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Wallpapers of Bringing Christmas Tree Home

Updated on November 26, 2014

Christmas Wallpapers of Bringing Christmas Trees Home

One of the most memorable and powerful remembrances of Christmas time in our childhood is when we had our expectations of a Christmas tree in the home met, as we saw it being carried to the home and through the doorway in anticipation of setting it up and decorating to commemorate the Christmas holiday season.

For those a little older that amazing moment may have been captured in time with a sleigh or carriage carrying the tree to the home, or a grandpa or dad going out onto the land and cutting and carrying or dragging the tree to the home as you eagerly waited to catch the first glimpse of it and what it looked like.

In these wallpapers those types of images are what are the dominant theme of carrying a Christmas tree to the home, and even if that wasn't our personal experience, it does generate an atmosphere of home and family in what many of us can imagine what it would have been like to participate in it.

Of course for those that use an artificial tree during Christmas, it's just as exciting bringing out the box and putting it together. The point is these wallpapers represent the excitement and fun of putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it in order to enjoy the beauty and to eventually place presents under the tree to open on Christmas day.

Now how could forget that experience, which so many continue to enjoy in our adult years?

Beautiful Wallpaper of Dad and Son Pulling Christmas Tree to Home

Having several Christmas wallpapers of people pulling or carrying Christmas trees home to set up before Christmas is a sure way to get you in the Christmas mood.

This one of a dad and his son pulling the tree together in the light of the moons suggests a wonderful time they had together as they waited until night to get the tree of their choice on the land.

Seeing them walk by the light of the handheld lantern is a terrific image, as is the light of the moon shining on them as the deer cautiously look on.

The lights in the home imply there is someone waiting to see the fruits fo their labor.

Christmas Tree at Night

christmas tree
christmas tree | Source

Wallpaper of Dad and Son with Real Christmas Tree

After starting off with wallpaper art of a dad and son carrying a Christmas tree home, I only thought it was fitting that there be one of a real dad and his son carrying a Christmas tree home to share with all of the family.

This is a cool image of the little boy following in the footsteps of his dad as he hoists the tree on his shoulder after choosing the one they want for Christmas together.

It's a wonderful image of a dad and son spending time together creating memories.

Dad and Son Carryng Christmas Tree

carrying christmas tree
carrying christmas tree

Christmas Wallpaper of Horse Pulling Wagon with Tree in Back

This scene of a horse-pulled wagon with a big Christmas tree in it being brought home for the holiday season has a little bit of all the qualities wanted in a Christmas wallpaper theme.

There's of course the magnificent horses pulling the wagon with a man and child in it after picking out a terrific Christmas tree.

Also important is the inclusion of the family dog in the wallpaper. It's cool the way the horse is looking cautiously at the dog as it walks along. The dog looking back so it doesn't get trampled by the horse is also great looking.

Did you notice the duck flying in to land on the water? And how about the couple of ducks on the edge of the pond? Very nice looking.

The only thing that would make this wallpaper any better would have been to have seen the home off in the distance as they approached it. Still, it's among my favorites of the Christmas wallpapers of bringing a Christmas tree home.

Christmas Tree on Wagon

christmas tree
christmas tree | Source

Girl Pulling Chidren on Christmas Tree

This is a wonderful Christmas wallpaper of what appears to be an older sister pulling three of her siblings while they are sitting on a Christmas tree being pulled home.

It's an enchanting vision, but one that is probably based more on fantasy than reality, as other than the most patient of older sisters or children would look so happy attempting to pull the tree and the three children on it to the house.

As a matter of fact, it's likely the Christmas tree wouldn't survive such a journey.

But it's the thought behind this image that matters, and in that case it is a wonderful image that would look fantastic on any computer or other screen.

Children Pulling Christmas Tree


Christmas Tree Wallpaper of Children Pulling it Home on Sled

At first glance this looks like a big job pulling this Christmas tree home, but the good news for these little children is they have it placed on a sled with runners to make the job easier.

Here again we have the image of a family dog frolicking along with members of the family as they bring the Christmas tree home. A dog, other than people, is probably the most ubiquitous element fo the wallpapers showing families choosing and carrying Christmas trees home.

I really like how the frozen pond is included as a background to this Christmas scene. It looks fantastic with the people skating on it and the bridge and little town in the distance.

Children Pulling Christmas Tree Home


Wallpapers of People Carrying Christmas Trees Home

If you've never experienced or encountered a scene of people carrying a Christmas tree home, it's sure to be one to grow on you. And if you have, you already know how it's something that you'll never forget as long as you live.

These amazing wallpapers would be a great addition to any computer screen, as they point towards the fantastic practice of choosing and setting up a Christmas tree in the home.

Over the years I've actually participated in and experienced cutting a tree down on land I've owned for Christmas while having a youngster or two watch with joy and excitement over the whole procedure, culminating in all of us bringing it home and beginning the process of decorating it, leading to Christmas Day where they got to find and open up all the presents underneath it.

Now how could anyone forget something like that?


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