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Creepy Books The Kids Can Read

Updated on October 5, 2016


Halloween is a time full of activity .

People can dress up in their favourite scary costume to go trick-or-treating ( a hit with the youngsters) or to get grossed out at hellish hoolie where they can listen to spooky music and indulge in frightening food to tempt the taste buds. Fancy an eyeball anyone?

The whole family can enjoy creating Jack O'Lanterns with pumpkins and spooky candles to put in or just for decoration around the house.

And then there is a spine-chilling horror movie or 2 to watch. A perfect way for adults to escape reality and really feel the horrifying, teeth-biting fantasy. But what could the kids get up to when the adults are engrossed? Well, they can space out with some creepy books.

Are you ready kids? Firstly, grab your some candy spiders and a tomato juice ....and a couch ( you will need this )....and dive into a Goosebumps Book. These are a series of creepy books the kids can read.

R.L. Stine

R.L.Stine or Robert Lawrence Stine is an American Author of best selling mysteries and thrillers for young people. He liked reading gruesome, horrifying comics as a kid and gets his ideas from his memory and imagination. When writing he thinks back to what he was scared and afraid of as a kid.

He has written over 150 Goosebumps books each with different characters, mystery and suspense. His writing and language is well suited to the younger generation.

Scary Sounds

Get into the atmosphere with this music?!?! whilst you view the hub.

The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp


This story is about a family of four, two adults, a boy and a girl who shifted near a swamp with six swamp deer. The parents are scientists and have a project of monitoring deer in the swamp.

As you read through the book you will be creeped by the adventures into Fever Swamp and more. Or will you?

Every night there is howling.

Is it a werewolf?

Where is the werewolf?

Who is the werewolf?

R.L Stine keeps you guessing right to the end, complete with other characters added into the mix.

This is a great book for 9 - 12 year olds to enjoy a bit of suspense and tension and get into the Halloween feel.

But What Are The Goosebumps Books R.L.Stine Has To Offer?

There are too many to mention.

In this hub you will meet just a small selection.

Grab Yourself A Copy of

The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp


~ boxed up with some other creepy Goosebumps books.

Just remember this - once you have read one you will want more, more, more.

Your choice. What is it to be?

These Books Can Be Bought Separately

But what do people really think of them?

Piano Lessons Can Be Murder


Here is a kids review

"Great book! One of Stine's best books! It's about this boy named Jerry who finds a piano in his attic. Then his parents sign him up for piano lessons. Jerry thinks it's pretty cool at first. Until he hears the terrifiying stories about his music teacher, Dr. Shreek. Students who went in his music class... and never came out!"

Other people have found the plot strong, full of tension and scary.

I was intrigued by this books since I have taken piano lessons and teach piano and love escaping with scary things. I am a big kid at heart!!

You Cant Scare Me!


A Review

"This Book is about Courtney King, who's not afraid of scary things. One day Eddie and Hat had thought of a plan to scare Courtney. Their plan was to scare Courtney with A MUD MONSTER COSTUME. Lately it did not work, later some reporters showed and Courtney said she rescued 2 boys from a MUD MONSTER. Now Eddie and Hat was so embarrassed, Suddenly it began to rain. Just then, A Mud Monster Appeared because it was raining. Very Good Book."

A Kid's Review

"The Goosebump book You Can't Scare Me is awesome. Eddie was so eager to scare Courtney. That's when Eddie wanted to do muddy Creek from the mud monsters and it worked except they were real mud monsters and Courtney was screaming through the whole woods."

There are people who find this book not so good as the above reviewers.

What do you think?

One Day at Horrorland


One Persons Review

"Finding themselves lost on a trip to Zoo Gardens Theme Park, Lizzy and Luke, their parents and their friend Clay end up at Horror Land. Things start to go wrong from the moment they arrive. First the car explodes leaving them stranded in a theme park with a group of monsters whose costumes look strangely real. Then there are the actual rides. At first Lizzy, Luke and Clay think they're pretty cool, and then they start to get scary. The house of mirrors, the doom-slide, the terrifying ride in a coffin. Soon Lizzy and the others are wondering if they will ever be able to leave Horror Land alive....

This was one of my favourite Goosebumps books. I read this four years ago when I was eight and loved it. It mixes comedy and suspense and adds several twists along the way. I recommend it to all fans of the series and nine to twelve year olds particularly."

Many people seem to like this book with a few exceptions.

I love theme parks but this book ...... well.... it was pure scariness.

Why I'm Afraid of Bee


Many people think that this book is average and that there are much better books in the series.

Read this persons review

"R.L. Stine has written some great Goosebumps books, but this isn't one of them. This story about a boy turned into a bee just didn't grab me and my son as much as some of the other books, and the ending leaves some key questions unanswered.

Gary Lutz, the main character, finds some unusual experiences as a bee, but they're not particularly frightening, just odd. The plot moves along OK, but there are better books in the series."

And a kids review

'Somehow, i really enjoyed this book. this book isn't scary at all, so if your looking for something really scary to read don't read this one. I just thought that this book was sort of fun. I went to the library one day to look at goosebumps, b/c I love them. I saw this book and it caught my attention because of the cover. I wasn't going to get it b/c the cover looked a little silly. before i left i thought what the heck, it looked interesting and i wanted to see if it was any good. Even though it wasn't one bit scary and the idea of the book is a little stupid it is still entertaining to read if your bored. this book is stupid,it's enjoyable. read if you want."

So why not give this a read and see how you rate it on the 1 to 5 scale.

Monster Blood 11


One person said, "Monster Blood 2 is so good I read it 14 times"

A Kid's Review

"The book Monster Blood Two is thrilling, funny, and exciting. Evan is the main character in the book and his friend Andy brings him Monster Blood, gooey green stuff that if you eat it you turn huge! Andy is really funny because she wrestles Evan and she always wins! This book is exciting because Evan and Andy have to fight a huge hamster that ate Monster Blood! You should read this book because it will make you laugh and it's very exciting."

What more can you say. Get It. Read It. And be excited.

My Cat - a werewolf prospect????

My Cat - a werewolf prospect????
My Cat - a werewolf prospect????

To Be Or Not To Be - A Werewolf?

Don't my cat's eyes look evil. I am sure she is about to turn into a werewolf.

Do you think R.L.Stine should rewrite The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp with my cat as a possible werewolf?

See results

Trick Or Treating Anyone?

Kids, you can take Goosebumps books to another level. Why not dress up in a Goosebumps costume and go trick or treating.

The Haunted Mask 2

A quick look at the masks used in this movie.

Check out the story below with a book or DVD. And decorate your bedroom with a poster. CREEPY!!

What Happens In - The Night On Terror Tower?

Have a look at a movie in the form of a DVD

Are you game to find out?

Just A Taste

I have mentioned a few Goosebumps

Books ( and movies ).

But there are many more to

creep,scare, thrill kids

around 8 - 12 and big kids,

for hours and hours and hours

---------way past Halloween.

Pass on your Goosebumps thoughts here. Include your favourite creepy title or titles and say why.

Are You A Goosebumps Fan?

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