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Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper Scenes

Updated on August 20, 2015

Christmas Wallpaper Scenes of Villages and Country Homes

Christmas wallpapers can offer some wonderful scenery and images to provide encouragement and delight to those using them on various screens throughout the Christmas season.

My favorite Christmas wallpapers of the many wonderful creative images out there are those of a sleepy village nestled among the trees, with a covering of snow which creates a peaceful environment associated so much with that time of the year.

To that end I've gathered together a few Christmas wallpapers displaying that particular theme, with all of them offering a look at how most of us want to see the world we live in as, even if it's more of something within us than the outward scene created for us to see.

After all, the creation of these terrific Christmas wallpapers of villages or individual country homes are representative of wanting a peace within that surpasses the many outward things going on in the world today.

These Christmas wallpapers do just that, so enjoy them as you see these wondrous images telling us of what a wonderful life there is out there that we can also experience within.

Christmas Wallpaper Scene of Church and Homes

I really like this first image of a Christmas wallpaper showing a quaint village. It makes it appear like you're walking past the tree limb with the bird perched on the branch as you see the bridge leading to your home.

What is very cool is the path that emerges at the end of the bridge which reveals people have come and gone as they go about their business, but the idea of a path in the snow that is walked upon as the only way to enter the village, suggest there is no transportation but on foot to leave the place.

That' s a fantastic thought, although there aren't too many places around the world where that would be a reality. Even so, it does make one wish at times you could be in a place like that; at least for a short time while you visit it.

Winter Wallpaper Art


Wallpaper Art of Sleigh Riding into Town

Here's a terrific image most of us have experienced, or wished we had experienced, of riding in a horse-drawn sleigh over the snow.

I like the way the homes of the village are seen with a hill slightly hiding them as the sleigh rides over the bridge towards the little town. You get a sense of warmth and coziness, as well as peace as you get nearer to the town.

Again you have the bridge there, signifying it isn't easy to come into or leave the town other than that one way. That means a sense of certainty and contentment for those that choose to live there.

Wallpaper with Sleigh


Snowman and Cottage Christmas Wallpaper

This may be my favorite of the many Christmas wallpapers I've seen. It has all the characteristics of a quiet and peaceful place; one that is serene and a place that is ready to welcome family and friends.

The choice of light in the sky in the background, emanating from the house, an reflecting on the snow, trees and water looks fantastic. Also very nice is the light on the opposite bank of the river from the homes.

I also like the snowman and the snow-covered shrubs behind it, as well as the evergreen tree on the left. It has a little bit of everything I really like about the Christmas season and the peace it represents.

Christmas Wallpaper with River


Children, Dog and Deer Christmas Wallpaper

Again there are many elements I like in this Christmas wallpaper, with the cautious deer apparently keeping tabs on the boy and the dogs he's running and playing with.

That sets a nice atmosphere as the trio run towards what appears to be their home with the welcoming lights on. All of this set against the backdrop of a quaint little town or village which seems to be very busy for what it is, makes for a terrific scene and atmosphere.

Christmas Wallpaper with Bright Lights


Christmas Wallpaper with Cabin, Cardinals and Christmas Tree Outside

This is an amazing Christmas wallpaper, with the male and female cardinal perched on the set of snowshoes laying against the birch tree.

It suggest the person or people living in the cabin took them off and are settled in for the cool winter night.

The light seen within the cabin is one of warmth and invitation, and makes you wish you were sitting by a hot fire as you sit back and relax. Also welcoming is the lighted Christmas tree outside; a way of telling visitors this is a home where those traditions are important.

Wallpaper with Birds and Snowshoes


Compelling Christmas Wallpapers

Hopefully you've enjoyed the types of Christmas wallpapers that appeal to me, as together, they represent about everything that is important to me; specifically in reference to what is seen outwardly as being something that is also experienced within.

All of this coincides with the reason for the season, which is to celebrate the entry into this world of the Prince of Peace - Jesus Christ. These various Christmas wallpapers certainly attest to the embracing and meaning of peace for those that appreciate what the images undoubtedly represent.


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      GalaxyRat 10 months ago

      Nice Hub, will definitely use some of these. They all feel very magical!