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Christmas Window Decorations

Updated on July 30, 2014

Christmas Window Decoration Scene Setters

Christmas Decorations for Windows

Christmas window decorations can be incorporated in a number of ways, so when you mention the term, a number of people think of one think while others think of another.

There are three basic Christmas window decorations strategies you can use, including the stick-on type that can be pressed or hung on a window, something hung from above which can be seen in the window, or a scene created near the window which can easily be seen from the outside.

Many times all three are incorporated to create some pretty cool Christmas window decorations that really delight those looking at them.

Some very nice hanging decorations have been made recently which look great in a window, including lighted ones which really add to how the Christmas window decoration looks at night.

Either way, Christmas window decorations are a great way to share the celebration of the season with others, and a lot of fun to create as well.

Fir Tree and Santa at Window Scene Setters

These two scene setters include a fir tree landscape and a snowy background with Santa Claus peering in the window seeing some candles sitting on the windowsill.

Each scene setter measures 33 1/2" x 65" and can be used in conjunction with our scene setter rolls or individually.

Window Scene Setter

4 Large LED snowflakes to hang in Windows

Nice LED lit snowflakes to hang in any window. These are almost two feet long and would look stunning in your Christmas window display.

The sparkling shine off of these types of large, hanging snowflakes make for a great Christmas window decoration.

4 Large Lighted LED Snowflake Christmas Window Decorations 22.25"

Santa Reindeer Window Decorations

Santa and his sleigh with reindeer vinyl Window Decorations can be used to show Santa and his reindeer flying through your window! Always a hit with Christmas guests, especially the little ones.

Even though this is very traditional and ubiquitous, it's one Christmas scene that none of us tire of.

Santa Sleigh Window Decoration 26pc

Storefront Christmas Window Decoration

Here is a fantastic photo of a miniature storefront Christmas window decoration for passerby's to enjoy. Those old style lamps are my favorite among all of the props, but the scaled little city itself in the background is also very nice.

Great Christmas Window Decorations Scene

Disney Christmas Pooh and Pals for your Windows

This Disney Pooh and Pals window and door Christmas decoration includes six adhesive squares you can peel back and put on your window or wall. They're vinyl, and 34'' W x 60'' L.

Pooh continues to be one of the most popular cartoon series and set of fictional characters there are, and always delight the viewers peering in to see their favorite character.

Pooh and Pals Christmas Window Decoration

18" Lighted Star of Bethlehem Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration

I really like this 18" lighted star of Bethlehem Christmas window decoration. It includes fifty little mini lights on the star and is 14" wide. It can be used indoors or outdoors if you want, and includes a suction cup for hanging it where you want, and also an extra fuse as well as replacement bulbs. Beautiful.

Star of Bethlehem Christmas Window Decoration

Christmas Window Decorations

This is just a small sampling of the large number of Christmas window decorations there are out there. I thought I'd give you some of the very basic window stick-ons, to the more interesting hanging types which include lights and great shapes.

Everything can work for your Christmas d├ęcor, but if you're windows aren't decorated right, there is a big gap in the overall look, and everything else can suffer as a result.

Window decorations are a very important part of your general Christmas decoration scheme, and they're a great and easy part of the house that can be used with a large number of Christmas themes and props.


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      Brenda 6 years ago

      I'm interested in the old time town Christmas window scene. Where can I get it.