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Cooking with Mickey Walt Disney World and Disneyland Cookbook

Updated on September 7, 2015

This is by far, my favorite cookbook. Cooking with Mickey has always had a special place in my heart because of how often we go to Walt Disney World versus how often we would LIKE to go to Walt Disney World (hint, we would live in the Cinderella's castle if they would let us).

Of all the Disney cooking books available, this is the one we love the most, because it contains the recipe for Chocolate Mousse, from Epcot - Specifically France at the Patisserie (the French Bakery).

If you have ever had their chocolate mousse, you understand. If you haven't - well - the next time you go, make it a point to go there and try it. Heavenly.

I have made a couple attempts at chocolate mousse at home, but I haven't quite got it yet. I am going to continue to try, because it is our absolute favorite dessert at WDW Epcot. The quickest way to get to Patisserie is to catch the boat across the Seven Seas lagoon, then walk clockwise. If the boat is not nearby, just walk counterclockwise from the entrance to the Wold Showcase.

Originally, these books were only available inside Epcot, but you can purchase them online now, which is great!

One of the recipes that is not in here is Canada's Cheese Soup, during the Food and Wine festival. Despite that, there is a whole lot of different recipes to choose from, covering everything from meats, like the beef filet from Chefs de France to Tony's Meatball Sub sandwish.

Also included are soups, salads, desserts, drinks, appetizers, and more!


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