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Clifford Birthday Party Ideas and Theme Supplies

Updated on April 5, 2014

Clifford Birthday Ideas to Throw a Very BIG and Red Themed Party!

Celebrate big with a Clifford party theme! Find Birthday party supplies and ideas for Party favors, decorations, cake, invitations, food, games and even gifts.

There's nothing more cuddly or lovable than a friendly dog. But with Clifford that is an entirely different story, he may be cuddly and lovable, but he's also just a tad too big. If your child has fallen in love with the adorable red dog that has thrilled children and families for years, then it's time to throw one big party to celebrate.

Featured all in one place are a variety of Clifford birthday party ideas ideal for a Clifford party theme. There are ideas for decorating the party, cake and cupcake decorating, party food and games. You'll also find licensed Clifford birthday supplies ranging from party plates to balloons here too..

Personalized Clifford Party Invitations
Personalized Clifford Party Invitations

Clifford Invitation Ideas

For Clifford birthday party invitations you have plenty of choices, you can make your own, you can purchase invitations that you fill in or get some customized invitations. If you want to make your own, a great idea would be to get some white cardstock and red construction paper. Cut the cardstock to the shape you want the cards and the use the red construction paper to make a paw print as big as will fit. Then you can write out all the party information onto the paw print and have it be Clifford's paw print.

If you want to purchase cards that you can fill out, has a great option that is simple and very cute! If you want something that is more personal and incorporates your child's photo, then Etsy has several great Clifford birthday invitations. One of them is sure to fit the theme of your party and your child's tastes.

Photo source: Ashalinaballerina

Free Clifford Birthday Party Invitations

Printable Clifford invitations
Printable Clifford invitations

Print these Clifford the Big Red Dog invitation templates for free courtesy of scholastic. If your looking for simple invites these will do the job and help you save a little and stick within your budget if you have one.

Personalized Clifford Birthday Invitations

For something a little special ebay is a great source for finding personalized, custom design and printable invitations.

Clifford Birthday Decorations & Ideas

Even though red has to be your main theme color when it comes to Clifford birthday decorations you can pair the red with splashes of blue and yellow to add a little variety but for the most part, red should be the central theme.

If you want to have even more fun with the decorations, you can use red construction paper to make huge Clifford footprints throughout the house this would look great and make for cheap clifford party d├ęcor.

You can also cut out or print large dog parts and place them on corners or heading from one room to another. That way when kids see a giant ear or tail sticking out from somewhere they can pretend that they just missed Clifford walking through the house.

Clifford Party Plates, Napkins, Cups and Supplies

Birthday Express has a great party kit that comes with everything you need to throw a great themed party. They even have the option to personalize it with your child's name and photo! Party plates, cups, napkins, tablecover and all the essentials can also be ordered as individual items from there too so you can have themed tableware ordered to match your budget.

Clifford Birthday Party Food Ideas

For Clifford birthday party food you can go with an idea from Hostess with the Mostess. She created a make your own Hot Dog bar with all the toppings you can imagine and all the side dishes that go with it. You can even get some Izze drinks to go with the red theme and have them set out for drinks.

Another fun idea would be to make hot dogs in a dog for party food. DIY Cozy Home posted a great tutorial for turning an ordinary hot dog into a not so ordinary dog. You may even want to try a little food coloring to give these dogs a red tint!

Clifford edible cake topper
Clifford edible cake topper

Clifford Birthday Cake Ideas

For a Clifford birthday party cake you can easily go with the obvious choice and make a cake that features Clifford.

If your looking for easy to apply Clifford cake decorations, use an edible cake topper. They are can be personalized and placed on any cake. This is a great option if you are getting a store bought cake or just making your own cake. If you want to design your own cake you can easily just make a white cake and decorate it with red frosting with plenty of little Clifford footprints. For added fun, take a chunk out of a corner to make it look like Clifford already came by and snagged a bite.

Another idea could be this dog bowl cake which looks like it is filled with actual dog food. has a great recipe for how two make this dog bowl cake and it will definitely be a laugh among all of your guests.

Clifford birthday party favors

The finishing touch to a great Clifford party is some fantastic Clifford birthday party favors. Here are some fun diy and custom favor ideas:

Fun Pinata Party Ideas came up with these adorable puppy bags which can be created in red to suit this theme and filled with great treats and toys. You could even give each child their very own Clifford book as a party favor. has some great prices on paperback Clifford books, making them an affordable favor that the kids and parents will certainly appreciate. You may even want to get the book that features Clifford's birthday party so the kids can continue the birthday fun at home!

Make dog ear headbands as Clifford birthday favors for the kids to wear while at the party and to take home with them. The Martha Stewart site has an awesome tutorial for making these dog ear headbands with templates for making the dog ears and everything. The tutorial is to make dalmatian and doberman pinscher ears but it can be easily adjusted to make big red ears for Clifford, just use the dalmatian ears templates and red material instead.

How to make a Clifford Party Hat

Clifford Party favor(s) Boxes

Clifford Party Favors
Clifford Party Favors

Birthday Express has a great themed party favor box that includes a variety of little toys and games that the kids are sure to love.

Clifford coloring Pages
Clifford coloring Pages

Clifford Birthday Party Game Ideas

For Clifford the Big Red Dog party activities you can get plenty of great ideas (and the printable supplies to go with them) from One game they suggest (and include the printable supplies for) is Paws! For this game you print out several paw prints of different colors with different point values on them. Then you hide these around the house or the yard and let the kids hunt for them. You can give the kids a bucket or a bag to hold their paw prints if needed. Then when the game is over, tally everyone's points and give the child with the most points a special prize!

Another great party suggestion from is pin the tag on Clifford. For this game instead of pinning the tail on Clifford, kids get to pin his name tag onto his collar. PBS includes all the printables you need for this game so set up is very easy and the kids will love trying to put Clifford's tag on. Whichever child gets the closest can get a special prize. You can also give a prize to the child who was furthest away just for fun!

There is nothing better than having a party that encourages reading, fun and creativity for your child. So encourage their love of Clifford with a party that brings the big red dog to life in a whole new way and lets everyone use their imaginations to have fun.

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