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Christmas or Plum Pudding Costumes and Dresses

Updated on October 24, 2014

Plum Pudding Costumes and Dresses

Although not popular in all parts of the world, in many regions Christmas or plum pudding is an absolute must for those celebrating Christmas day, as it is served usually with great fanfare as families highly anticipate the traditional dessert.

While there are a variety of ways people make plum pudding, one ingredient that always must be included is the flesh of plums in order to have the honor to bear the name of Christmas pudding.

The end result of all of this is a dark, rich treat, sometimes covered in a wonderful topping made of cream of sorts, or some other sweetened substance. Some households also add a touch of holly to the pudding to add seasonal color to the finished product.

As that relates to Christmas pudding costumes, that is the general way the majority of them are designed. There is the roundish dark brown pudding look itself, with a nice creamy look of a topping appearing to drip down the sides. It's a very unique costume, and one that would go well in any festive, seasonal gathering.

One thing for sure, it's doubtful you'll have much, if any competition if you wear a plum pudding costume during the Christmas season. And for some, they decide to not don a Christmas or plum pudding costume, but a plum pudding dress instead. Either way, they both look great, and we'll take a look at both of them in this article.

Girl in Christmas Pudding Costume

This first costume is based generally upon the photo of a real Christmas pudding below, which looks delicious if I may add. It includes that luscious looking topping flowing from the top down the sides, and has that dark, brown color associated with plum pudding.

Also of interest is the green leaves in the middle of the topping, which represents the practice of laying holly on the top for color. Cute costume.

Plum Pudding Costume

Girl in Plum Pudding Costume
Girl in Plum Pudding Costume | Source

Costumes and Dresses Based on Plum Pudding

What's really cool about plum pudding costumes and dresses is even though they're based loosely upon the specific design of the plum pudding below, they are offered in a wide variety of interpretations of that design, providing unique costumes and outfits as a result.

That said, there is still a general design rule that is followed, with all of the dresses and costumes including that wide base as part of the design. It really is compelling and fun, as you'll see below.

Plum Pudding

Christmas Pudding with Cherry on Top

It's amazing how the Christmas pudding above is mirrored so closely by this Christmas pudding costume below.

The round costume reflects the shape of the real plum pudding, and the cream colored topping is almost identical in color. Add to that the holly leaves and the cute red hat for a cherry, and you have a fantastically compelling Christmas pudding costume. This would definitely generate a lot of smiles and comments.

Round Plum Pudding Costume

Round Plum Pudding Costume
Round Plum Pudding Costume | Source

Cute Christmas Pudding Dress

There are a number of Christmas pudding dresses to choose from, but the one below represents a style that almost all of them incorporated into the design, although they obviously changed some depending on if they were for adult women or young ladies.

But this is really a cute design, with the breast area representing the top of the plum pudding and the creamy topping, with the holly leaves on the top middle. From there it flows down to that very unique dress which puffs out to copy the shape of the body of the Christmas pudding. Very cute dress.

Plum Pudding Dress

Christmas Pudding Dress
Christmas Pudding Dress | Source

Christmas Pudding-Shaped Costume with Holly Hat

It's interesting to see this costume, which while shaped more accurately to what real Christmas pudding looks like, doesn't quite grab you as some of the other plum pudding costumes do here.

What I think this would do is cause even more friendly laughter when the costume is seen because of its unique shape which does in fact look funny. Also humorous is the cap and holly top, which also have a design that would generate smiles and interaction from those viewing it.

Plum Pudding Costume with Hat

Christmas Pudding Costume with Hat
Christmas Pudding Costume with Hat | Source

Christmas Pudding Costume for Infant

Next is a wonderful costume that will delight family and friends who see a little infant dressed up as their favorite Christmas dessert.

We have the hat with the creamy topping design, with the usual addition of the holly leaves, this time cutely sticking out of the top of the hat, which adds a very funny look to the costume. The cream color around the neck finishes off the yummy topping look of the costume.

The saying on the front is wonderful, but my favorite part of the Christmas pudding costume is that fantastic smiling face on the middle of the costume.

Plum Pudding Costume for Child

Infant Christmas Pudding Costume
Infant Christmas Pudding Costume | Source

Jogger Wearing Christmas Pudding Costume

I really laughed when I saw this hilarious image of the jogger running in a Christmas pudding costume.

This guy must really be a fan, and more than likely was out on Christmas day for a jog. Everything with the costume isn't in place as usual because it looks like there is a wind that is blowing parts of it back behind his head, losing a little of the tidy look the other plum pudding costumes had.

Still, there is no doubt this guy received a lot of honking horns and smiling and incredulous looks when he went out dressed in this costume.

Running in Plum Pudding Costume

Jogger in Christmas Pudding Costume
Jogger in Christmas Pudding Costume | Source

Roller Skater Wearing Christmas Pudding Costume

In this last Christmas pudding costume, there is another unusual practice of roller skating in a Christmas pudding costume, although this was part of professional entertainment, rather than a regular person like the fellow above.

Again we have the preferred look of the Christmas pudding above, with the top covered with holly, as included with the cute hat, and then the typical topping flowing down the top of the plum pudding. It is a little different with the round objects on the pudding, which probably represent some sweet morsels of some type.

This is a very cute Christmas pudding costume that had to delight the onlookers.

Wearing Plum Pudding Costume while Roller Skating

Roller Skating in Christmas Pudding Costume
Roller Skating in Christmas Pudding Costume | Source

Plum and Christmas Pudding Costumes

It was a wonderful surprise to come across these outstanding Christmas pudding costumes. I didn't know how popular Christmas or plum pudding is around the world, and how people love to dress up in costumes as part of their love of this centuries-old tradition.

Just like real Christmas pudding, there are a wide variety of costume designs to look at, as confirmed above, and the dress is extremely cute and terrific as well.

However you cut it, Christmas pudding costumes and dresses are an awesome way to celebrate Christmas and generate laughter and good will in the midst of family and friends during this wonderful holiday season.


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    • TopTenChristmas profile image

      Brandon Hart 4 years ago

      Oh my goodness that baby is so cute!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Cute costumes getting ready for christmas. I love the infant costumes. Adorable. Great photos. Voted awesome.