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Club Penguin Party Games

Updated on February 28, 2016

Club Pengin Party Games

My daughter had a Club Penguin party last year for her 10th birthday. She loves Club Penguin and wanted to incorporate a lot of the Club Penguin online games into her birthday party. So, that is what we did!

It was a lot of work, but we had a so much fun doing it together. Since I don't play Club Penguin games online, my daughter came up with most of the party game ideas.

This page will feature all of her Club Penguin party games, step-by-step instructions on how we did them and many actual party photos. If you have questions about any of the games, please feel free to leave me a comment in the guestbook and I will be happy to help you out.

Club Penguin Catalog - each item was priced between 1-3 coins

Club Penguin Party Games

play the games ~ win coins ~ buy items for your Club Penguin igloo

Each of the games played earned the children coins. We set it up so that every child would receive at least one coin at each game. This way none of the children would be upset if they didn't win the game.

I purchased small drawstring bags and put the children's names on them. They carried these bags during the games to hold all of their coins.

After the games were completed, they used their coins to purchase items for their Club Penguin Igloos. The items were printed on paper and cut out. We even created a Club Pengin catalog with included a photo of the item and how many coins needed to purchase.

When they were finished purchasing their igloo items, they glued them onto their paper Igloos. The paper igloos were made by printing out a photo of a Club Penguin igloo online and then bringing it to Staples to have it enlarged.

Club Penguin Igloo, Coins and Items to Purchase

Finished Club Penguin Igloos

Club Penguin Ice Fishing Party Game

hook the fish and win coins!

We already had this fishing game and it was perfect to play Club Penguin Ice Fishing.

My daughter made up a sign that said, "Club Penguin Ice Fishing" and added some images.

To play the game, we gave each child one minute to see how many fish they could get out. This game is a bit tougher than it looks and the kids really got into it.

We gave out coins based on how many fish they got. It was something like 0-3 fish (1 game coin), 4-7 fish (2 game coins) and more than 8 (3 game coins).

Club Penguin Card -Jitsu Party Game

win or lose, you get some coins

Card-Jitsu is a popular Club Penguin game.

The kids had partners and they took turns playing each other.

The winner received 2 game coins and the other person received 1 game coin. Everyone got coins, so nobody was upset!

This game was played at the same time as the Ice Fishing Game. The kid took turns at each game. This way we got two games done at the same time and the kids didn't have to wait around too long.

Club Penguin Puffles Party Balloons

Club Penguin Colorful Characters 18" Mylar Foil Balloon
Club Penguin Colorful Characters 18" Mylar Foil Balloon

This fun party balloon features a purple, pink and green puffles on a Club Penguin all-over print background. Each mylar balloon measures 18".


Club Penguin Pizzatron 3000

the kids made chocolate pizzas

In the Club Penguin Pizzatron 3000 online game, you can make regular cheese pizzas or chocolate pizzas. We decided to make the chocolate pizzas.

We did this activity as soon as the kids first arrived. This way the cookie icing would harden in time for the kids to take their pizzas home. I sure wasn't going to let them have this kind of sugar rush at my house! :)

For the "pizza dough", I made sugar cookies using a large 6" cookie cutter. This gave the kids enough space to really decorate. To follow the game as closely as we could, the pizza toppings we set out included Twizzlers cut into pieces, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips and jelly beans. The game also has both pinik and brown (chocolate) icing, so that is what we used.

The kids spread the icing on their cookies and then added the other toppings.

Later on after the icing hardened, I put each cookie in a plastic bag for the kids to take home with them. Each kid received 1 game coin for completing their pizzas.

Club Penguin Pizzatron 3000 Supplies - candies ~ cookies ~ icing ~ handmade Pizzatron 3000 game sign

The Finished Pizzatron 3000 Chocolate Pizzas - my daughter's cookie is the one at the bottom completely loaded with chocolate chips!

Club Penguin Puffle Roundup

see how many Puffles you can roundup in the tiime allotted

We set this game up downstairs. We took my daughter's plush Puffles and placed them around the basement. Our basement is unfinished, so it is great place to run around. If your party is during a warm month, you could play this game outside.

Each child had to roundup the Puffles and cross the finish line holding all of the Puffles. They received game coins based on how long it took them to roundup the Puffles. It was something like, 6+ minutes (1 game coin), 4-5 minutes (2 game coins) and 1-3 minutes (3 game coins).

Club Penguin Sled Racing

race your Penguins down the snow to see who wins!

For this game, we purchased 3 large white foam boards at our local craft store for the snow. We then hot glued the foam boards together and placed them up against the wall at an angle.

My daughter has a bunch of Club Penguin toy figures which we used for the race. The penguins were placed in plastic play kitchen cups which doubled as sleds.

Each child had a partner to race. They both put their penguins in their cups at the top of the snow slope. When I said "Go!", they let go of their penguins which then raced down the slope. The penguin that reached the bottom first won.

The winner received 2 game coins and the other child received 1 game coin.

Club Penguin Field Ops Party Game

go on a secret mission to find the Prize

This game was the most involved and was my daughter's favorite game of the party. I will do my best to explain how it was played. Feel free to post in the guestbook below if you need something clarified.

In the online Club Penguin Field OPS game, the children are asked all kinds of questions. We decided to use math problems for our game. Not only was this game fun, but it was educational!

Club Penguin Field OPS Game Supplies:

1. Secret Message Sheet ~ contained the Puzzle to be solved and the Key Code (each number had a correlating letter to help solve the secret message)

2. Clue Envelopes ~ contained the Problem Sheets and a Clue to help you find the next envelope

3. Problem Sheets ~ featured math problems for the children to decode on the Secret Message sheet as well as a Clue to find the next envelope

4. Prizes ~ game coins and a real chocolate coin!


How To Play Club Penguin Field OPS Party Game

Separate the children into two teamsEach team is given their first Clue Envelope which contains their Secret Message Sheet and a Clue to find the next envelope. For example, "A place with lots of books" would lead them to a bookshelfThe next envelope they find contains their first Problem Sheet. This sheet contains math problems (adding, subtracting, dividing & multiplying)They solve the problems and then look at their Secret Message Sheet to fill in the first word using the Key Codes. For instance, if the answer is '1', they would fill in the letter 'A' After they complete the first word, they look at their Problem Sheet for the Clue to find the next envelope and they do the same thing; complete the math problems, fill the letters in on the Secret Message sheet using the key codes and then look for the next envelopeWhen all words in the Secret Message are solved, it will lead them to the place where the Prize is hidden

Club Penguin Field OPS Party Game - prizes ~ clue envelopes ~ secret message sheets ~ problem sheets

Closeup of Club Pengin Field OPS Game - Secret Message Sheet ~ Problem Sheet

Club Penguin Party Games

Which is your Favorite Club Penguin Party Game featured here?

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Club Penguin Party Chat

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    • Fabricio Menacho profile image

      Fabricio Menacho 

      2 years ago

      I like the coins Game print them

    • Janet2221 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: I found the images on the Internet and had the pages printed at my local Staples.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Where did you print the igloos and accessories from? I'm having a hard time finding them.

    • Janet2221 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: I made those sheets for my daugther's party, but I don't have the file anymore. Sorry! If you need help creating your own sheets, feel free to contact me using the 'Contact' button on this page.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Where can I print the OPS game sheets?

    • ReadingIsFun LM profile image

      ReadingIsFun LM 

      6 years ago

      This looks like so much fun, I would have loved to be here! I used to be really into Club Penguin around this age, but never thought of having a club penguin party!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Having a club penguin party would be fun with all the games and favors that you have featured here. Great lens.


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