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Christmas Tree Wallpapers

Updated on July 19, 2014

Decorative Christmas Tree Wallpapers

There may be no more beautiful and enchanting wallpaper for the Christmas holiday season than that of a Christmas tree decorated for the indoors, or one decorated outdoors with gorgeous scenery included in the image.

To that end I've gathered up some photos of Christmas tree wallpapers to inspire and to go and download if you decide you like them.

Indoor Christmas tree wallpapers also have an environment surrounding them, which adds to the look of the art, as well as to the personal tastes of the individual looking for some awesome images to encourage and delight during Christmas time.

Most Christmas tree wallpapers I've found for the indoors have a very traditional look to them, which I personally prefer, and which are among those gathered together here to look at.

Outdoor Christmas tree wallpapers included in this article have more of a creative look to them, and offer a different look for those wanting to have a more creative Christmas tree wallpaper on their desktop computer or other screens they use. Some are very majestic, while others are softer and quieter.

Whatever your personal tastes and desires, there's definitely a Christmas tree wallpaper to two you'll find to enjoy during the holidays. There are plenty you can download for free, or others that can be bought for very low prices.

We'll start by looking at those Christmas tree wallpapers displaying indoor decorated trees.

Christmas Tree Wallpaper with Crackling Fire

There is probably no more compelling and desirable scene and experience of a Christmas tree indoors than that of a beautifully decorated tree next to a fireplace with a crackling fire adding warmth to the image; reminding those of us who've had that experience of how wonderful it is at that time of the year.

The Christmas tree wallpaper below does just that. It's cool to see the tree share the spotlight with the fireplace, with the stockings hung there reminding us of the terrific day quickly approaching. Of course the nice group of presents doesn't hurt in that regard either.

Indoor Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Christmas Tree Wallpaper with Presents
Christmas Tree Wallpaper with Presents | Source

Christmas Tree Wallpaper with Angel Tree Topper

There is a lot of great things to like about this Christmas tree wallpaper, including the gorgeous angel tree topper. Also interesting is the way the fireplace was chosen to be shown, with decorations around the area where the fire would have been going, rather than having a fire blazing instead.

I like how the tree, presents and decorations around the fireplace sparkle in the foreground, while the soft backdrop of the blue hue helps to present that image nicely.

Adding to the overall look and lighting of the wallpaper are the lamps on the fireplace mantel; the lamps near the windows right behind the fireplace; and the light shining forth from inside the angel decoration on top of the tree. You really can't tell where the lights in the background are coming from, but this is partially a fantasy work of art, so it really doesn't matter. It's simply great to look at and enjoy.

This is a nice option for a Christmas tree wallpaper.


Christmas Tree Wallpaper with Reflected Lights

This next Christmas tree wallpaper of an indoor environment is made for those that love to have a lot of bells and whistles on their Christmas trees, and enjoy seeing that on their computers or screens they use throughout the day.

The reflected lights off of this beautifully decorated tree look fantastic, as evidenced by the lights shining to the back left of the tree in the window as you look at it, as well as the glass cabinet to the right of the tree.

Although this may not be for everyone because of how many lights are seen because of the tree itself and the hundreds or bright and colorful lights reflecting off of the glass, it's a Christmas tree wallpaper that would attract the attention of anyone nearby.

As for those that love Christmas tree light decorations, this is a wallpaper made to order.

Bright Lights on Christmas Tree

Bright Christmas Tree Lights
Bright Christmas Tree Lights | Source

Church and Outdoor Christmas Tree Wallpaper

With this first of outdoor Christmas tree wallpaper images it includes one of the more colorful Christmas tree set of lights I found, with all those vibrant colors shining forth in the midst of the snow-laden branches.

I like the way the snow covers the lights as they attempt to emanate from the tree. It's a stunning visual treat.

Also contrasting nicely with the more loud colors of the Christmas tree in the foreground is the church building in the background, which includes much more subtle shades of color, along with more "quiet" lights. It makes for a wonderful picture.

Colorful Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Outdoors Christmas Tree Wallpaper
Outdoors Christmas Tree Wallpaper | Source

Fantasy Christmas Tree Wallpaper

For those wanting something a little different to view on their computer or other screen, this one, which I identify as a fantasy Christmas tree wallpaper, is an awesome choice.

It's hard to decide which looks better, the tree presented as a centerpiece in the front center of the image or the stunning background which creates the fantasy illusion of the piece of art.

For me, it's the background that makes this such a wonderful image to enjoy, with the Christmas tree itself having a little more brightness to it to separate it from the background.

What looks very cool is how the clouds stand above the trees and lazily over across the digital canvass. The tree topper shining bright in the middle of the purple haze adds a really nice look and touch to the art.

The colors work really well together, as do the choices of where to accentuate the light. Very nice.

Christmas Tree Fantasy Wallpaper and Clouds
Christmas Tree Fantasy Wallpaper and Clouds | Source

Outdoor Christmas Tree Wallpaper with Cabin

This is probably my favorite of all of the great Christmas tree wallpapers shown in this article. What stands out to me is the overall setting, with that wonderful cabin in the background, the red, pink and white lighted tree that reflects off the winter snow in the dark of the night, and that set of snowshoes stuck in the ground near the tree, as if to say the person decorating it just finished and went inside the warm, cozy cabin.

The tree lights are also fantastic, looking very different on the tree, from the reflections on the snow, which is more of a light red. That reddish reflection makes it a very soft image to view, as does the soft lights peeking out of the windows of the cabin.

My only small complaint is that there was no smoke coming from the chimney of the cabin. That would have completed the look and feel of the piece.

Red Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Red Christmas Tree Wallpaper
Red Christmas Tree Wallpaper | Source

Outdoors and Indoors Christmas Tree Wallpapers

After looking at this magnificent examples of Christmas tree wallpapers, you can see why they're so desirable to have on a screen during the Christmas season.

They are constant reminders of this wonderful time of the year, and can be viewed if we need a little encouragement of positive reinforcement throughout the day.

Because there are so many to choose from, and so many that look fantastic, having a few on hand to interchange with on the computer or other device is a good way to multiply the terrific effects they have on all of us who love this time of year and the memories decorated Christmas trees - whether indoors or outdoors - have had on us all.


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      6 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Oh thank you! These are sooo great!!!


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