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Christmas Stocking Hangers and Holders

Updated on August 24, 2015

Holders for Christmas Stockings

Christmas stocking holders can range anywhere from very simple pieces made only to hold a Christmas stocking, to pieces that can complement the stocking through having a similar element of color, to being a major part of your Christmas décor.

No matter which way you choose to go, all of them work good, and even the simple stocking holders look nice holding up those fascinating stockings full of goodies we put up.

Some of these stocking hangers are works of art in their own right, and make great decorations on their own, let alone as part of holding up the stockings.

There are also some stocking holders that can fit across something like a fireplace mantel in order to hold several or more stockings. These are a very practical and helpful tool for those with a lot of family and friends expecting to have their Christmas stockings filled.

Basic, Simple Christmas Stocking Holders

Even though the following two photos of Christmas stocking holders are basic and simple, they do blend in nicely when put in the right place, as the two below have been. While I like both of them, I think if I had to choose one for my home it would be the second one down, as there's just a touch of cool to it, which may be from the proper placement blending with the wood background. Those little circular ends also look good to me.

Basic Christmas Stocking Holder

Simple Stocking Hanger

Stocking Paw Holder for Pet

You could use this stocking holder for someone that loves their pet, meaning it is used to hold their stocking while thinking of their pet. But primarily this is for your pet's stocking to be held with, and it is a very nice looking one. Now just how would this look with a stocking full of pet goodies? You'll never know unless you try it. This would go good with a paws stocking if you've seen them before.

Pet Stocking Holder

'I've Been Good' Stocking Hanger

Of course if you get this stocking hanger for someone, usually it's not the best behaved person. The fun of it is that gets a good laugh out of something not too good they may have done during the year; one that everyone likes to remind that person of in a good natured way.

But even if that isn't the case, you know with human nature that they're wondering if you know something they would rather you didn't. Fun stocking holder.

Stocking Holder

Snowman Stocking Hangers

Here's some jolly snowmen that will liven up wherever you decide to put up your Christmas stockings. I like the one acting different, which is represented by the snowman standing on his hands and head.

These would be fantastic Christmas decorations even if you didn't hang the stockings on them.

Snowman Stocking Holders

Pine Cone Stocking Hanger

I was walking around with my granddaughter today and was picking up pine cones with her for fun projects during the holiday season. So when I found this pine cone Christmas stocking holder, I had to include it with those here, as it reminded me of that moment, and many similar like it. But even if it wasn't related to a current project, I would have probably picked this anyway, as it's one of my favorite symbols of the winter and holidays.

Pinecone Stocking Holder

Disney Stocking Hanger

Here's a Disney stocking hanger you could inlude as part of your Christmas décor, and could put anything on it to look good. What a great addition to the holiday decorations. Very nice!

Christmas Stocking Holder from Disney

Christmas Stocking Holders and Hangers

There's a good look at how compelling and helpful Christmas stocking holders can be. All of them could be used as part of your Christmas décor while they hold up the stockings, or they could be used for anything that needs to be propped up, or in some cases, they can stand on their own as a great holiday decorations.


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    • profile image

      Jan Brown 3 years ago

      I am interested in the set of three Snowman Stocking Holders. I would like the dimensions, are they cast iron?, can they be purchased already finished?