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Christmas Cross Stitch for Stockings

Updated on August 24, 2015

Joy of Using Cross Stitch to Make Great Christmas Stockings

Cross stitch is among my favorite looking Christmas stocking images, as the quality is always very high and the scenes are fantastic to look at.

A great secondary use of cross stitch Christmas stockings is for adding to the quality of your Christmas décor (for some that's the primary use). As you'll see below, this is a fantastic way to make things in your home look even better for the Christmas holiday season.

Of course the usual use of a Christmas stocking applies when making a cross stitch stocking, and when you make them to cater to the interests and likes of your loved ones it's a great way show them you care, as well as delighting them with something they really enjoy. Many times that's done be including the name of the family members on the stockings.

The other side of making a Christmas cross stitch stocking is the work on it itself. Just like any type of artwork, it's a work of love, not just for the one you're making it for, but also for your own personal satisfaction of making and completing a project.

Santa Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking

There is not one of the cross stitch Christmas stockings below I don't find extraordinary, and surely they'll inspire you in a number of ways; either to buy one, or to make one of your own.

The Santa stocking below is always a relevant Christmas stocking theme, and the way it fits in with almost any Christmas decor makes it a good choice.

Using the scene all of us as children dreamed of in attempting to find the elusive Santa Claus is a great choice. The design is gorgeous and captures that magical time of our childhood.

Cross Stitch Santa Stocking

Winter Scene Cross Stitch Stocking

This winter family scene of a cross stitch Christmas stocking has it all in my opinion. The fantastic blue background and foreground are tremendous. And the family walking toward their decorated home with the wonderful lights and dogs running with the children is breathtaking to me.

Of course the excitement captured of dad dragging the Christmas tree behind him as they all head to the house says it all. Great cross stitch stocking pattern.

Looking at Santa in Window Cross Stitch Stocking

Here's another high quality cross stitch stocking in what seems to be Santa being caught in the house by someone looking from outside the window. The jolly look on Santa's face is precious, and that old time sled leaning against the house really adds to the wonderful feel that comes with the scene.

Child Sneaking a Peek Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking

I really like it when someone designs something that captures something we all treasure, and that's the moments we all have when we know the presents are under the tree and just have to have a peek to see how many there are. This cross stitch pattern does a great job of conveying that message.

Peeking at Christmas Tree

Great Cross Stitch Winter Scenery Pattern

This final photo of a winter and Christmas scene underscores why cross stitch is such a satisfying medium or tool to use to make these fantastic Christmas stockings. This is not only a stocking, but a terrific work of art; and how satisfying it would be to make something like this.

Blue Background Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking

Cross Stitch Christmas Stockings as Christmas Décor

After looking at these cross stitch Christmas stocking designs and patterns, you can see why I said they are not only for the traditional use of filling a stocking with fun things, but for the additional use of making and creating some fantastic images that add to your Christmas décor in a magnificent way.


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