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Cool Cowboy Costumes and Accessories

Updated on March 24, 2016

Compelling Cowboy Costumes

Taking on the look of a cowboy at a party, for cosplay or for Halloween, is always a way to ensure your costume draws a lot of attention and comments. There's something about a cowboy that continues to be appealing to people, and that translates into a lot of fun for those desiring a western style for their costume of choice. It also draws a smile from most people as well.

There area few musts one must have to ensure the cowboy costume being worn is of the type that grabs and holds attention. Included in that is a trench coat, chaps, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and a vest. A good looking belt and/or belt buckle adds a nice touch as well. As you can see, some of this stuff can be a part of an existing wardrobe if you lifestyle is a western one.

Other fun things can be a toy set of guns and holster, a toy rifle, or a whip. Adding some spurs to your boots is another option.

While you don't necessarily need all of these to be a success, you do need to include at least some of them to generate the desired response and to just look cool.One other fun element that could be included is a poncho. This gives more of a southwestern look, but it still looks good. In this case you wouldn't want a trench coat and a poncho together.

Oh yes. One final addition to your cowboy wardrobe could be a red and white bandanna around the neck. This is always very cool, and bumps things up a notch.

And if you want to be a western law man, all you have to do is put on a sheriff's badge with your existing costume. Everyone will know exactly what it is you're dressing up as.

Gunfighter Costume

One of the enjoyable things associated with western or cowboy costumes, is you can either dress up as a good guy or bad guy, or possibly as the gunfighter, who history has revealed as a somewhat ambiguous figure. Many have had things written about them both good and bad, which suggests a somewhat contradictory character. But that's what makes a gunfighter look, like the one below, so fun to express.

And just add that handlebar mustache to overall look and feel, and you have a fantastic costume that will definitely garner a lot of attention and laughs. Who could help not to chuckle when looking at the image like the one below?

It's a simple but very effective western look that is immediately recognizable and understood.

Just make sure you grow out the facial hair a little in order to create the shadow.

Gunfighter Look

Brown Cowboy Costume

Next we have a very different look; one that could be considered a working cowboy costume, or maybe a lawman if he was wearing a badge.

Either way I really like it, especially the part of the costume draping over the shoulders. That's really cool to me.

I think the coat is the strength of this costume, and would draw a lot of appreciative looks and comments. After all, that's what wearing a costume is all about.

Light-Colored Cowboy Costume

It may sound odd, but what's interesting and humorous about the cowboy costume below is the fact it looks so much like a costume. It's very different from the more realistic costumes above, and I think that in and of itself is a nice feature.

You look at the color, the somewhat tacky fringes, and the stars and patches on the vest and chaps, and it really makes you want to laugh. As long as you realize this is a costume that would be considered really funny, you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. it's obviously not for those seeking a realistic look.

Western Belt with Double Holsters

Even when wearing a cowboy costume, I like the idea of having the look of the holsters and guns to be real. That is exactly what you get below, with this nice looking combination.

Since little details are important for an authentic look, the additional leg ties are very cool. This would really look awesome with a dark cowboy costume.

So whether a lawman, gun fighter, or a cowboy criminal, this gun belt and set of holsters would be a great way to make your cowboy costume more compelling and believable.

Sheriff's Badge

You can't just go around saying you're a lawman from the old West, you've got to look the part. That's why I really like this realistic looking sheriff's badge. You would think you bought it at an estate auction, and was the real thing.

This isn't something that looks like the usual sheriff badge trinkets you buy, but has a look of authenticity. Now I have no issue with the cheap little badges you can buy, as they can be very funny when you're trying to get the type of laugh that comes with trying to be a fake cowboy.

But if you want to generate appreciation coming from being more genuine and true to the genre, this sheriff's badge is just the thing to generate that type of response.

Red Bandanna

Finally, this red bandanna is just the finishing touch you need to create the look that many envision the cowboys of long ago, and some today, like to wear.

Even if it's considered a caricature by some, it's the type of caricature that is enjoyable to those getting the opportunity to see your costume.

What's nice about a bandanna around the neck is it's something that could work with just about any western costume, as it's considered a practical tool used in the day.

Cowboy Costumes and Accessories

As you can see from these cowboy costumes and accessories, it is a lot of fun to embrace this type of western look for a Halloween party or cosplay event.

You can either attempt to wear a more realistic and authentic costume perceived to be more true to the times, or a more outrageous costume that everyone knows is being worn only for fun and laughs.

Either way, it's a compelling costume choice that never really goes out of style. Even if it's a party the embraces a lot of superhero or urban themes, there is no doubt going cowboy is one option not too many people will think of wearing. It will also stand out as even more bold in those cases.

Whatever the reasons or motives, a cowboy costume is always a good choice, and those going that route, will have a lot of fun entertaining those who appreciate your unique look.


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