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Colonial and Revolutionary War Costumes

Updated on January 1, 2016

Colonial Costumes

The extraordinary emergence of the Tea Party in America has brought back the popularity of colonial and Revolutionary war era costumes, and both men and women embrace the highly symbolic clothing of that period of history.

People can no longer just wear these costumes without having emotion and purpose attached to them, as it relates to the period of time of the formation of America.

Having said that, costumes of that period are just cool, and it's a lot of fun to see the reproduction of them by men and women of our time in reference to that important time in history, and what it has meant to the country and world ever since.

I've written about the Tricorn hat in another place, so other than briefly mentioning it in some photos, we'll focus mostly on the costumes and clothing in this article.

One cool thing, as far as it relates to Halloween or political gatherings, is these costumes lend themselves to groups, and that's always a lot of fun during the Halloween season or at other functions.

Liberty Costumes

In this first group of colonial costumes, you can see a wide variety of looks among the uniforms worn by the men, and the first look at the way a woman of that period would have dressed. It's amazing the variety that can be created with these simple designs.

Variety of Revolutionary War Costumes

Revolutionary War Period Costumes

Below are another group of compelling and fun costumes from the era. As for the tricorn hat I mentioned above, that's the one being worn by the man in the middle. And you also get a look at how a woman of that period could have worn. Very cool

Revelutionary War Costumes

Minutemen Costumes

Here is a depiction of a small group of Minutemen marching together, apparently on the way to battle the British. I like the guns as well as the costumes.

Colonial Era Women's Costumes

It's really interesting to see the transformation of women's clothing through the years, and I'm not talking just about from that time to our time, but even from the colonial era to the period of the civil war and the Southern Belle. While the clothing was similar, it did make a radical change in a number of ways.

Women's Clothing from Revolutionary War Era

Male Colonial Costumes

You can see these men are playing more the part of regular gents from the colonial period, as they aren't marching on the way to war as the others appear to be. This is more the clothing style of the civilian population of the period. Still pretty interesting designs.

How Men Dressed in Colonial Era

Colonial Era Couple Costumes

One thing we haven't talked about much is accessories related to the period, and as you see in this photo below, they loved to wear their wigs during that time. Also note the fan held by the woman. Others used canes as part of the fashion of that period of time.

It's also a nod towards what a couple of the higher society may have looked like in those days.

Revolutionary War Costumes at Tea Party Event

It doesn't get any better than watching the Tea Party participants below in their Revolutionary War garb, playing the fife and tapping on the drums. The costume uniforms are a rallying point for the amazing freedom movement sweeping America.

Revolutionary War and Colonial Costumes

As you can see, costumes and apparel from the Revolutionary War and colonial times were unique and looked great. They can be worn at Halloween or for the many political rallies sure to continue in the years ahead.


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      Marcos 2 years ago

      Really? Many of these women still look really good in their \ young\ pitucres, and most of the ones who don\'t look good look that way because very few people would apply the label \ sexy\ to an 8 year-old.