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Cinco de Mayo Costumes for Women

Updated on September 15, 2014

Saucy Latin Costumes for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the United States on May 5 to commemorate Mexican heritage and their fight for freedom and their independence. It is one of the favorite Spanish holidays that is celebrated in America as well as parts of Mexico. Women and men get together to party and wear Mexican inspired outfits that are beautiful and colorful.

You will see wonderful sombreros, chaps, flirty dresses and risque skirts. If it is part of the old-west Mexico then you will probably see it at parties and will want to wear it as well. Depending on the party you attend, you will find women going for a revealing look with low cut dresses and flirty hemlines to more modest and traditional Mexican dresses with less skin shown. Regardless of your preference these dresses are all very pretty.

Probably one of the favorite women's costumes is the tango dress. There are many varieties of this dress including traditional styling as well as those with plenty of sex appeal that reveal plenty of skin! The Spanish dress always look best when stockings and a pair of reasonable high heels shoes for dancing are included.

As expected the color options are typically black and red. You may find splashes of purple or green as the Mexican dresses can be very colorful, but the Latin color of black and red is most popular and is found in most styles of dress.

Beautiful Senorita Elite Costume
Beautiful Senorita Elite Costume

Beautiful Senorita Elite Costume

The Senorita costume is fashioned after the stylish Mexican dress. It is well-known as a costume for dancing the tango. It is flirty with plenty of lace and a revealing slit up the thigh to show off the dancer's legs. The dress is typically paired with sexy thigh high stockings, usually fishnet, and high heels to give the legs a long look as the tango is danced.

The tango is the sexiest of dances and the woman will want to look the part as she moves with her partner. The visual is everything in this dance. And, of course, the women is who everyone's eyes will be gazing at particularly if the dress is sexy and her legs are on display.

This costume come complete with the beautiful black panne velvet and layered satin dress, veil and fishnet pantyhose. The attire can be paired with platform high heels that are sexy or with more modest heels that are reasonable to dance in. This is will be a great party costume for Cinco de Mayo particularly if you are given a chance to dance.

Bandita costume
Bandita costume

Saucy Bandita Costume

This saucy little costume would be a hit at any Cinco de Mayo party you might attend. It is sexy but has a bit of a rebellious edginess to it as well. It sort of speaks to the wild west of old Mexico with the allure of a hot bandita riding wild.

The costume comes with a short skirt that is fringed on the hemline with a crop top that shows off the woman's belly. The costume also come with a gun holster than amusingly has two shot glasses included. A scarf completes the look.

You will probably want to get yourself a senorita sombrero as well as sexy boots. You can keep the heels low for a more serious approach or get a high heels for sexy appeal. either way this costume will be sure to capture plenty of attention.

Spanish Dancer Senorita Costume
Spanish Dancer Senorita Costume

Spanish Dancer Elegant Costume

By far this is my favorite Cinco de Mayo costume for women. I love how feminine as well as how alluring and sexy it is. It is probably not the easiest dress to dance in if that is the party you are going to, but you can certainly sashay around and twirl your black lace to keep the party moving. Guaranteed the dress will keep their attention.

It features a V-neck style that reveals a reasonable amount of cleavage without being too risque. It comes with a black choker and lace shawl as well. You would want to pair the costume with a sexy pair of high heels and thigh high fishnet stockings. If you plan on dancing then, depending on your preference, you could get away with a lower heel for comfort. Either way this is a gorgeous dress.

I particularly like the way it fits around the hips. The drop style is elegant and really makes the dress look amazing around your waist and belly. You will enjoy how your legs looks in the front as the hemline is short in front and a bit longer towards the back. Very elegant.

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mato?

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    • profile image

      halloweenprops 5 years ago

      Very sexy range of costumes.

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 5 years ago from Vermont

      Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the US than in Mexico from what I've heard ... and it's now celebrated in all the states. I love the costumes you've featured for 5 de Mayo in this lens.

    • VeseliDan profile image

      VeseliDan 5 years ago

      These costumes look great!