Lights on Bush

Tree Trunk Net Light Wrap

Single-colored Christmas net lights

Although I enjoy blends of different Christmas light colors, there is still a fantastic look when you include a single light color to accentuate your bushes, trees and shrubs with net lights. All of the net lights in this article are one color, and as you can see, really look good.

Another thing that works great with single-colored net lights is strategically adding net lights with different colors in various designs and patterns to make interesting light displays.

Blue LED Christmas Net Lights

Clear Swag Christmas Net Lights

Christmas net lights in combinations with other Christmas lights

Christmas net lights are a fantastic way to not only light up your hedges and bushes, but even your trees and homes, as you see above with the swag Christmas net lights.

It's not hard to think up all sorts of different combinations you could use with string lights and other Christmas lights which would really make your Christmas yard display the envy of the neighborhood.

As far as how easy this is to do, unless you're doing something elaborate, it's simply a matter of laying them across or around the object you're interested in displaying them on, and your job is done.

Christmas net lights are a fast and easy way to add a compelling look to your outdoor Christmas décor, as you could even lay one color of net lights over another color on the same hedge or shrub to create an almost endless number of combinations with various light colors. Or you could strategically add string lights or some other type of Christmas lights in different designs and different light colors to make it really stand out nicely.

You get the idea. Christmas net lights are only limited by your imagination as to what you can do with them, and they are a lot of fun and easy to work with.


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    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      What is the best way of storing net lights once it comes time to put them away till time to put them up again..