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Outdoor Christmas Light Decorations

Updated on July 31, 2015

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Of all the Christmas light ideas and themes, I think outdoor Christmas lights work better because of the flexibility and different types of trees, shrubs, bushes and other things you can attach lights to to make a great Christmas scene and statement.

This is a fun article to write because there are so many options to choose from for outdoor Christmas lights, that it offers an endless variety of outdoor Christmas light examples to show you.

I've included a number of them to give you some great inspiration, but don't be intimidated by the number of lights and quality of the outdoor Christmas light designs, as they're here to give you ideas from each part of it that you might want to incorporate into your outdoor Christmas light strategy, not to make you think you have to have the whole thing for it to look good.

You know your yard better than anyone else, and so each one of these outdoor Christmas light scenes and Christmas yard decorations below are to generate some ideas that may specifically work with your type of house and landscaping.

With that in mind, enjoy the wonderful outside Christmas lights yard decorations below.

Purple Christmas Lights Display on Tree

While I enjoy all Christmas light colors, when you put individual colors in certain situations they can look outstanding, as you can see from these outdoor purple Christmas lights on this tree. What a fantastic looking Christmas yard decoration to have.

Purple Outdoor Christmas Lights

White Outdoor Christmas Lights

Here's another look at how good a single-colored set of outdoor Christmas lights can look on a tree, and in this case, multiple trees. I really like how these lights were spaced, which give it an even more extraordinary look than it would have had without it being set so carefully. Nice outdoor Christmas light display.

Clear Outdoor Christmas Lights

Terrific Outdoor Christmas Light Display

Many times less is more, and I think in the case of this outdoor Christmas light display it is really true. Basically you have two colors, and the lavender-colored lights on the trees with the clear light highlights work well together.

One tip here is part of what makes a terrific Christmas light display in your yard is how you landscaped your yard in the first place. The reason the below decorations look so fantastic is because the symmetry of the trees as they lined up with the house behind it.

Lavender Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights

Another Fantastic Minimalist Light Display

When I talk about minimalist light displays, I'm not referring to the number of lights used, but rather the use of few colors to make a great looking decorative design.

Here again we have the strong use of clear lights with the inclusion of what appears to be aqua blue lights to accentuate the overall feel.

Beautiful White and Blue Christmas Lights

Fun Outdoor Christmas Light Décor

Now here's the exact opposite of the minimalist Christmas lights, as these loud colors seem to burst out of the scenery. My favorite is the tree with the three different colored lights.

Even with all the loud colors, for some reason this really works for me.

Multi-colored Outdoor Christmas Light Display

Christmas Lights Outdoors

Outdoor Christmas lights are so compelling to me, not only for their beauty themselves, but the promise for family and friends of the delights which may await them inside the house. Great fun, and one of the reasons Christmas is such a great time of the year.


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