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County Fair Town Fest Enrichment Support Net

Updated on August 19, 2013

Heritage bridge to arts & science (With education & appreciation elements for community wealth building knowledge economy of the future)

A fair is an ancient tradition, & many communities have long had dedicated fairgrounds; others hold them in a variety of public places, including streets and town squares, or even in large private gardens. Fairs are often held in conjunction with a significant event, such as the anniversary of a local historical event, a seasonal event such as harvest time, or with a holiday.

American county fairs are tied to the nation's agricultural past. Before the Civil War (1861-1865), vast majority of Americans worked in agriculture. Annual Fairs were a time for buyers, sellers to come together and as an occasion for other community activities for social, cultural, spiritual and heritage elements.


Harvet Time Celebration & Thanksgiving

October Fair

October Fair, time of harvest and prelude to the holiday time has always been an important part of the American heritage, starting here in old time Virginia, to elsewhere in the nation. Here in Virginia for example, most of the 95 counties in Virginia, and many independent cities & town still has an annual fair tied to this legacy of the past agricultural history.

Photo Gallery County Fair Town Fest Enrichment Support Net - A Tool for Pragmatic Passion

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Prize for a winning farm animal.  A legacy of the past still important at today's County Fair.
Prize for a winning farm animal.  A legacy of the past still important at today's County Fair.
Prize for a winning farm animal. A legacy of the past still important at today's County Fair.

Community Wealth Builders Circle (Twin ): - A Tool for Pragmatic Passion


Now, as we enter the 2nd decade of the 21st Century, communities are beginning to realize that the County Fair & Town Fest, beside having economic value through exhibitiions, buyers & sellers, such an event can be a valuable tool and resource for public education and enrichment in arts & science, while strengtheing the heritage legacy of the past.

It is the aim of this support net to help strengthen the County Fair & Town Fest through community based initiative and wisdom to link past, present and future, with community to community links & sharing of knowledge & wisdom as possible now and in future.

Novadcmweb Cafe Twin CTV/Radio

Celebrate Ethnic Voices--Dancing to the Music


Memory of Yesterday linking Today and Tomorrow--An Antique Car Show


YouTube--Science & Engineering Festival 2012 __A Memory Book Expo Festival at Washington DC

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    • paperfacets profile image

      Sherry Venegas 

      7 years ago from La Verne, CA

      I participate in a Farmer's Market with handmade goods once a month. I love connecting with people and I have met new friends there. I love that open avenue with food and art.


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