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Coffee for Two!

Updated on March 8, 2015

The morning after...

Christmas Eve was sweetly Christmas song with heart felt hymns playing and steadfast wrapping joined in meditation in all it's prepping for the big day. Looking back, Christmas had already arrived right there at Eve and nothing could be more peaceful and delightful until ...the morning after.

Yes, I was the happy recipient of a lovely Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma espresso Maker. In all the careful precision that went behind the buy of this beautiful coffee loving magnet, and after all it's prep and test, I can't say we had the best experience. From what I understand the many Breville machines that are available, and there is a quite a range, this mini industrial cafe sprung a big leak. The dispensing of coffee was as accurate as ever demonstrated for it's espresso but the nozzle for the milky froth was situated rather low with no flexibility to bend or angle your glass or stainless steel decanter.

The 2 sets of ceramic cups and saucers sat warmly stacked on top of the iron tray but for a whole lot a look and reasonable performance the tank that holds the water was leaking profusely and we were really stuck on why. Having tried on trouble shooting, there was no sure way to find out so we decided to pack it in and get it replaced for yet another in the not so distant future. Yes, the leak was indeed the deal breaker as you can appreciate. As there are so many other models and upgrades to choose from beyond this modest price of $129, we thought it might perhaps go towards yet another Breville, Tassimo or possible Nespresso.

Certainly, to be determined...stay tuned!

Every demonstration counts on the 'how to's' such as frothing the milk. A must be mastered!

Gifts Under The Tree ~ Which one is the Coffee Maker?
Gifts Under The Tree ~ Which one is the Coffee Maker?

How many ounces do you use for 2 coffees?

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