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Costume ideas for Halloween

Updated on February 27, 2015

Fancy dress ideas for Halloween

Can't think what to wear to that Halloween party you've been invited to? There are many different ideas for costumes. You can go old fashioned and dress up as a traditional horror character such as Dracula or Frankenstein; or bring Halloween right up to date by dressing up as a film or computer game character. On this lens I will suggest some fancy-dress ideas and provide links to other lenses for further inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Imperpay - wikimedia commons

TV character costumes

TV characters are great for dressing up as at Halloween. They can bring back a sense of nostalgia for days gone by, they're great fun for acting out the character and if you are going as a group, why not all dress up as characters from the same show? Imaging how cool it would look if you and your friends turned up to the party as the Ghostbusters or the Power Rangers or even He-Man and Skeletor?

TV characters for Halloween on Amazon

Thundercats Deluxe Lion-O Costume, Blue, Standard
Thundercats Deluxe Lion-O Costume, Blue, Standard

Lion-O Thundercats costume with belt, glove and mask.


Computer game character Halloween costumes

Computer games, past and present, have all kinds of instantly recognisable characters to dress up as for Halloween. Whether you're a Nintendo or Sega fan, PlayStation or Xbox, there are many costumes to be found or made. You could choose Super Mario or his brother Luigi; Sonic, Tails or any other character from the Sonic world; you could even dress up as a Pokemon or Duke Nukem. The options are endless.

Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Mario Costume, As Shown, Medium
Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Mario Costume, As Shown, Medium

Mario, possibly the most famous computer game character ever. Get a friend to dress up as Luigi.


What kind of character will you go as?

What kind of Halloween costume are you planning on wearing this year?

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Movie character Halloween costumes

The movies give a great array of characters to dress up as for Halloween. Whether it's the more traditional horror characters such as Freddy or Jason, or none-horror characters from films such as Reservoir Dogs, Transformers or Star Wars to name a few, you're sure to find something suitable.

Costumes from the Marvel films have become very popular in recent years and no Halloween party seems complete without an Iron Man and Hulk hanging around somewhere.

FunWorld Men's Plus Size Black Suit Complete, Black/White, Plus Size Costume
FunWorld Men's Plus Size Black Suit Complete, Black/White, Plus Size Costume

A black suit ready for Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Blues Brothers or many others.


Superhero costumes

There are many great ideas for superhero costumes out there. How about a group costume effort with everybody dressed up as members of the Justice League or the Avengers. Check out the hub below for more Avengers ideas.

Traditional Halloween costumes

Why not go with a traditional Halloween costume this year? Dracula, Frankenstein and Werewolves are always popular or you could put a zombie spin on any costume you like; Zombie doctors and nurses, zombie policeman etc.

A headless horseman costume is always effective as well.

What are you going as this Halloween? What would your dream costume be? Leave your comments here?

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