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Perfect Gift : : Cordless Electric Drill - Essential Household Tool

Updated on October 5, 2013

Can't Live Without My Cordless Electric Drill

Having a cordless electric drill makes so many tedious household chores painless. I think I use mine the most for driving screws without the wrist pain you get from twisting the screwdriver over and over again. Of course, I use my drill to actually drill holes now and then, too. It seems I'm always having to put together some small furniture item that comes with a little baggie of what seems like hundreds of screws. With an electric drill, an hours-long project is reduced to minutes, and I'm a lot happier. I love how I can grab it and not worry about whether I need a Phillips or flat-headed screwdriver. The little screwdriver bit has both types of head at each end, and you just turn it around and reinsert it to change to a different head. I also like the convenience of it being cordless. Recharging is just a matter of plugging it in when it's resting so it's ready with plenty of power when I need it to work.



When the furniture you just ordered comes flat in a box with baggies of screws, having a cordless drill really pays off!


Craftsman Compact Lithium-ion Cordless Compact Drill-driver

There are many brands and models similar to my drill to choose from. They go from about 9 volts up to over 20. After burning through a couple of 9-volt types, I purchased this exact model, and what a difference! No lagging speed or burning up small motors. It's inexpensive enough to go for the stronger model. It will cost less in the long run.

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