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Cute Gifts for Girls 2013

Updated on January 29, 2013

Cute Girl Gifts for 2012: An Overview of Pretty and Fun Gift Choices for Girls

Cute gifts for girls are always fun to find, but deciding on the cutest can be difficult. It's always a matter of preference since my daughter's idea of cute may not be equivalent to that of your daughter. However, a gift guide for cute gifts is a surefire way to see what's out there and to make some comparisons and decisions.

Featured here are many of my lenses related to specific ages or gift ideas. I'm mom to 4 girls, so I've had a vast range of experiences in picking out gifts for my girls. At every stage, there are different interests. My youngest is 3 months younger than her cousin, my niece, and the two often share ideas of favorite cute things. I've also guessed at times and found that my idea of cute didn't jive with one of the girls. Still, if your daughter is into cute things, there are always choices.

Find this cute and affordable Aurora BITTY Rabbit .

Add Your Own Cute Stuffed Animal Suggestions

You can vote up your favorite here, or add one of your own choosing from Amazon...that helps others who come in search of cute gifts for girls, making it possible for them to consider new ideas in cute!

Cute Gifts for Girls: Dolls and Princesses - If your daughter loves either, these can be cute and fun girl gift themes...

cute gifts for girls
cute gifts for girls

We attended a Disney Princesses on Ice event several years ago. Grandma invited us, and the girls loved it...ages 2 to 12, plus me and my mom. The boys were horrified, but they didn't have much choice. My girls have been real fans of Disney Princess dolls and gear, but they tend to outgrow the theme at the tween stage to some degree. Not all girls outgrow princesses, but again, gift ideas are relevant to what your daughter loves.

Disney Princess gifts are widely varied, with larger dolls for younger girls, mini dolls for the 5-10 year old, and fashion doll sizes for that same age range. Disney dress up stuff is cute, as are Disney Princess accessories: lip gloss sets, personal care items, and full fledged castles and play sets. My observation is that the prime age group for much of this is 4-7. My youngest is just beginning to lose interest in the princessy stuff, but she still occasionally pulls out her dress up things and surprises me.

Find Cinderella and other Disney Princess Gear

Cute Shoes

Apparel gifts for girls can be extremely cute, and the sparkly ones are those that capture the attention of my girls as cutest. A few examples are shown here. Animal prints are pretty cute, and ballet flats are also quite pretty and cute, both for younger girls and older.

Cute Electronic Gifts for Girls - Digital Cameras and More

There are many electronics gifts for girls that include pretty colors or cute designs.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera, Pink
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera, Pink

My daughter just inherited her older sister's old digital camera. What a hit! She is constantly taking photos, deleting the blurry ones. If she didn't have her own already, the one pictured here would be perfect. The pretty motif and the cute color scheme are right up her alley!


What are your recommendations for cute gifts for girls?

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