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Creating Candles For Halloween

Updated on October 5, 2016

Creepy Candles

The candle you put in your Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin can be bought or homemade.

If you choose to make your candle(s) then it can be simple as you will not see it. You will just reap the light it creates.

You can of course choose to create candles to display around your house on their own, in which case it can be more complex.

Whatever you choose to create you still need wax which you heat and melt , then pour into molds, add a wick, wait until set and then release from molds

What wax do you use?

Paraffin or Beeswax are the common waxes to use in candle making. Here is a comparison of the two.

Paraffin wax is a white or semi transparent by-product from the petroleum industry and Beeswax is natural and golden in colour..

Paraffin wax is cheaper than Beeswax and the quality is variable.

Paraffin wax is cheaper than Beeswax.

Paraffin wax is easier to lift out of molds whereas Beeswax is difficult to remove from molds.

Both waxes come in granular form or sheets.

Beeswax burns slower than Paraffin wax and has a lovely aroma when heated.

Beeswax can be added to Paraffin wax to improve its' quality.

So it is up to you as to whether you use Paraffin wax, Beeswax or a mixture of the two.

Stearin which is a white, crystalline substance derived from tallow ( animal fat ) is often added to wax to make a candle more opaque and shinier and to help a candle

be released from molds especially if there is greater than 10% of beeswax added to paraffin wax.

Paraffin Wax , Beeswax , Stearin

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How To Make Candles

What You Need

Wax : Beeswax or Paraffin wax or both

Stearin : optional

Colour : optional


Wicking needle or chopstick or pencil

Double Boiler

Mold(s): plastic, metal, rubber or

Glass Jar(s)



Old Wooden Spoon

Paper Towels

Cooling container or sink

Container for excess wax

How To Create

1. Prime wick by melting some wax on the top of a double boiler and inserting wax twice into wax letting it dry completely after each time as straight and tight as the wick can be for drying.

2. Cut to length 2.5cm longer than final candle length, with scissors.

3. This next step varies depending what mold or shape you use for your candle.

Jars: Melt wax over double boiler and pour a layer onto bottom. Place wick in the middle of melted wax. Tie to a wicking needle or pencil or chopstick which then goes across the top of the jar.

Molds: Either secure wick to a supporting card , through a hole at the bottom of a mold and tie to a wicking needle/pencil/chopstick

or wait until wax has set a little ( after steps 4,5,6,7,8 ) and then insert the wick


4. Melt stearin if desired

The quantities of stearin to parafiin wax is about 1 or 2 parts stearin to 10 parts paraffin wax.

You will have to experiment for a reasonable quantity as paraffin wax quality varies.

Also if you add beeswax to paraffin wax then amount of stearin will alter.

5. Add colour if desired.

The quantity is about 2.5 g colour to 200g of paraffin wax.

6. Heat wax until pouring temperature;

Pouring temperature is the temperature you can pour the wax into the molds or jars and it varies depending on the mold you use.

Approximate temperatures are:

~ glass jars = 71 degrees C

~ plastic molds = 82 - 88 degrees C

~ metal molds = 93 degrees C

7.Pour into molds or jars.

9. On drying a well will form at the bottom if using paraffin wax. Add more melted wax if you want to fill in this well.

10. Remove candle from mold when cooled.

The candle can stay in jars and hence makes a perfect candle choice for you Pumpkin JackO'Lantern.

However you can use the molded candles as well.


1. You can make candles with more than one colour. Just let each colour set between pourings. If you want colours at different angles you can always tilt the jar(s) or mold(s) and let them dry at that angle. A great Halloween effect would be orange and black.

2. You can produce weird and wonderful shapes, especially great for Halloween, by preparing a mold simply from moist sand or soil in a container, a hole or desired shape in the sand or soil and aluminium foil set in that shape already to accept the wick and wax.

Candles Made From Beeswax Sheets:

You can get beeswax sheets in its natural colour and in other colours as well. So you can create a simple candle by rolling up the desired length of beeswax around a primed wick 2.5 cm longer. You need to wrap up the wax tightly for best results. Then you can add decorative features around the candle in various shapes and colours.

Why not stick to orange and black for a truly Halloween feel.

Or create a beeswax sheet candle in a spooky halloween shape like witches fingers, ghosts or ..... it's up to you to be wicked, wild and weird. Afterall it is halloween.

So there you have it

A range of candles to create.

Let your imagimation run wild for a truly spooky halloween flavour.

Are you Creative for Candle Making?

Would you or do you make halloween candles?

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