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Christmas Stocking Kits

Updated on August 11, 2015

Stocking Kits for Christmas

What's great about finding some fun Christmas stocking kits is the many things of value connected to them. You could get together with a group of friends and enjoy using a kit for making Christmas stockings as a good excuse to spend time together.

Or you could use the stocking kits to help your children and grandchildren create some unique crafts they'll feel good about and proud of.

For those who love to work on fantastic and custom designs in what their crafts, Christmas stocking kits are a great way to do that, as there are numerous and highly complex designs that look extraordinary when you're through.

So whether you prefer embroidery, crocheting, cross stitch, knitting, needlepoint, or any other medium, a Christmas stocking kit is out there to provide you with all the tools you need to do it.

As always, my motivation in doing this is to give you some inspiration and ideas on the types of material and patterns out there so you can know what's available in order to make a decision on what type of Christmas stocking kit to buy, or to get ideas to make your own Christmas stocking patterns or design to work from.

Snowstorm Pattern for Christmas Stocking

I included the photo of what is called "Snowstorm Pattern" because it gives a lot of ideas for those who may want to design their own Christmas stocking. These look nice and I'm sure you've seen a version of these types of Christmas stockings at the homes of friends and family.

Snowstorm Christmas Stocking Pattern

Santa Christmas Stocking Kits

The three photos of Santa Christmas stocking kits below are a great representation of a lot of Christmas kits, and while focusing on Santa, could be replaced by many characters to create a compelling Christmas scene.

It does show how you can take one theme (in this case Santa) and create an endless array of scenes from that character. Anyway, they're here to generate some ideas for a Christmas stocking you may want to create for a loved one.

Aren't they wonderful. You have Santa decorating a tree; Santa making cookies; and Santa cooking up some meal. How about that chef's hat. Very cool.

Santa Stocking Kit

Christmas Stocking Kit with Santa Cooking

Santa Making Gingerbread Man Stocking Kit

Fantastic Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Designs

Needlepoint is a great way to create some fantastic images on a Christmas stocking, and as you can see below, there are a seemingly endless number of scenes and themes to choose from.

The Internet is full of a variety of these to choose from, so just click around and you're sure to find one to fit the person and idea you're wanting to make.

Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Kits

Fantastic Christmas Stocking Kits

As I mentioned earlier, the number of Christmas stocking kits you can buy out there are endless, and the quality is from simple ones you can use to do craft projects with your children or grandchildren, all the way to fantastic works of art that would satisfy anyone.

These photos of Christmas stocking kits are included to get you started on some ideas if you have trouble knowing where to begin. I was tempted to show a bunch of these, but I think the ones here give you an idea of what is out there or ideas to create your own pattern.


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    • profile image

      Robyn 2 years ago

      There are many beautiful Christmas Stockings on this page, but I can't find any kind of link to get to the pattern for the Snowstorm stocking shown above. I was hoping to find a knit pattern for stockings, but am having a hard time with that. There are plenty of great pictures, but alas, no patterns to share or purchase. Too sad.