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Halloween Wigs

Updated on October 13, 2015

Cool Halloween Wigs

The wig makes the outfit! If you're going to your next costume party dressed as a rock star, a valley girl, a hippie, a vampire, Cleopatra or someone else, then you'll need the perfect wig to accessorize your look!

You'll find an awesome collection of Halloween wigs here to choose from. These wigs will add fun to your Halloween or other party costume, as well as adding that perfect finishing touch that every costume needs!

So don't "wig out" looking for the perfect costume're sure to find something here that you'll love!!!

The Halloween Wig image is from, and item is sold here.

Men's Costume Wigs

Here are some fun and interesting wigs for all you guys out there! How about some of these popular hair styles:

  • The California Disco Wig and Moustache
  • The Dazzling Love At First Bite Vampire Wig
  • The Afro
  • The Hollywood Leading Man
  • The Mullet Long Wig

California Costumes Men's Love At First Bite Wig
California Costumes Men's Love At First Bite Wig

If you want to dress up as Edward Cullen from Twilight here's the wig for you. Ever since Stephenie Meyers wrote the Twilight Trilogy you will see Edward Cullen and Bella Swan costumes out there at Halloween parties. Bella and Edward are the star crossed lovers in the story and readers have been "dazzled" by Edward. I know I am a Twilight fan and am on Team Edward...sorry Jacob!


Deluxe Black Curly Rocker Wig - Adult Std.

Women's Costume Wigs

Now for the ladies here are some really interesting and colorful wig choices!

  • The Women's Afro Style
  • A Hot Pink Glamour Wig
  • Purple And Black Women's Vampire Look
  • From Grease It's Frenchies Pink Wig
  • The Flirty Flapper Roaring 20s Wig

Punk Wigs

The Punk And Funk costume styles are always fun to dress up in and these wigs will help you complete that punky, funky costume look. You will find blue, pink, red, purple, spiked, more spikes and even a mohawk here. You can click any link to find more wig ideas for your Halloween costume ideas.

Goth Wigs

The Gothic costumes are dark and ominous, and some of them are down right spooky, but they are lots of fun to wear. When you do dress up as a Goth you want to look the Gothiest and these costumes wigs combined with your dark clothes and black makeup is how to do just that!

Dreadlock Wigs

Women And Men's Dreadlock Wigs

These costume wigs are perfect for an island or beach bum costume, a rocker costume, a pirate or an exotic costume look for Halloween.

Monster Bride Wig Ideas

The Monster Bride Wig is usually for a Bride of Frankenstein costume. Here are several different versions of the dark haired wig streaked with gray, just like we remember it from all those Bride Of Frankenstein movies we've seen.

Mermaid Wig Ideas For Halloween

If you are dressing up as a mermaid this year for halloween, don't forget one of these beautiful mermaid wig ideas to finish up your costume look. Your costume will look mystical with one of these costume wigs. Mermaids, as I know them, always have long locks that cover the top part of their bodies. I am a big mermaid fan and love this fun Halloween costume idea. Pick out the perfect color wig and you will be all set to make a big "Splash" at that Halloween costume party.

Bald Head Wigs

Some Bald Head Wigs Need Spirit Gum And Remover!

Bald head wigs or skull caps are just the thing you need to create a bald headed costume look. This easy to use bald kit will make you look like Telly Savalas in Kojak. If you don't know who that is, I guess I am a bit older than you. How about Dr. Evil as a reference for a bald man?

Tell us your Halloween costume wig tips and stories. What's your favorite style wig? Are you looking for a hair do like Britiany has, or a Medusa look? I can tell you how to make that one by yourself on my Adult Medusa Costume page...look at it under my other lenses. There's also wigs for Monster brides, mermaids, ragdolls, Cleopatra, long hair, short hair, all sorts of fun costume wigs for you to choose from. Plus these wigs come in blondes, blues, reds, pinks, orange, black and browns, so I'm sure you will find the right color. Which one is right for you?

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