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Circus Ring Mistress Costumes

Updated on September 15, 2014

Circus Ring Mistresses Show Off Their Sex Appeal in Revealing Costumes

Of all the Halloween costumes Iâve seen being promoted so far this season I really like the circus costumes for women. These styles are modeled on the big top presenter with revealing outfits. I am constantly amazed at the creativity of the designers. Possibly the last subject I would have thought to create a sexy and cool looking costume would be for the freaking circus. However, I have yet to see anything any hotter than these this season.

They will be fun to play in and wear to frisky parties. I doubt youâd want to show up to your kidâs school Halloween party wearing one of these, but for an adult party where the things are expected to be a little risque they could be just the one you are looking for. Most gals will probably opt for the sexy maid, nurse or cop but these are different but exceedingly sexy too. I really like the idea that there are some besides those previously mentioned that could be worn to show off a woman's sex appeal.

I can't say that the circus is my favorite but I think I might be more interested if the ring master looked like this, right? I realize that it has to maintain a kid friendly atmosphere and not be offensive to anyone but allowing just a little sex appeal into the show would be kind of cool. Maybe then I would appreciate it in my old age just a little more.

big top tease
big top tease

Big Top Tease

My favorite costume this season is the Big Top Tease. It shows off your curves while looking classy and fun. It is figure hugging with plenty of cleavage displayed. I can't imagine a better looking costume that will get more attention than this ensemble.

This outfit has an interesting front wear it appear there is a vest but it is really a faux version. The skirt is ruffled and short on the thighs. It comes with the little satin top hat and you also get the sexy bow tie as well. You'll want to add some sexy hosiery and wear towering high heels if you dare.

ring mistress
ring mistress

Ring Mistress

This is another great costume with plenty of sex appeal. The Ring Mistress shows off your curves along with your legs. This is a great costume for those cheeky Halloween parties you might find yourself invited to. Of course it has enough appeal to be worn to any adult costume party.

The outfit is a mini dress that is styled in a curve hugging corset. The black and white jacket is split tailed and fit to your fabulous figure. It even comes with the little top hat. You will have to add a pair of fishnet stockings or other hosiery to the ensemble along with a great pair of sky high heels.

circus cutie
circus cutie

Circus Cutie

I love this outfit. It reminds me of those cheeky cigarette girls back in the day. The ones you might see at a circus or boxing match or whatever during the 20's and 30's. It is cute and it is certainly sexy but at the same time it doesn't scream naughty either. The dress is short but not tight which may be more appropriate depending on the party you are attending.

The gold and burgundy dress has a petticoat that is attached. It also comes with the feather headpiece, a lace umbrella prop and black fingerless glove. Surprisingly as it doesn't happen a lot with sexy costumes it also comes with matching hosiery. The only thing you need to add is a great pair of high heels.

cirque du hot
cirque du hot

Cirque du Hot

This one is not exactly my favorite of the bunch but it is still pretty hot. If you are keen on revealing your legs then you might find this one to your liking. I do like that it has a cutout in the front while being rather short as well.

This ensemble includes the black leotard that is worn beneath the open front jacket. It has a long tail in the back and pretty nice embellishments throughout. It will come with the little mini top hat. I would probably like to see this worn with thigh high black high heel boots.

What do you think of these costumes?

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