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Cute Girl Gifts: Age 7

Updated on August 6, 2014

Cute Girl Gifts for the 7 year old in your life...

I've enjoyed my youngest daughter's transitions, and as she just turned 7, the emphasis in her worldview is on cute things. There are a variety of products that attract her attention, and one of the interesting perspectives I've had in the last couple of years is to notice what doesn't attract her attention in comparison to what does. If you walk through the toy aisle at a store, she will ignore a lot of stuff. Some of the trendiest items of the last couple of years' holiday seasons have totally evaded her attention. She loves cute things, and some of the junk that has been out there hasn't been up to her standard. I've even given her a couple of these types of things, only to see them ignored. Zoobles didn't cut it. Neither did Squinkies. Littlest Pet Shop, however, has her devoted attention and shows little signs of fading for at least a couple more years.

So, from a mom perspective as one that deals with a 7 year old girl directly, following are some of the cute things that work as gifts. No, not just toys...accessories and clothes, too. Let me just add that my 7 year old is very active, might be described as a tomboy, and yet she loves and adores cute stuff. Don't presume that an active youngster doesn't love cute things!

Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop is a favorite of my 7 year old daughter and makes a great gift option every time there's an occasion. She wanted a walking LPS toy for her birthday, and she loves it. Even more, she loves the Littlest Pet Shop Teensies. The critters are adorable and the designs always strike a cord. She favors LPS over Zoobles by far, and most other pet and doll play sets take second place to this grouping of little girl toys and characters.

Teensies Intro Pack, Series 5
Teensies Intro Pack, Series 5

My daughter adores animal gifts for herself and for friends. These have been a standby when available locally as birthday gifts, and they are quite the perfect stocking stuffer and pleaser for her even in the 9-10 year age range.

Littlest Pet Shop, Walkables Themed Pack, Horse #2257
Littlest Pet Shop, Walkables Themed Pack, Horse #2257

If you have a child who adores animal toys, these are simple, usually quite affordable, and well-appreciated by daughters, nieces and friends.


Pillow Pets Collections for 7 year old girls...

It's official...before the items are even in stores, the preference has been given...the entire collection of Pillow Pet sets is on my daughter's wishlist this year! Jumbo, dream lights, slippers, hats and regular and mini sizes. They are cute, that's certain!

Pillow Pets Jumboz Snuggly Puppy Floor Pillow - Jumbo Plush Puppy Stuffed Animal Pillow
Pillow Pets Jumboz Snuggly Puppy Floor Pillow - Jumbo Plush Puppy Stuffed Animal Pillow

As the biggest pillow pet crazes have subsided, you will often find lower pricing on some of the more popular pets. Keep your eyes out for sales because these fun pets are still wonderfully soft and lovable, not only for younger girls but also for teenagers and moms!

Pillow Pets® Slippers - Snuggly Puppy - Medium
Pillow Pets® Slippers - Snuggly Puppy - Medium

Complement a pet pillow with coordinating slippers just for fun.

Pillow Pets Pee-Wees - Dog
Pillow Pets Pee-Wees - Dog

I have this pee-wee pet, given to me by the kids as a mother's day gift. I love this as a cute decorative accent and soft cushion on my own bed, and my daughters love the cute, soft qualities.

cute girl gifts for 7 year old girls
cute girl gifts for 7 year old girls

Disney Princesses make Cute Girl Gifts for 7 year olds.

While my daughter is outgrowing some of the Disney dress up gear that reflects the various princesses, she still loves Disney Princess dolls and gear. Anything princessy, she finds fascinating, and most of the Disney princess stuff is cute as can be. You will find a broad selection of princess dolls in both fashion doll size and mini dolls, perfect for the early elementary school age range. While my daughter will occasionally notice Barbie, she always takes notice of princess stuff in the store.

Lego Friends Sets Make Cute Girl Gifts for 7 year old girls...

It's about time Lego made play sets more aimed at girls! While there is a basic blocks set that includes some pretty colors, the Lego Friends have more of the feel of some of the popular themed building sets that have long been targeted at boys. These, though, are in more traditional girl colors and themes. Excellent job, Lego!

I might also add that this is one of the most responsive brands for kids. My youngsters like to send their ideas by mail, and they always receive considerate replies. My 11 year old son even solicited a job last year...his rejection letter was compassionate and encouraging. I am impressed with the company, and these classics are just as much fun for girls as for boys.

Easy Bake: Functional and Cute Girl Gifts for 7 year old girls...

Easy Bake Ovens seem to make frequent changes, but they are always cute and functional, perfect for inspiring youngsters in kitchen arts. This was noticeably pricey last year, but the 6-8 year old age range is the right target time in our home for this preliminary cooking tool.

Watch for the latest from Easy Bake Oven

Sparkle Sneakers for Cute 7 year old Girl Gifts

I just bought my daughter a pair of sparkling sneakers very similar to these. She loves them and they are totally reflective of her personality. Just fantastic! There's not much to say, but the image is everything...very loved by my daughter and just amazingly cute!

Princess PJ's make cute 7 year old girl gifts...

Komar Kids Little Girls'  Princess Friends Gown
Komar Kids Little Girls' Princess Friends Gown

This may be the last year that your 7 year old will fit the PJs that are specifically Disney Princess daughter loves such pajamas, but is nearly out of the 6x size that most will extend to...Cute pajamas are fun, and the princesses are some of the cutest.


Which Girl Gifts do you find to be the cutest choices for a 7 year old?

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