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Cool 80s Costume Ideas

Updated on October 3, 2013

Cool 80s Costume Ideas

Whether you are going to an 80s-themed party or looking for a Halloween costume, there are tons of cool 80s costume ideas. You can purchase a pre-made costume or use thrift stores and buy accessories to put together a costume from your own mind. Neon colors and big hair are a must!

When putting together an 80s costume, think about some of the great pop culture references available. The movies, television shows, and video games of the 1980s provide lots of great ideas. Read on for more cool 80s costume ideas.

Featured Image: Smiffy's Unisex-Adult Leg Warmers

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80s Costume Ideas for Women

One of the first things to think of when putting together an 80s costume is the top movies of the decade. What film could be more iconic than Flashdance

Women's 80s Flash Dance Halloween Costume Size 8
Women's 80s Flash Dance Halloween Costume Size 8

Pick up the oversized, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt plus the wig and legwarmers you need with this costume!

80's Soap Star Costume - Womens Std.
80's Soap Star Costume - Womens Std.

Outfits from the 80s frequently featured shiny satins and poofy sleeves, particularly when you are talking about prom wear and formal dresses. An outfit like this one isntantly lets others know you are in the 80s spirit.

This 80s costume comes with the pink puff-sleeve top featured to the right, plus a black pencil skirt to give it more of a soap star look.

Featured Image: 80's Soap Star Costume - Womens Std.

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Thrift Shops

If you want to put together a costume yourself, thrift shops are a great place to begin! You can find many classic 80s pieces at any large thrift shop. Keep an eye out for 80s prom dresses for a quick costume!

80s Costume Accessories

A couple of fun accessories can take basics to the level of an 80s costume. Find a lightweight, oversized tee or sweatshirt, cut the neck wider, and add some accessories and a side ponytail. Ta-da!

80s Costume Ideas for Men

There are great pop culture references from the 80s that are still appropriate today. For example, Super Mario Bros. was initially released in 1985! For a fan of video games, many of the characters we still love were originally introduced in the 1980s. Think about using one of those references for your next Halloween costume.

Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Mario Costume, As Shown, Medium
Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Mario Costume, As Shown, Medium

This is an officially licensed Mario costume, which features the jumpsuit with an inflatable belly in case you don't have the same girth that Mario does.


80s Hair Band Costume

80s Rocker Zebra Pants

Rock God 80s Costume

Men's 80s Pop Star Costume

Red 80s Thriller Video Jacket:

More 80s Costume Ideas from eBay

eBay can be a great place to buy costumes for Halloween or a theme party. There are many sellers offering new (or only worn once) costumes at a significant discount.

Have you ever thrown an 80s themed party or worn an 80s Halloween costume? Share your memories here!

Which costume idea do you like best?

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    • Petzard profile image

      Petzard 5 years ago

      Mario is one of my favorite characters. Therefore, I will vote for him.

    • profile image

      GrinningFool 5 years ago

      Yikes! Bad 80's flashbacks! Big hair and leg warmers!

    • dawnsantiquesan profile image

      dawnsantiquesan 5 years ago

      love the leg warmers.

    • profile image

      glowchick 5 years ago

      Love your page~If only I have kept all my clothes from the 80's :)