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Classic Toys for 7 Year Old Girls: Easy Bake Oven

Updated on November 7, 2012

Looking for a Great Classic Toy for a 7 Year Old Girl? Easy Bake Oven is a Fave!

If you have a 7 year old daughter to shop for, it's challenging to decide among all of the pretend and real play sets available. There are many new options, but sometimes you just have to stop and head back to the basics. The classic toys are classics, after all, because they have a lasting appeal regardless of the generation. Easy Bake Oven is such a classic for girls, and while the age on the box says 8, I know that my 7 year old is good and ready for the fun of Easy Bake. She isn't letting me forget it either. It's on her list and she's been looking it up online frequently and telling me about what she will make first when she has it. Little does she know that it's tucked away and ready! I'm so excited to have one last little girl ready to enjoy the fun of introductory baking with this favorite. I remember my own Easy Bake days, and while the design and method are different, this is a blast for any little girl...especially a 7 year old.

Easy Bake Oven: A Classic Toy for a 7 Year Old Girl!

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, Purple (Amazon Exclusive)
Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, Purple (Amazon Exclusive)

The new Easy Bake is without a lightbulb. Otherwise, the basics are still the same. Mix the batter, fill the pan, slide the pan into the Easy Bake oven, set a timer and wait. This is a simple introduction to cooking, one that my older daughters look back on fondly.


Easy Bake Oven for a 7 year old: Refills

One thing you need to plan for, especially with a busy 7 year old girl, is the fact that your youngster will use up the included mixes and frostings quickly. On Christmas Day, most likely. A few refill packages are smart so that there isn't a huge thrill and then a big disappointment. After the initial novelty wears off a bit, you can wing it with inexpensive mixes from the store. A cheap box of cake mix works just as well as those fancy packages, and a tub of icing goes a long way. A couple of dollars ought to keep her baking for a week. For the big Christmas Day effect, though, fun packing is always great for getting her excited!

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