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Christmas Novelty Hats: Trees, Reindeer, Turkeys, Elves, and Other Assorted Fun Head Wear

Updated on March 20, 2015

Unique Christmas Hats

Christmas Novelty Hats

Christmas has a lot of inspirational characters to base a costume on, but at times being minimalist can even do better than a costume, and to me, in many cases that's true with a Christmas novelty hat.

They are so funny that even if you were to have a costume it would be the hat that attracted all the attention, comments and laughs, as they are either completely silly, or they are made in an overly exaggerative way that makes it look extremely funny.

There are so many types of Christmas novelty hats that it's hard to determine which ones to show and talk about, as many of them look fantastic, and would be a great way to express yourself at a Christmas party or gathering.

I remember years ago buying a hat for my brother-in-law which had a set of antlers on the top that would clap together at a push of a button. Needless to say, it was the hit of the season, and we still laugh together when we view pictures depicting the hilarious hat and the experiences we had as a result of it.

So here are a few Christmas hats to generate some ideas that may just get you in the Christmas mood and get one that everyone will remember in the years ahead.

Included in the Christmas hats are trees, reindeer, elves, and even turkeys of all things.

Springy, Coil Christmas Hats

How fun looking are these first two coil, springy hats, which bounce all around as you wear them, providing a lot of movement to attract attention, although the shape of the top of the hat would surely do that all on its own.

Whether the more simple red hat, or the more busy green hat, either would generate smiles and appreciation for the funny looking spring top that will endlessly move unless you keep completely still.

Spiral Christmas Hats

Screw Hats
Screw Hats | Source

Christmas Tree Hat w/ Presents/bulb

Christmas Reindeer Antler Hat

Antler hats are among the more fun of the Christmas hats to wear or see, and this one of the realistic reindeer antlers shows why.

I suppose you wouldn't technically call it a hat, as it's actually a headband with antlers on it. No matter though, as it looks very cool, and those viewing it wouldn't care one way or the other what it is called.

Not only are the antlers great looking though. Did you notice the set of years sticking out to the sides of the head band below the antlers? They're as funny and interesting as the antlers themselves are.

Antler Hat

Christmas Antler Hat
Christmas Antler Hat | Source

Christmas Rudolph Hat

This isn't just any old reindeer hat, as evidenced by the red nose we all identify and know as belonging to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the accepted leader of the reindeer herd; and the most famous of all reindeer.

And why settle for just a set of reindeer horns on the head when you can get the entire head of Rudolph there, including his dangling legs along the sides of the head, creating a hilarious image which everyone would appreciate and get a good laugh over.

Reindeer Hat

Reindeer Christmas Hat
Reindeer Christmas Hat | Source

Christmas Hat of Santa Falling Down the Chimney

This is one of the more funny Christmas hats, as all of us can probably relate to the idea of jolly old Saint Nick falling down or getting stuck in the chimney as he attempts to get his rotund body down the seemingly increasingly narrow pipe.

I really like the overall looks of this hat, and of course the immediate response from any normal human being will be a good laugh and response, as who could help responding positively to this goofy image being worn on the head.

Santa Chimney Hat

Santa in Chimney Hat
Santa in Chimney Hat | Source

Elf Hat and Mask

I'm not sure exactly how to define this interesting elf hat, as it's part hat and part mask, or something like that, as it fits over the top of the head like a hat, but slides down to cover the sides of the face to create the elven look.

This is very cool, and if I ever decide to wear an elf costume or hat, this would probably be my first choice. The accompanying costume also looks good with it.

Elf Hat

Elf Hat
Elf Hat | Source

Red Western Christmas Hat with White Trim

Although is the more benign of all the Christmas novelty hats in this article, it's far from being a poor one, as it's really cute, and when combined with the platinum or silver hair look, it really stands out nicely.

Also adding a nice touch to it is the white garland around the rim of the hat, which blends nicely with the hair and complements the red hat and top, helping to break up the color some so it doesn't overwhelm the look.

Cute Red Christmas Hat

Western Christmas Hat
Western Christmas Hat | Source

Santa Cowboy Hat

Red and White Christmas Stove Top Hat

In this last example of a novelty Christmas hat, we have this fantastic stove top hat with the red and white swirling lines, similar to a candy cane, and looking similar to an old time barbershop post.

What is awesome about this hat is the fact it is over sized, which immediately draws attention to it, and also will generate some immediate comments and laughs.

It would be hard to take anyone too seriously who is wearing this hat, so don't be in a mode of attempting to impress people with your intellectual prowess, but instead polish up a few of your jokes and get ready to play the part of the prankster you look like if you choose to go with this funny Christmas hat.

Stovetop Hat

Stovetop Christmas Hat
Stovetop Christmas Hat | Source

Christmas Novelty Hats

Wasn't that a lot of fun looking had these hilarious, novelty Christmas hats? There are a lot more where those came from, and there is just about anything out there you may want if you look around a little.

But even those shown here offer some great ideas, as they look terrific, and not one of them wouldn't elicit a positive response from those looking at and appreciating them.

While they could go with a Christmas costume or outfit, for those who prefer to make a statement without a costume, going with a Christmas novelty hat will definitely do the job.


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    • TopTenChristmas profile image

      Brandon Hart 4 years ago

      Oh my gosh these are perfect for our white elephant party this year!

    • Shasti Shastipet profile image

      Shasti Shastipet 5 years ago

      Those are so cute! thanks for sharing!!

      I saw some nice hats here too

      I like the beer drinking hats the most :)