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Commercial Christmas Light Design Ideas

Updated on August 24, 2015

Marketing with Christmas Lights

One nice marketing idea any business can do is to put up some commercial Christmas light decorations to generate some buzz and put your business name in the minds of customers and potential customers.

Everyone talks about great Christmas light displays, and when you make them look great, your business is included in that conversation, as consumers talk about the fantastic Christmas outdoor lights decorations at your place of business, and of course come to check them out.

Many people come to see the lights of course, and you get a lot of publicity at a fairly inexpensive cost.

With that in mind, here are some examples of the way businesses have created their commercial Christmas lights strategy to generate a lot of interest and comment, along with the way some cities have done the same.

City Christmas Light Décor

In starting to look at commercial and business Christmas light décor, I'm going to start with Christmas lights cities put up for citizens to enjoy. The first one below is really cool. Talk about a kaleidoscope of color and design.

Animated City Christmas Lights

Not all Christmas lights are those that are hung in the usual way, as these animated Christmas lights in Hong Kong show. Yet they are still a great way to celebrate the holiday season.

As for businesses, this may be even more effective than the use of lights in some instances. Although a combination would work well too.

Hong Kong Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights in Australia

This is a fantastic photo of Christmas lights strewn along a street in one Christmas year in Australia. Terrific looking scene. The hazy night really added to the completeness of the photo and design.

It even has the look of an amazing piece of art. It's an awesome scene for sure.

Australian Christmas Lights

Unique City Christmas Lights

These is a very interesting Christmas city light display, as you can see from the way the lights start part way up the tree, and also end part way up the tree limbs. Very cool Christmas light decorations.

Christmas Lights from Disney's "It's a Small World"

If you didn't recognize these Christmas lights at first glance from Disney's "It's a Small World," you probably thought you had seen them before, especially if you've ever been there or seen it on television. It's a very brightly colored Christmas light display.

It's a Small World Christmas Lights

Christmas Tour Lights

These are Christmas lights which were part of a tour, and are magnificent in how they were designed and set up. I especially like what appears to be lights in the shape of a balloon in the background as well as the tree with the angel on top in front of it.

Amazing White Christmas Light Presentation

Business Christmas Lights at Entry

At first glance this looks like a very bright Christmas lights display at the front and opening of the business, but I think the LED lights, which really don't photograph all that well, make it look a little more bright than it probably was in reality.

That aside, I really like this business Christmas light display, as it would be a great tool to get people looking at and talking about your business.

Christmas Lights in Store Entry

Fantastic Commercial Christmas Light Display

When I first saw this Christmas light display set up by this business, the idea that it was too much hit me, but then I looked at it for awhile and realized this wasn't too bad after all. It wasn't too bright on the eyes, and it was spaced out just enough to enjoy looking at the various details of the Christmas lights before going in the business. Great job.

It seems what made it work was the scattered colored lights which helped cut down on the brightness of the white lights so it didn't shine too hard on the eyes.

That aside, it's a beautiful Christmas light design which would attract a lot of eyeballs.

Well-balanced commercial Christmas light display

Great Business Christmas Light Decorations

This is my personal favorite of the commercial business light displays, and there's no doubt the reason why is the way they strung the lights. It was fantastic how they bunched them together near the lower part of the trees and then scattered them at the top. What a great Christmas light effect!

It really catches the eye; the reason a business would put up a great Christmas light display in the first place.

Nicely Designed Business Christmas Light Display

Commercial Christmas Light Displays

Wasn't that a great bunch of commercial and business Christmas light displays? They were all so different and yet so very well made. These are great examples of things any business or homeowner could do to make some great Christmas light designs at their business or homes.


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    • profile image

      Commercial Debt Collection 

      8 years ago

      Beautiful post. The pictures you have on here on absolutely stunning....thank you.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Commercial lights are the perfect size and shape for decorating picnic tables for the next family cookout or reunion. You'll love how these small lights fit in perfectly with your chosen baby shower theme and décor. Do you have a fireplace? It need not sit empty and gaping during the summer months. Instead, fill several glass vases or glass hurricanes with blue mini lights and enjoy a beautiful display anytime you like by just plugging in the lights. Instant charm and soft illumination in your living space by which to sit, enjoy a glass of cold lemonade, and relax.


      Holiday displays

    • eLightSpot profile image


      8 years ago from Enid

      These are great examples of city-wide Christmas lights... I always feel like even the dreariest downtown area comes to life and has a better overall atmosphere when the city invests in decorations like this for the holidays!

    • tanay253 profile image


      9 years ago from Berkeley,CA,USA

      The different ways in which corporate and other buildings can be decorated using commercial Christmas decorations are given below:

      Building Front Mounts

      Those looking to decorate something at the front or the face of the building, they can make use of these building front mounts which will surely attract attentions to their business.

      Giant Commercial Decorations

      If you want some Christmas commercial decoration for both internal and external decoration then these giant commercial decorations will serve you the best. These decorations generally are hand painted as they show personal effort and theses are made up of strong fiberglass resin.

      Commercial Giant Trees

      The size of these commercial giant trees as the name suggest is big from 14' to over a 100' in height. If you planning to decorate shopping malls, hotels, Cities, parks, zoos or any other place then these commercial giant trees can be used.

      Street Lines

      These can help you to decorate small town square.

      You can even start your own high profitable christmas light decoration business whose details are available at


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