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Christmas Wallpapers with Children in Them

Updated on July 18, 2014

Children and Christmas Wallpapers

Since children are a big part of the enjoyment and delight of Christmas, we see their anticipation and expressions as their excitement builds up the closer Christmas day gets closer. A fantastic way to celebrate and build up our own anticipation of the Christmas holiday is by including various images of them as wallpapers on our computers or other screens; especially when they're our own children or grandchildren.

In this article there are some of real children and children in illustrated scenes. For real children I'm sure we would want to substitute our own if we have them, or of grandchildren or even younger brothers and sisters of whom we've taken pictures of during the Christmas holiday seasons of the past.

Creating wallpapers with them in various stages of excitement participation in the Christmas holiday I'm sure would be the most compelling of all of those we include of children.

That's not to say having some others wouldn't be cool, especially if they're unique and unusual; ones that would be difficult to replicate or duplicate on our own.

Also very cool are some illustrated wallpapers which have a significant and delightful presence of children in them.

And there is no doubt with children that Santa and a Christmas tree are among the major highlights of Christmas, and so that is reflected in the Christmas wallpapers with a children theme shared with you in this article.

Christmas Wallpaper of Little Boy Looking Up Chimney for Santa

In what is one of the major imaginings of any young child who has a fireplace in the home, when Christmas time comes and stockings are being hung, there's no doubt this thought is swirling around in the mind of a child.

It's one that I'm sure all have thought at during one part of their lives or another, bringing back fond memories of a time many of us wish we could have over again.

The idea of having all the red makes a wonderful picture, as it contrasts and sticks out nicely with the more drab background of the fireplace brick or rock.

With this wallpaper it's one of those I thought would be great to have, whether or not it was a child you knew or not. It helps to have the little boy's face not facing the viewer so anyone's face could be thought of as a substitute.

For those that have a fireplace, recreating this image with a child that has enough discipline and understanding of the process would be an amazing idea, and would be appreciated through the years whenever the Christmas season arrives.

As for those without a fireplace or children, this is still a terrific image that would be enjoyable to look at on our computers.


Children Dancing Around Christmas Tree Wallpaper

A practice long ago was for children and others to dance or move around the Christmas tree, as you see in the Christmas wallpaper below. Sometimes the children and adults would hold hands and sing while surrounding the tree together.

This illustration is one that captures those moments wonderfully, and the contrasting light and shadow on the children presents a terrific image of a room that is lit up by the lights on the Christmas tree alone. All of that adds a magical feel to the room and the activity taking place.

You can't see them clearly because of the bright lights, but I always enjoy looking at scenarios from long ago that include the ornaments and other objects and items used to decorate during the Christmas season. Period clothing is also very enjoyable to see and take in.

Finally, the room itself is compelling, with the various vases, lamps and even a bust on the top right on a stand in the corner of the room. It makes for a wallpaper that would be appreciated by those that embrace these times.


Children Surrounding Santa in His Sleigh

Whether it's Santa in a woods full of animals that are normally afraid of man, or a group of children as below, who instinctively trust and embrace Santa Claus as he arrives with a sleigh full of presents, he always attracts all living things and people to him with his jolly demeanor and trustworthy characteristics.

Very cute and cool is the little girl on the right who also extends that trust to the reindeer as she holds onto him without a fear in the world.

Also fun to see is the little boy running towards Santa with a letter in his hand, suggesting this is an unusual appearance for Santa, who seems to be bearing gifts before Christmas Eve arrived.

Finally, to the left is the little boy holding a dog as he wondrously looks at Santa, along with the little squirrel or chipmunk stand next to him. Great picture.

This would definitely be a Christmas wallpaper that would boost spirits in celebration of that special season.


Little Girl Wrapping Presents

This wallpaper of the little girl wrapping presents was included because it was one that could fairly easily be duplicated with a child in your life.

You wouldn't even have to have the child do any of the work. Just simply have a stack of presents as you see below in place while the child holds another while appearing to be wrapping it. Of course if the child can in fact do the job, all the better, but it doesn't matter as to capturing a moment with this spirit in it.

The little girl in this photo seems like she is actually wrapping the presents on her own, evidenced by the serious and concentrated look on her face.


Wallpaper of Children and Santa

This is a wonderful example of the story most of us were told when we were children by our parents about how we will never be able to catch Santa coming into our home even though we try to stay up all night to do it.

Captured perfectly in this illustration of a brother and sister who attempted that impossible feat by sitting in a chair together on Christmas Eve in order to see Santa.

The delightful look on Santa's face and upraised brow and smiling face shows that this isn't the first children to attempt to get a glimpse of him. What an amazing moment to see in regard to our past and what we have imagined.

Wallpapers like this would sure brighten up any day, and also generate a challenge to the children in our lives who would believe they would be the exception and would indeed make contact with the jolly old elf.


Christmas Wallpapers with Children in Them

All of us love the Christmas season, which is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

But there is no doubt the excitement and anticipation of children as Christmas day approaches is what makes it the most compelling of all holidays, and one that none of us forget even as we grow up and it seemingly loses some of its magic.

Yet when we have children of our own, or spend Christmas with those that have children, there is always a spark that is ignited that brings back joyful and pleasant memories of when we couldn't wait for Christmas day to arrive.

Christmas wallpapers with children in them is a great way to take part in that, as well as share images with children that will stir up their own imaginations.


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