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Club Penguin Game Day: Clean Fun for Kids!

Updated on October 24, 2013

Do you need a fun Wii game for your youngsters or for a niece, nephew, grandchild or friend? Whether you are getting your kids the new Wii Mini that will be available in December or whether you are looking for something that young children can enjoy, I highly recommend Club Penguin Game Day! We have had the game for nearly three years, and my younger set of kiddos adore the game. Read on for some of the reasons I recommend this selection!

  • Characters: The Club Penguin characters are goofy and loveable. After enjoying this collection of games, my then 6, 7, 9 and 10 year old kids decided to check out Club Penguin on the computer. They enjoy both computer and Wii options, and for me, this is one of the more appealing cartoon character choices around. I really hate the dark nature of so many cartoon characters and games, but this is a lively theme with bright characters that promote a more positive experience. I'm all about avoiding garbage games, and this is one that meets my standards easily. Your child or other gift recipient can create his own penguin, and a take your penguin with you option allows your youngster to store his penguin on the Wii remote to take along to a friend or relative's house.
  • Activities: If you've tried some of the Wii Sports activities, you know that the system is great for developing hand-eye coordination, inspiring kids to get off the couch and move, and for creating a setting for either cooperation or competition. There are 12 events and 12 challenges included. You'll notice a predominant winter theme with activities like giant snowball rolling, sledding, hockey and fast freeze. You'll also enjoy the penguin dance game, java jump and bean balance. Did I say you? Well of course, parents can have a blast playing right along with the kids! My favorite is the dance game...following along with the fluffy looking penguins' moves is my sort of video game!
  • Social Skills: Game Day for Wii promotes team work while encouraging friendly competition. Up to 4 players at a time can participate, an important key to peaceful video game interaction in my home. With four youngsters in a short age span, there can be huge battles over fair playing time and taking turns. With an interactive game like the Club Penguin option presented here, children can work at the same time. You may still have to mitigate battles over sore losers and prideful winners, but it helps that everyone can play at once!

As my youngsters point out, when you conquer all of the zones, you get a parade. This game elicits cheerful attitudes and interest from my youngsters even as they move into middle school grades. It's a fun family night choice, and it's a great way to promote cooperation between older and younger siblings. My high schoolers also enjoy Game Day, a true sign of a great game in our busy household!

It's important to note that the Wii Mini that is due to be released will lack Internet connectivity. Game Day provides the opportunity to earn coins for use on Club Penguin online. Wii U provides the Internet integration needed to access these features. Original Wii consoles also work with online connections. Your choice of game system may be based on budget, in which case Wii Mini will be a good choice this year. It may be based on your desire for a comprehensive entertainment system for the whole family. In either case, your elementary and pre-school aged children can get a great deal of enjoyment out of Club Penguin Game Day.

Red Wii Mini Console MotionPlus Bundle (Wii)
Red Wii Mini Console MotionPlus Bundle (Wii)

A streamlined version of the original Wii system with no Internet connection, excellent if you are limited on space or concerned about unmonitored Internet access.

Disney Club Penguin 12 Month Membership Code with Free Amazon Exclusive Bonus Item
Disney Club Penguin 12 Month Membership Code with Free Amazon Exclusive Bonus Item

My children work on extra jobs around the house to earn money for monthly memberships. A one-month membership card costs about $7.95. The 12-month option is just under $60, an outstanding value at $5/month. Last year, the kids' aunt and uncle gave them each several months' cards so that they could continue to play Club Penguin games online. Your child can access free play, but the membership option allows for special features to be accessed. This is another outstanding choice for a friend's child, a young niece, nephew or grandchild, or for your own youngster. Excellent as a stocking stuffer as well.

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force - Nintendo DS
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force - Nintendo DS

The kids have since received or bought Nintendo DS systems as well. This is an excellent game theme if you want to promote positive activities.


Thanks for reading my review. Have you played Game Day? Do your kids love Club Penguin? For whom will you be selecting this or another video game?

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