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Costume Ideas For Halloween

Updated on September 19, 2014

Don't Panic If You Do Not Have Your Halloween Costume Yet

Have you waited until the last minute and realize that you do not have a Halloween costume yet? Don't Panic!!The first piece of equipment that you need when going out on Halloween is a costume and a goodie bag.

Planning and making a costume continues to be the best way to get into the spirit of the event.Here are some costume ideas for the trick-or-treater who just can't get it together until the last minute-or who doesn't want to spend a lot of time (or a fortune) on a Halloween costume.

Just look around your house to find bits and pieces to put together a clever costume from items you may already have. The best costumes are the ones that are different and unique with lots of imagination.

The Old Standards

Costume Ideas For Halloween

CLOWN: Make a small cut in a ping-pong ball, paint it red, and voila! You have a convincing nose. (Ears can also be made in this way.) Wear white gloves and baggy, colorful clothes, and paint your face.

SKELETON: Freehand a skeleton on a black garbage bag with white paint. You can also create the design with white tape, wrapping the tape around your arms as well. Cover face with white face paint, and use black paint around eyes.

WITCH: A black witch hat can be easily had at almost any store that carries costumes. Paint your face white and use a black eyeliner pencil to make a large mole. Dress all in black and carry a broom.

MUMMY: Dress in white and wrap yourself entirely in toilet tissue or cheesecloth. Paint your face white, then puff white face powder on for an extra mummified look.

GHOST: Drape an old white sheet over your head and make holes for your eyes and nose. (Trim the sheet around the bottom, if necessary, to prevent tripping over it.) Wear a hat (over the sheet) to keep the sheet in place.

PAPER BAG MASK: You'll be surprised at how effective a simple paper bag can be when embellished with colored markers. Cut holes in the bag for your eyes and mouth. Hot-glue ears or any other embellishments to the bag. Spray-paint the bag silver for a scary alien mask.

ROBOT: Cut holes in cardboard box for arms and legs, and a hole in one end of a smaller cardboard box for the robot's head. Use light sticks or pipe cleaners for antennae. Either spray-paint cardboard silver or cover with aluminum foil.

An Easy Skeleton Costume To Make

An Easy Skeleton Costume To Make
An Easy Skeleton Costume To Make

Frighteningly Easy Costumes

For Halloween

HOODLUM: Wear tight black clothing and gloves, and pull a pair of panty hose over your head. Carry a toy gun.

ARTIST: Smudge different colors of paint on a white smock and beret. Create an artist's palette out of cardboard and colored markers and carry a large paintbrush.

PUMPKIN: Stuff a pumpkin-printed garbage bag with newspaper and wear with black tights.

FOREST: Pin or hot-glue leaves, twigs branches, and other natural materials to green or brown clothing.

ZEBRA: Wear a black body suit (or any other tight-fitting black clothing), and use wide masking tape to create zebra stripes.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: If you own a hooded red coat, you're in luck! Wear the coat (with the hood up. of course) and carry of basket of "goodies."

THE SUNDAY PAPER: Dress all in white or black and use safety pins to attach pieces of newspaper all over you.

SKIN DIVER: Wear a tight wet suit o track suit, goggles, and flippers. Slick your hair back.

TOURIST: Wear the most colorful,a printed shirt you can find (thrift stores are great sources) and long shorts. Wear sunglasses and a sun visor, and rub white sunscreen (or white face paint) across your nose. Hang a camera around your neck, and carry a guidebook.

SPORTS STAR: If you have any old sports jerseys and sports equipment around your house, such as hockey, football, or baseball gear, you can easily create a sports star costume. For a more convincing costume, cut lettering out of felt and hot-glue the star's name to the back of the costume.

FLOOR LAMP: OK, it may be a stretch, but a lamp shade resting on your head may be enough to get you into a costumes-only party. Pin an electric cord (with a plug on one end) to your backside.

FIRECRACKER: Wear a red top, attach a length of rope to your head, and wrap yourself in bubble wrap.

MONEY TREE: Wear all green clothing, and glue or pin fake money (from a board game) to clothing.

Crazy Costume Ideas

For Halloween

BOSTON TEA PARTY: Dress in all one color (white works well), and use safety pins to attach tea bags to your clothing. Carry a sign that says "No Taxation Without Representation."

BOUNCED CHECK: Connect two rectangular pieces of cardboard with two lengths of string; make two centered holes on one long side of each piece of cardboard, and tie ends of string through holes. Place cardboard over head, allowing one string to rest on each shoulder. Once the cardboard pieces fit well across your shoulders, use thick permanent markers to draw on the cardboard to create a check design; imitate a check exactly, with the endorsement on the back piece of cardboard. With a red marker, write "Insufficient Funds" across front of check. Carry a ball-and bounce it frequently to get the point across.

LIVE WIRE: Dress all in one color, and wrap yourself entirely in colored electric wires. Carry sparklers.

BASKET CASE: Dress all in brown, and pin baskets all over clothing.

SHOOTING STARS: Dress all in tight-fitting black clothes. Cut stars from yellow construction paper, and pin to clothing. Carry a toy gun.

Stimulate your creative imagination by scouring through catalogs, party store circulars, and costume shops for ideas. Embellish any clothing that you may already have - a solid color shirt, vest, leggings, sweatshirt, or cape - with bold cutout images sewn or painted on.Just use your imagination and have lots of fun this Halloween.

Crazy Costume Ideas

Crazy Costume Ideas
Crazy Costume Ideas


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