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Keep Your Decorations Up and Your Walls Undamaged!

Updated on December 8, 2013

If you're still putting your Christmas decorations up with tape or tacks, allow me to introduce you to the 3M Command Decorating Clips and Hooks. Say goodbye to decorations falling down and holes in your walls; these clips and hooks can be applied to your walls for temporary use and then safely removed with absolutely no damage to the walls.

The clips and hooks come in a variety of types and sizes and are usually available in white or clear, but if you check on Amazon you may find large green hooks for hanging wreaths, the occasional brightly colored hook, and even metal hooks too, all applied without damaging the walls.

The provided instructions are clear and easy to follow - as a reminder, to ensure no damage:

  • Don't use on recently painted walls as paint does need time to cure
  • Remember to pull the adhesive strip down along the wall, not away from the wall, when removing
  • If using rubbing alcohol to pre-clean the wall, spot check first in an obscure area to ensure the color fastness of your paint.

My own collection (as seen in the photo below) includes hooks and clips in various types and sizes; I have the little clear decorating clips, some of the small hooks in clear, some medium and large white hooks, and some white cable clips. I've been using the white adhesive strips, but you might notice in the product photo for the little clear decorating clips that they do also offer clear adhesive strips.

3M Command also makes hooks specifically for hanging pictures and other ones specifically for use in the bathroom (with water resistant adhesive strips). I haven't tried the picture hanging, bathroom or metal hooks yet, but if you have, I'd love to hear what you think of them!

My 3M Command Decorating Clips and Hooks
My 3M Command Decorating Clips and Hooks

The little decorating clips in particular are great for hanging LED lights! For me, since I only string my Christmas lights around my window at Christmas, I only want the hanging accessories to be around my window at Christmas too; I don't want to see nails or hooks around the window the rest of the year, nor holes left behind.

These Decorating Clips are also perfect for both horizontal and vertical Christmas card displays. For the horizontal displays, just use two Decorating Clips for each string on which to hang your Christmas cards; or get fancy and zig zag your string down the wall with a Decorating Clip at each turn. And maybe a bow at each end and turn too. For vertical displays where you've attached all your cards to a single ribbon in a column, you'll just need the one Decorating Clip. Alternatively, you can use one Decorating Clip per cards if you're hanging the cards individually, attached to ribbons and bows and whatnot.

Also, if you like to string tinsel or garlands around the room up by the ceiling, these Decorating Clips could be quite useful, and again, leave no trace when everything comes back down. Of course, for bulkier garlands you'll need the bulkier hooks, but with so many sizes of clips and hooks available from 3M Command, you're sure to find what you need!

So, if you're looking for no fuss and no mess with your Christmas decorating this year, I highly recommend the 3M Command Decorating Clips and Hooks!

For a "How-To" on applying and removing, watch this video from 3M Command!


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    • scoutter profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @flycatcherrr: They really are! I hate to put holes in the walls and especially hate to put holes in doors so I do love these hooks and clips!

    • flycatcherrr profile image


      4 years ago

      Those guys at 3M are genius, aren't they? Command hooks are one of the best little things you can have tucked away in a drawer for a decorating emergency. :)


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