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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on August 31, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

One of the thrills that come with the Halloween season is seeing couples dressed up in unique Halloween costumes. Most couples use this period to express their individual or mutual passions, send a message regarding their relationship or just try to be funny. Romance makes it even more intriguing.

As someone who has seen some couples dress in awful Halloween costumes I felt the need to share some of the cool couples Halloween costume ideas that you could use as for your costume this season.

The Dictator Couple Costume

There are a couple of reasons why the dictator costume is a great idea for a Halloween costume. The first is that it preaches democracy by making fun of dictatorship. It wasn't too long ago that Gaddaffi's reign as a dictator was brought to a halt. This costume represents the ex Libyan president's life style- a well dressed man with female virgins as bodyguards.

Also, the movie "The dictator" is very funny and popular so any couple that dresses in this costume would get so much attention. It is one of my top picks among other couples Halloween costume ideas.

The walking Dead Couple Costume

This costume adds a "zombie touch" to your appearance. The walking dead costume will make any couple look like they've just walked off the set of the popular AMC series.

Dressing up as Rick, the series' protagonist depicts that you are a survivor of all the daily challenges the world throws at you. There is no gain saying how the public will love your outfit, but more importantly you will flag this costume with pride and prestige. It's never a bad idea to consider couple halloween costume ideas that are based on a tv series.

Steampunk Couple Costume

The Steampunk Couple Costume is a vampire costume that comes with a jacket with an attached vinyl capelet, a velvet vest with steampunk hardware accents, a lace cravat, boot covers, top hat covers, and goggles.

Accessories like pants, vampire teeth, fake blood and walking cane are not included in this package. This costume is very classy and has a flare of fantasy and horror.

Fork and Spoon Couple Costume

The Fork and Spoon Costume is open to several interesting interpretations. The one that appeals to me the most is that it screams “, We are a couple that loves to dine(food), grab your silver spoon and fork and come join us.”

For the past 6 years I have seen at least a couple wear dress up as a fork and spoon during Halloween. I think this is an indication that the costume has become a favorite.

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    • DeborahDian profile image

      Deborah Carr 4 years ago from Orange County, California

      Great costume ideas!