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Cowgirl Theme Birthday Party Favors and Supplies

Updated on January 21, 2017

Cowgirl Theme Party

Does your daughter love horses and love to pretend she is a little Cowgirl? If so, a Cowgirl theme party would be perfect for her next birthday celebration!

This page will include everything you will need for your Cowgirl party planning including personalized party favors, partyware, birthday cake & cupcake supplies, custom birthday shirts, party attire, custom birthday invitations, crafts and activities, plus much more.

There is beautiful Pink Cowgirl party supplies available including plates, cup, napkins, and more. You can also decorate the party room with a Pink Cowgirl photo prop, Pink Horse wall decals and Personalized Cowgirl Birthday Banner.

For your Cowgirl party favors you can purchase bandanas, tattoos, cowgirl hats, cowgirl bubbles, rubber ducks, stickers, personalized candy wrappers, custom crayon packs and more.

The birthday cake & cupcake supplies include a custom made cake topper, paper cupcake topper supplies, cowgirl boot cake pan and handmade cupcake picks.

I am also featuring a nice selection of Cowgirl party activities such as a charm bracelet craft, wooden necklace craft, stain glass craft, photo frame, Horse and Cowgirl pinatas, Cowgirl coloring pages and more.So, giddy-up over to a fun Cowgirl Birthday Party!

Please visit my Toy Story Jessie Birthday page, Horse Party page and my Cow Print Party page for more Western theme party fun!

Little Cowgirl

Cowgirl Favor Lollipops
Cowgirl Favor Lollipops

Pink Cowgirl Party Supplies

An assortment of pink western party items for your celebration.

This Pink Cowgirl partyware was just released and I just love it! The birthday party items available in the new Pink Cowgirl party theme include:

  • Plates, Cups & Napkins
  • Personalized Birthday Party Banners
  • Pink Cowgirl
  • Horseshoe Pinata
  • Giant Wall Decal Decorations
  • Party Favor Kits
  • Balloons, Decorations & Table Centerpieces

Order the Pink Cowgirl Party Supplies

Pretty Pink Invite


There is a wonderful selection of cowgirl theme party invitations on the market for your celebration.
These invites come in many different styles, sizes and designs.

Click here to View all of the Cowgirl Party Invitations

Sweet Cowgirl and her Horse

Famous Cowgirls

Calamity Jane

Mollie Monroe

Annie Oakley

Connie Douglas Reeves

Belle Starr

Dale Evans

Personalized Favor Tags

Make Your Own Paper Cupcake Toppers - Using the pre-cut bottle cap images featured here

Paper cupcake toppers are the latest trend in cupcake decorating.

You can make your own cupcake toppers using the round pre-cut Cowgirl bottle cap images listed below.

Custom Favor Stickers

Cupcake Wrappers

Pretty Cupcake Wrappers
Pretty Cupcake Wrappers

Cake and Cupcake Supplies

  • Cupcake Wrappers
  • Decorative Cake and Cupcake Stands
  • Cupcake Rings and Picks
  • Edible Cake and Cupcake Toppers
  • Paper Cupcake Toppers

Cowgirl Cake and Cupcake Supplies

Western Theme Sugar Decorations

Cupcake Icing Decorations
Cupcake Icing Decorations

"Cowgirl Up!"

is an expression that means to rise to the occasion, not to give up, and to do it all without whining or complaining.

Edible Decorations

Western Theme Sugar Decorations - decorate your party cupcakes with pink icing and then top them with these edible Western sugar shapes.

Western Sugar Decorations

Are you planning a Cowgirl theme party?

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    • profile image

      MintySea 5 years ago


    • profile image

      DMVAgent 5 years ago

      it was so cute. my sister will love this, im gonna share this to all my friends, thank you for the nice page!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Love these Cowgirl Party Decorations!

    • SecondHandJoe LM profile image

      SecondHandJoe LM 5 years ago

      All your lenses are terrific! One- better than the next. Love the layout, thanks.

    • profile image

      southridgefarmsinc 5 years ago

      Cowgirls rule!

    • profile image

      Edutopia 5 years ago

      Great lens! Cowgirls are a classic theme for a party for any little girl out there.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      so cute, kids really like this theme, I've done one and everyone enjoyed it.

    • profile image

      WorldVisionary 6 years ago

      Lots of great ideas here! Thumbs up and an Angel blessing for you.

    • Sawasdee Kub profile image

      Sawasdee Kub 6 years ago

      Cool cowgirls!!!

    • CarynJSwift56889 profile image

      CarynJSwift56889 6 years ago

      that's interesting, cow girl party~

    • Philippians468 profile image

      Philippians468 6 years ago

      the Pink Cowgirl Necklace and the delightful little box that comes with it took me by surprise! this would make any little girl's day! cheers

    • MakeYourOwnMagC profile image

      MakeYourOwnMagC 6 years ago

      I think I will plan that for my nieces next party. Thanks for the great idea. Thumbs up and a favourite from me :-)

    • BeaGabrielle1 profile image

      BeaGabrielle1 6 years ago

      Btw, also SquidLiked and FB liked your lens. Cheers!

    • BeaGabrielle1 profile image

      BeaGabrielle1 6 years ago

      Absolutely gorgeous! Love all the ideas you have here. :-)

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 7 years ago

      For my girls I have planned cowgirl BD parties before, at the barn with the pony...others at home...they are fun if one likes horses and cowgirls.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Above all the written things, the pictures are so cute!

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

      MargoPArrowsmith 7 years ago

      Well, my granddaughter is only 6 weeks old, but I love this!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      a different idea for a girls party not the typical way or themes for a birthday party....

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 7 years ago from Vermont

      Oh, yeah, cowgirls have more smarts and fun!

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 7 years ago from Southampton, UK

      Great ideas for a girls birthday party. Both of my daughters love dressing as cowgirls.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 7 years ago from Central Florida

      Lots of fun ideas. I'd like to learn some rope tricks. Maybe have a rodeo queen visit instead of a traditional birthday clown.

    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 7 years ago

      My little girl loves the girly stuff but upon seeing this lens, she instantly became a cowgirl fan. Kids are really unpredictable. She is now looking for information regarding cowgirls and the available items online. Guess we have to change the party theme that me and my wife have planned. 5*Hope you could visit my lenses. Thanks

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      This may sound ridiculous! It is my sweet 16 and im planning a pink cowgirl theme for my party!!! Guess there is a kid in all of us!

    • profile image

      enslavedbyfaeries 8 years ago

      My daughter had a cowgirl party for her 9th birthday and it was tons of fun! I love all your fun party ideas for this theme and those posters are too cute!

    • profile image

      GregGiordano 9 years ago

      My second daughter is just turning 11. Do you think she is too old for a cowgirl party? She seems to be more of the Hannah Montana type.