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Christmas Tree Angel Treetops

Updated on August 21, 2015

Christmas Tree Angels

There are a number of legends and lore concerning the origin of the Christmas tree we see in use around the world today, as it is disputed as to what the impetus behind a Christmas tree was, and if the meaning people attribute to it today is from the original source.

While that is so, there isn't any dispute over the most popular treetops used on Christmas trees, which are angels or stars. Both are associated with Christianity, and the tree and most of the rest of the modern Christmas tree is influenced by Germany, where it began to be used in the modern sense of how they are used today. Protestant Christianity was the source there, as it was for many years after that.

As for the star and angels as symbols, the angels are obvious in what they represent, even though the Christmas treetop angel is more decorative than the real angels we read about in the Bible. The star is a reference to what Christians sometimes call the "star of Bethlehem," which led the wise men to find Jesus when he was very young.

Either one of these are wonderful symbols of real beings and a real historical event, and are used as reminders and representations of these facts.

Nonetheless, again, they are now portrayed decoratively in modern times, and in that regard are offered in gorgeous and beautiful designs for all to enjoy, especially the angels used as Christmas treetops, which will be the subject matter of this article.

Now let's looks at some photos of fantastic angels designed to be placed at the top of a Christmas tree.

Vintage Christmas Treetop Angel

I thought we could start off looking at a vintage Christmas treetop angel, because it has that beautiful look that period pieces from the 1940s had.

Everything about this angel is beautiful, including her flowering hair, paste-like face, white flowing gown, and of course the gold wings, tiara, belt and background. The gold stars scattered about the angel's gown look great and add to the overall feel of the piece.

What a great angel to have on the top of a Christmas tree.

Old Christmas Tree Angel


Irish Christmas Angel Treetop

When I first looked at this wonderful Irish angel, it didn't occur to me first that it was Irish, I just liked how fantastic it looked.

What's not to like about that flaming red hair, soft yellow background of the wings, and the pretty dark green of the outfit.

Did you notice the shamrock designs on the gown? Heaven must have an Irish sense of humor.

Also attractive is the angel holding the candles in her hand. Whether you're Irish or not, this is a terrific Christmas treetop angel.

Green Angel Treetop


Black Christmas Treetop Angel

Here is another ethnic angel that could be used on any Christmas tree. I absolutely love the dark purple and blue colors, interspersed amongst the heavenly gold color.

Also included are those beautiful fiber optic wings, which concerning fiber optics, I have fallen in love with.

How about that sensational harp held in the right hand of the angel, or left as you look at the photo? Great touch!

Beautiful choice for a Christmas angel on top of your tree.

Angel Treetop with Blue and Purple Colors


Christmas Tree Angel with Gold Accents and White Wings

This Christmas treetop angel with the gorgeous cream-colored gown, as well as amazing white, fluffy wings, looks awesome.

The gold accents look terrific with the cream hue of the outfit.

But there is no doubt it's the wings that make this heavenly visitor stand out, and they would look striking on the top of a Christmas tree.

Angel Treetop with White, Fluffy Wings


Blue Fiber Optic Christmas Treetop Angel

As mentioned earlier, fiber optics is one of my favorite parts of Christmas ornaments of any kind, especially when they're part of a scene or a figure, as this angel below is.

You can see why this is so from the unbelievably beautiful colors emanating from the angel. Add to that the stunning blue color and white wings, and it's a combination that's hard to beat. This is very similar to a fiber optic angel I put on top of our tree every year.

Fiber Optic Angel


Christmas Treetop Angels

Christmas treetop ornaments are one of the most noticeable and important of the season, so when thinking of what you may want to place at the top of your tree to garner appreciative looks, consider using an angel, as from those you see here, they are stunning to look at, and being placed at the top of the tree, give a sense of heavenly visitation when gazing at the image of the messenger from heaven.

And from the example of Christmas treetop angels above, it is obvious there is a specific angel that would meet your specific wants or requirements.


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