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Comic Book Super Hero Party Ideas

Updated on June 14, 2017

Make your own Super Hero Comic Book Style Party!!

Are you looking for party ideas and resources to create one of those vintage comic book style parties? You know the Roy Lichtenstein, kind of pop, pow, bam, zap, wow comic book style looks? Then look no further cause it's all here!!

Everything's here for you to create a fun filled Comic Book Super Hero party for your little one (or your big one)!! I've gone on many many detailed internet searches to find you the best Superheroes party freebies & ideas. I've spent the many many hours compiling this page of goodies to save you all the time and hassle!!

Below you'll find plenty of party photo's to give you inspiration, tutorials, links to free printables, all to help you create a great party using cheap easy DIY options.

I believe there's lots of fun to be had when creating a party... the only thing stopping you is your imagination and your willingness to go that extra creative mile! The kids will thank you for it if you do!! :)

Fabulous free Superhero Logo Stickers!!


Printable Superhero Masks! Print and Cut to make your own.


Making Super Hero Costume Capes could not be easier!!

Just cut up one of Dads large colored t-shirts. Lay it flat on the floor or table, cut off the sleeves and cut it like it shows in the photo below. All the kids have to do is put it over their heads! You could have heaps of fun decorating the cape anyway you like, with fabric paints, embroidery, iron on transfers, felt, whatever takes your littles ones fancy. Below is a link to the original instructions (by Jenny Yarbrough) for making these capes in a few easy steps!


Free Comic Strip Blank Template Printables (great party activity idea)

These are a great party activity idea! Just print out a range of these varied comic strip blank templates and leave them on a table with crayons, markers, pencils and ask the kids to create their own single page comic strip story. The winner with the most creative story can win a prize!


How's this for a fabulous Super Hero Party!

Done in a Vintage Lichtenstein POP style! Lots of ideas and inspiration below for your own comic book style party.


Another Awesome Pop Style Comic Book Generic Party!!

Don't you just love the look with the polka dots? Using polka dots in your party theme gives you endless fun and colorful decorating options while still sticking the the super hero comic theme.


Adorable Designer Cute Kawaii Style Superhero FREE Printables

Personal Use only.

Would you just look at these super cute free printables!! Available in both full color or black and white for the kids to color in themselves!!

Just print them onto adhesive backed sticker paper and you've got ready made designer stickers!!


Custom Made, Professional Printed Comic Book Invites

Professionally printed - top quality!

You can easily and quickly personalize this invite yourself online in just minutes! You'll get top quality, personalized invites delivered to your door anywhere in the world! And you'll receive matching size white envelopes included in the cost!


Did you find this page helpful? I would love to hear your comments.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Thank You for Sharing all these great ideas!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      This was great! Except for my cake idea and a crayola comic book where you upload your child's photo, I am using all other ideas from this site! Thank you for making it easy

    • profile image

      starstreamdesign 5 years ago

      Another stellar job! Well done Pip!