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Ugly, Tacky, Terrible Christmas Sweaters

Updated on August 1, 2015

It's Cool to Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas sweaters have taken on a fun connotation, as a growing number of people buy and wear them as ugly Christmas sweaters, or worse, they're referred to as tacky, terrible, and other words we won't mention here.

There are a growing number of parties and celebrations that are based upon wearing a gross Christmas sweater as part of the festivities, and people even vie for the opportunity to win the "ugliest" Christmas sweater contest.

Now I think I know the real secret behind all of this, and that is that people actually like to wear some pretty nice looking Christmas sweaters, but because they're mocked a lot, the response was to start to call them ugly Christmas sweaters in order to reverse the trend and be considered cool wearing a Christmas sweater, by identifying and calling it ugly.

Having said that, there are some very legitimate reasons for the growing surge in ugly Christmas sweaters, and that's because of the fact there are an awful lot of ugly Christmas sweaters out there to give all Christmas sweaters a bad name. Christmas sweaters just aren't getting a fair shake any longer, as the sweater haters have taken over the conversation.

After you look at some of the ugly, tacky Christmas sweaters included in this article though, you'll see why it's a reputation that in many ways can be understood because of the terrible Christmas sweaters out there that some people actually think look pretty cool.

But now it's swung the other way, where it's considered cool to dress up in an ugly Christmas sweater, so we no longer know if someone is being serious about the sweater, or they're wearing it in an attempt to be a little facetious in their Christmas fashion.

Either way, it appears civilization has been saved now that Christmas sweaters and those wearing them can not be identified as losers because of the tacky, terrible sweaters that are worn. We no longer know which side of the fashion fence the wearer of the Christmas sweater is sitting on. So we don't know if they're dressing cool or dressing with the idea they believe they look good. In other words, this has become a fashion draw.

However you cut it though, the sweaters included in the photos below are a stretch in most cases no matter which side of the line those wearing them are on.

Christmas sweaters have become so targeted that even those that look pretty good are called tacky by the wearers just in case some people think any sweater worn with a Christmas theme is a fashion faux pas.

Christmas Sweaters That are Ugly

As we go through this group of ugly and tacky Christmas sweaters, some of you who don't know should understand that there is actually a brand called "Ugly Christmas Sweaters," and so that shouldn't be confused with this photo gallery of Christmas sweaters that are ugly.

Some of them may or may not be part of that brand, but all of these are tacky Christmas sweaters for sure, including this first one.

To me this represents the fashion dangers of Christmas sweaters, as I think grandma here actually thinks it's a pretty cool sweater. No shame in wearing it on her face.

This is why I put it first, as the awful, tacky, lime green base color, covered with faces of Santa Claus wearing a hat with pink instead of red, as well as candy canes that are pink in color instead of red, makes this a gross sweater indeed.

Now if the color of the sweater had been hunter green with Santa's hat stripes red, along with the candy cane stripes, it probably wouldn't have been too bad.

Of course this all could be exhibited in good fun, with the woman fully aware of how ugly it is. Again, this is the interesting part of wearing a Christmas sweater. You just don't know if the person wearing thinks it looks great or is wearing it to shock a few people.

The key is not to let anyone know either way what you think. That's how you keep fashion-safe during the Christmas season.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Lime Green Christmas Sweater
Lime Green Christmas Sweater | Source

Christmas Sweater with Boots, Ornaments and Tree

It doesn't get much worse than this for a Christmas sweater.

There is an off-center purple tree, some miniature Santa stockings hanging off of it, as are some of the Christmas ornaments. Can anyone say "ouch" to this chaotic mess?

This is another one of those Christmas sweaters which make you wonder if it is done on purpose or not. Are there people that think this is a really great-looking sweater, or is it made for the purpose of being horrendously gross?

I don't know. But if you want to startle people and attract the wrong type of attention, thinking you've created a masterpiece, this is definitely a way to go. Where are the fashion police?

Sweater with Big Christmas Tree on Front

White Christmas Sweater
White Christmas Sweater | Source

Tacky Christmas Sweater with Tree and Ornaments on Front

Just when you thought you may have seen the worse of the Christmas sweater designs out there, here is proof that there is a lot more way to go before we hit the bottom of the sweater design ladder.

Even in jest this would be a tough fashion act to enter into. It's so senseless that I suppose it could be considered funny. About the only somewhat positive thing you could say about this is that it includes the traditional Christmas colors of red and green.

I'm not even sure this passes the it's-so-ugly-it's-funny test. It's like a glob hanging on a sweater or shirt.

If someone is fishing for negative comments and incredulous looks, this is an ugly Christmas sweater that would wildly succeed.

Christmas Tree Design on Sweater

Sweater with Christmas Tree on Front
Sweater with Christmas Tree on Front | Source

Mutant Christmas Sweater Designs?

My first and immediate reaction when seeing the sweaters below was, "what are these, relatives of Quato from the film Total Recall?"

It's like you're about to tell someone you have a message about a secret conspiracy and the person sticking out of the sweater is about to take over your consciousness. I mean, who knows. Next thing you know they're going to say there's no such thing as Santa Clause. What a conspiracy that would be. It's worse than holding back air on Mars.

At least with these sweaters everyone knows you're attempting to go the cool and ugly Christmas sweater route, rather than attempting to wear a nice Christmas sweater that fails.

The reindeer one at least as a feel of cuteness about it, but the Santa on the front of the sweater in the bottom photo is definitely creepy looking. Maybe there is a real Quato after all!

3-D Christmas Sweaters

Mutant Reindeer Sweater
Mutant Reindeer Sweater | Source
Sweater with Santa Sticking Out of Stomach
Sweater with Santa Sticking Out of Stomach | Source

Very Tacky Christmas Sweater

I suppose it's somewhat of a stretch to call this a Christmas sweater, as it's more like a homemade sweater laid over the top of a shirt.

But this is close to as tacky as you can get to tacky concerning sweaters that I've seen. I think she's thinking of herself as a room decorated for Christmas, from the way the design is made.

The garland wrapped around her arms looks bizarre and strange, as does the fabric, or whatever it is right below her neck.

And what does one ask about in reference to the bells? How do you like my bells? Oh yes, they are in a nice place on you. Every time they make a sound all eyes will be right there.

I guess if that's the purpose than this odd Christmas sweater design will be a wild success.

Garland and Bells on Sweater

Bells on Boobs
Bells on Boobs | Source

Christmas Sweater Showing Belly

Okay. You have probably thought nothing could get worse after seeing the Christmas sweaters above. But you would be wrong. This one surpasses them all in being gross, and it really has nothing to do with the sweater itself, as it was undoubtedly one of the children or grandchildren of this guy, and he took it and forced it over the top of his upper body.

I mean, who wants to see this image when at a gathering or party? Not me. Obviously a certain type of person would think this is a hilarious idea, but far more would not want to have their eyes fastened on this particular image. It could damage you for life I'm sure. Whoops. Too late. You've already seen it.

But really. It doesn't get much worse than this, and I would have to call it the ugliest Christmas sweater I've ever seen, based upon the way it is being worn.

Undersized Christmas Sweater

Small Christmas Sweater
Small Christmas Sweater | Source

Ugly Christmas Sweater Designs

Now you've gotten a taste of some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters there are out there, so maybe this year you won't feel bad at all at wearing the one you have that looks a lot better than any of these.

Or you may even want to buy a new Christmas sweater, or design one of your own to wear for the shock and gross factor.

Whichever way you want to go, just don't let it slip out how you think your sweater looks. From the point of view of those seeing it, either they'll think it looks great because it really does, or they'll think it's ugly to the point of being cool. Either way you win. Don't say anything and let that be the verdict from everyone.


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