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Christmas Heels, Pumps and Kicks

Updated on August 5, 2014

Christmas Shoes: Kicks and Pumps

Christmas season and Christmas day offer up opportunities for women to show off some new pumps and for men to dress up in some fancy kicks.

While there are times that red and green footwear can be worn throughout the year, there is of course something about the traditional red and green of Christmas that allows for some unique pumps and kicks to go on display at family gatherings and Christmas parties.

Some people like to go with solid colors, putting on red with some complementary green, or the opposite, green with complementary red, but that's not the entire footwear story for Christmas, as there are a number of additional designs and colors that make for great show.

Most of those we'll look at in this article will include red with some highlights from other colors. But there are also Christmas shoes that are designed in candy colors and other styles. One of those were included to give an idea of how that would look for you.

One strength of the multi-colored shoes is you have a lot more options as to what to wear, in contrast to having to work mostly with green or red if you go with traditional Christmas colors.

Either way, Christmas shoes are a lot of fun, and there are some great shoes to choose from, as some of the examples below show.

Striped Christmas Heels

This first pair of Christmas shoes are really cute, and one of those I wanted to include to show how they look when it goes outside of the red and greens colors usually associated with the Christmas season.

As mentioned above, this is a pair that could go with a lot of things in your wardrobe, seeing it has so many colors included in what I call a "candy" design. I say that because it looks like a jar of a variety of candy canes you can buy when looking for various flavors.

Also cute is that bow tied on the outside of the heels to give the sense of being a present wrapped for Christmas.

They are a very noticeable and cute pair of heels that would look great in any Christmas social gathering.

Women's Christmas Shoes

Christmas Heels
Christmas Heels | Source

Red Novelty Reindeer Pumps

Next we have a fun pair of reindeer pumps which will definitely garner the attention of anyone that sees you arriving and walking around a Christmas function.

While not exactly an attempt at a high quality novelty pair of Christmas pumps, they do have a nice solid red color, and the point to me is that they're made for the express purpose of being an understated pair of shoes in order that they are considered to be a little tacky and loud.

That obviously works here, but they're definitely cute enough to let you get away with it during the Christmas season.

Reindeer Pumps

Reindeer Pumps
Reindeer Pumps | Source

Silver and Red Christmas Heels

This next set of Christmas heels is great looking, as the conception reveals a nice silver and red color combination, with the additional set of bells on the toes and what appears to be a Christmas ornament on the strap.

What I really like about these are the gold colored buckles, which add a really nice look to the predominate silver and red colors. Great set of Christmas heels.

Red and Silver Heels

Silver and Red Heels
Silver and Red Heels | Source

Red And1 Christmas Kicks

This is a limited edition pair of kicks that had only 60 pairs of them made last year for Monta Ellis. The traditional red and green Christmas colors look great with the white bottom sides and laces.

Also really nice looking is the green design line meandering through the side of the show, with the breathing holes interspersed between them, providing comfort and great style.

AND1 ME8 Christmas Kicks

AND1 Kicks
AND1 Kicks | Source

Red Nike Lebron Christmas Kicks

Nike has put out some fantastic looking Lebron Christmas kicks, including this pair with the awesome design and what appears to be a portrait of the night Christmas night sky on the bottom side of the kick.

Looking good is the green lace complementing the traditional red color of Christmas. When you see some terrific looking kicks like this, you realize that traditional Christmas colors can be very cool to wear.

As for the design itself, those lines that almost look like eye lines coming about from squinting in the sun, look really good. They're placed at the top of the point of the Nike logo, as well as near the front part of the shoe. It projects the feel of tightness and control. Very cool looking.

Red Nike Christmas Shoes with Green Laces

Red Nike Christmas Shoes
Red Nike Christmas Shoes | Source

Christmas Kicks, Heels and Pumps

There are a wide array of Christmas footwear to choose from for men and women, ranging from whimsical and novelty, to some serious pumps and kicks to stand out at a Christmas party of family gathering.

Although many people think in terms of occasionally dressing up in some fun novelty footwear during the Christmas season, less people think of the quality products which would not only look great, but make people a little envious as well.

When thinking of Christmas fashion, searching for and finding a great pair of kicks, heels, pumps, or even some other type of footwear, will help you make an awesome statement and look festive and terrific for the Christmas gathering and party.


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