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Cute Gifts for Couples That Won't Disappoint!

Updated on October 4, 2010
BoldLoft Unique Couple Gifts
BoldLoft Unique Couple Gifts | Source

Cute Couple Gifts for Anniversary, Long Distance Relationships, and Valentines

So you've poured your pennies into sweet confections and velvety petals, trying your best to shower your beloved with the sentiments you can't quite put into words. But the cavities and the wilted blossoms are putting a damper on your date with destiny. Your love for them has hit the stratosphere, so how do you pump up the volume on your lover's serenade? This time, indulge them in something non-perishable...a sweet gesture that stays sweet for years to come! Yes, your search for an enduring and sincere symbol of your love for them has reached fruition: you've found Boldloft's unique gift ideas for couples. At, the very planet spins around our belief that love is all about two. Here, you're immersed in a world for lovers, where romantic gifts for couples come in pairs, of course, taking the form of couple pillowcases, love body pillowcases, his and hers coffee mugs, matching drinking glass sets, and couple t-shirts. Two by two, these couple gift ideas are the cat's meow for sending your love anytime. Our unusual gifts for couples are especially poignant on those days when you're particularly love struck, or when you're seeking an unprecedented collection of gifts for a couple and know a special pair who will savor our creative couple gifts. Boldloft's Valentine's Day gift ideas for couples, romantic anniversary gifts for couples, and couple gifts for long distance love will give your heart wings! The treasures you choose from Boldloft's overflowing hope chest of cute gifts for couples will deliver your precious sentiments to your precious sweetheart, every day, for years to come.

Cute Valentines Gifts for Couples

Pairing off is especially fun on Valentine's Day, with its famous candy hearts, roses of red, decadent chocolates and giggles in bed. If cupid's got your number, you're helpless to resist him! Boldloft's Valentine's gifts for couples are the purrfect way to get your little love cat all wide-eyed and giddy. At, love-drenched Valentine pillow cases, his and hers coffee mugs and couple t-shirts epitomize creative couple gifts for Valentine's that will leave your loved one a victim of the famous flying archer. As far as pairs of lovers are concerned, Valentine's Day is the Holy Grail. All year long, romantics the world over look forward to this day claimed by arrow-struck lovers. At Boldloft, we understand. That's why we built a collection of cute and romantic Valentine's gifts for couples that meet the yearly challenge faced by starry-eyed but undecided shoppers at a loss for good Valentine's Day gifts. For those married couples, our novelty product lines, created around our belief that love is all about two, offers up creative romantic Valentine's Day gifts for wife and Valentines gifts for husbands that will surely make Cupid draw his bow toward the lucky recipient. Saying "I love you" in a whole new way is what makes Boldloft the ideal choice for cute Valentine's Day gifts for boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Say I Love You" Pillowcase Set
"Say I Love You" Pillowcase Set

Cute Valentines Gift Ideas

  • “Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcase Set

Love is a many splendored thing … especially on Valentine’s Day! Far and wide, there are three little words that make people happy as a clown, and turn the deepest frown upside down. Let Boldloft help you utter the words everyone loves ­to hear. Our “Say I Love You” couple pillowcase set is a richly romantic way to make a happy Valentine’s Day a sure thing for you and your sweetheart. And when Valentine’s Day is long over, the splendor of your gift will remind them of your love day after day.

"Catch My Love" His and Hers Coffee Mug Set
"Catch My Love" His and Hers Coffee Mug Set
  • “Catch My Love” His and Hers Coffee Mug Set

On Valentine’s Day, lovers the world over declare their true love to sometimes expectant, sometimes surprised recipients of one of life’s greatest gifts. Boldloft’s “Catch My Love” his and hers coffee mug set personifies that selfless gesture. As lovers drift dreamily through their Valentine’s Day sharing Cloud 9 with their one and only, hearts everywhere become the proud owners of cherished loved ones who are grateful to be claimed. This lasting gift is perfect to be given by the fortunate one who knows what they want, and to be received by the fortunate one who is wanted.

"Complete My Heart" Couple T-Shirts
"Complete My Heart" Couple T-Shirts
  • “Complete My Heart” Couple T-Shirts

Nary was a puzzle such a pleasure to complete as this one. You’ve been waiting a lifetime to find the missing piece … the other half of your heart. Now that you’re upon it, you’re eager to latch on! With Boldloft’s “Complete My Heart” couple t-shirts for Valentine’s Day, you and your missing piece will finally be as one. Our captivating “he’s got one piece, she’s got the other” illustrations will serve as your sweetheart’s daily, loving reminder that you are at bliss with a puzzle that is complete!

Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Repetition can be a wonderful thing! With stars in your eyes, a skip in your step and a flutter in your heart, you welcome that one day a year when you can repeat the celebration of your love and your bond with your sweetheart. With an anniversary gift that you pour your heart and soul into choosing as a true expression of your love, you honor your relationship and triumph in your good fortune – the day your beloved graced your life! For the perfect gift for your perfect pair, get center stage with Our romantic anniversary gifts for couples will shine the perfect spotlight on your once-in-a-lifetime, Academy Award-winning love story. And while any year is a truly wonderful opportunity to give Boldloft’s ultimately unique anniversary gifts for her and oh-so-good anniversary gifts for boyfriend, we are by far the ideal anniversary collection for your second year of bliss, when cotton wedding anniversary gifts are the traditional symbol of amore. Boldloft’s cotton pillowcases, body pillowcases, and t-shirts are a passionately creative idea for 2nd year anniversary gifts and 2-year dating anniversary gifts.

"Links 2 Love" Pillowcase Set
"Links 2 Love" Pillowcase Set

Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • “Link 2 Love” Couple Pillowcase Set

They are your path to passion, your avenue to unabashed adoration, your very Link 2 Love! So when that one fine day a year happily appears on your calendar, Boldloft has the ideal anniversary gift to celebrate the love that lights your way. With its radiant red hearts and endearing glance at two lives coming together in love, our “Link 2 Love” couple pillowcase set is a perfect way to celebrate the one who put up the stop sign on your search for true romance!

"From My Heart to Your" Drinking Glass Set
"From My Heart to Your" Drinking Glass Set
  • “From My Heart to Yours” His and Hers Drinking Glass Set

Blowing kisses, holding hands, gentle smiles that say “I love you” … these are the tender moments of your great romance! On your anniversary, enamoring symbols of your love are especially precious, especially cherished, especially from your heart to theirs. Boldloft’s loving his and hers drinking glass set is an enduring way to tell them that on your anniversary and every day, every gesture of your love is on a one-way direct flight “From My Heart to Yours.” Now that’s what we call emotions in motion!

"You Complete Me" Couple T-Shirts
"You Complete Me" Couple T-Shirts
  • “You Complete Me” Couple T-shirts

Sure, every day you get to spend with your heart’s desire is a dear one, but there’s only one day of the year when the calendar beams, “This is our day!” Your anniversary is unique and wonderful … like them, and like your union. Just as your year wouldn’t feel complete without celebrating the monumental day when you found your chosen one, you wouldn’t feel complete without them. Practically begging to be reunited by the shirts on your backs, the superbly smitten pair of cuddle bunnies adorning our “You Complete Me” couple t-shirts will show your other ½ your lasting gratitude for helping you add up to 1!

Couple Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

In your heart, you can see them. In your mind, you can almost touch. But when almost isn't good enough, the many miles between you and your loved one can turn a bright day blue in very short order. When life's path takes them away, Boldloft can help bring them near at heart. The long distance relationship couple gifts at are a soothing reminder from you to them that you're here, you'll always be here, and you're always theirs. As your beloved meets the challenge of military service, their patriotic duty has put states, countries, oceans, even continents between you. With a Boldloft symbol of love, you can bring them home in your heart, and remind them each day that you are there by their side, in love and in pride. Although the infinite possibilities of cyberspace make it a wonderful thing, the infinite distance between you and your Internet sweetheart can make your days and nights without them seem infinitely long and lonely. Let them cuddle up with one of our long distance gifts, and fill the space between you with your infinite love.
If you're a pair that is parted...found itself on opposite ends of a long and winding road, our romantic long distance relationship gift ideas are an oasis in a desert of longing emotions. And if your special day of togetherness sees you apart, our long distance love anniversary gifts re a beautiful way to bridge the gap. You may have had to part at the fork in the road, but Boldloft's couple gifts for long distance relationship will put the odometer in reverse, boost the spirit of your love, and give your blues the boot!

"My Heart is Yours to Catch" Matching Drinking Glass Set
"My Heart is Yours to Catch" Matching Drinking Glass Set

Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

  • “My Heart is Yours to Catch” Matching Drinking Glass Set

So you’ve found out the hard way that it’s true what they say: absence really does make the heart grow fonder. For you and your long distance love, a heavy heart is sometimes your uninvited guest, and you want to show the weary weight the way to the door. Boldloft can help you give it directions. Our love-filled his and hers “My Heart is Yours to Catch” his and hers drinking glass set will go to work for you as your loved one’s daily reminder that your heart is overflowing with love just for them!

"Far in Distance Near at Heart" Couple Pillowcase Set
"Far in Distance Near at Heart" Couple Pillowcase Set
  • “Far in Distance Near at Heart” Couple Pillowcase Set     

A heart can be stubborn, that is for sure. It can lead a person head first into a fine romance, and then defy distance when romantics are parted by miles. Boldloft’s “Far in Distance Near at Heart” couple pillowcase set is a fine way to show your far away sweetheart that your stubborn ticker isn’t going anywhere! Through the determined pair sketched on this vibrant set, your loved one will treasure a daily reminder that hearts truly can stand their ground, and love truly can conquer all.

"No Matter the Miles" Body Pillowcase
"No Matter the Miles" Body Pillowcase
  • “No Matter the Miles” Body Pillowcase

Of all the treasures you’ve gathered in life, their heart is your finest discovery. Despite the miles that separate you now, your relationship is in its finest hour. The strength of your hearts and fortitude of your bond are helping you meet the challenge of distance, but let’s face it, everyone gets weary, the strongest get weak, and we all appreciate a little reminder! With Boldloft’s cozy and comforting “No Matter the Miles” body pillowcase, you’ll leave no doubt in their mind, day after day, that miles are no match for your love!


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