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Crafty Rhinestone Wrap Ideas

Updated on January 21, 2015

Where Will We Bling Today?

Once I saw a large bag of silk cord. I later found out it was made for a parachute. Well... since my mind goes fast to a craft project (or a hundred) I found many ways to use that cord which gave me gifts, home décor, games for the kiddos, and much more long before I depleted the supply.

Another element crossed my path, "Dress My Cupcake Silver Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon" , and I started fast tracking a hundred ways to make things with this stuff. The ribbon is silver color. It doesn't really have diamonds or rhinestones on it. Just a bling glittery texture which makes you think you have diamonds everywhere. Bling is Fun!

This page has a list to spark your imagination. Ponder each item on the list (VOTE) and let me know which one sounds best to you. If you find several of them do spark your interest, than you can vote where it says "Great Ideas! Ill Give A Few Of Them A Try" and then we will all chat in the guestbook area, to share ideas and have a Bling Project Brainstorm.

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How To Decorate With The Wrap

Let's Bling Some Things!

I've always had a mind which thinks of ways to use things about the time a lot of folks have run out of uses for it. I have made so many things from simple toss away things around the house for so long I don't know if I would ever go back to shopping for every element of a project again. Well... yarn and paint are buy new most of the time items.

Embellishments have a way of showing up. When I find them I add them to the color, style, box they best fit into and before I know it I have enough of a particular color, style, texture, to cover a small house.

I could have covered two small houses once just with buttons. Wouldn't that be a lovely sight? Well that is for another page of course. On this page we are going to Bling some things with Crafty Rhinestone Wrap.

Best Friends Best Gift Ideas

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Bling!

I really love "Dress My Cupcake Silver Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon" and have used it to create amazing gifts for friends. This started out as a 15 Things To Bling list and I stopped adding them as they were coming to mind so I didn't take up a ream of paper (web page virtual paper that is). I keep thinking of more ideas. I'm a brainstormer for sure. Especially when it comes to creating fun things.

I Lost Count - How Many Ways Can We Bling Today?

  • Make a bracelet with the ribbon and embellish it with real gems and rhinestones.
  • Make bands for the top of your favorite Highball Glasses for as special party.
  • Cake Wrap Embellishment
  • Frame A Photo (old frame UpCycled)
  • Embellish A Child's Mirror
  • Create Bling Plant Pots
  • Embellish A Pretty Lamp Shade
  • Cake and Cupcake Decoration
  • Pillar Candle Holder
  • Wrap An Empty Can For Pencil Holder
  • A Cup Cozy With Bling
  • Cover An Round Styrofoam Wreath
  • Table Edge At A Wedding Reception
  • Covered Cigar Box
  • Cat Toys -- Wrap On Empty Paper Roll & Put Two Bells Inside
  • Pillow Embellishments
  • Barbie Doll Shirt And Matching Purse
  • Make Pouch And Fill With Flower Pedals And Essential Oil
  • Bicycle Handlebars Bling
  • Scrapbook Page Embellishments
  • Greeting Card Making
  • Wedding Shower Invitations
  • Package Wrapping Gift Box Embellishments

You can bring a touch of bling just about anywhere in the home, office, classroom, garden, party, or to bring a bit of sparkle to a friend.

One way to use the rhinestone wrap for embellishing a wedding cake
One way to use the rhinestone wrap for embellishing a wedding cake

Bling A Piece Of Cake!

What is a Bling Brainstorm Machine?

There are so many wonderful ideas for embellishing a wedding cake or anything else. This is one example and it shows how you can pair up other decorations to make the cake a Bling Machine.

It is so lovely no one is going to want to cut into it.

Wrap a one layer or eight. It is easy to see how you would embellish a cake with the wrap. You can use the natural design of the layers to guide you on placement. The icing will have already been spread on the cake before you begin to assemble your wrap.

To ensure an even edge (where the two edges meet) you can measure the cake PAN rather than the cake. You might be saying "Of Course!" and I'm thinking "Why Did I Share This? Now they know when I get into the creative flow I don't use much logical common knowledge stuff." Things like this need to be noted for me. Even if I discovered them myself a few times.

This is another idea of how the ribbon can be used for a wedding cake embellishment.


Vote Your Favorite Rhinestone Wrap Bling Projects - Any of these ideas with a few embellishments will make amazing decorative gifts and decorations

Wrap This And Create Bling -- Remember This Wrap does not have any jewels rhinestones or gems on it It is 30 feet long and 4.5 inches wide
Wrap This And Create Bling -- Remember This Wrap does not have any jewels rhinestones or gems on it It is 30 feet long and 4.5 inches wide

What Will We Bling Today? This Is How I Use Rhinestone Wrap

See results

Bling is Love!

Well it feels as much. When I am creating a special project for someone and adding some bling to it I have a sense they are going to realize how important they are, the event is, and how much I love making amazing things for people.

I have had a lot of fun sharing this with you. I'm looking forward to our guestbook chat.

How to you Bling your projects?

© 2014 Deb Bryan

Guestbook - Where Do You Create Bling?

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