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Cute Girl Gifts: Pillow Pet Jumboz

Updated on August 5, 2013

Jumbo Pillow Pets make extraordinarily Cute Girl Gifts for Many Ages!

It's not terribly common in my home for kids to pine for Christmas gifts in July. However, my 7 year old has a list going thanks to the latest advertising of the Pillow Pets folks. While I don't normally pay too much attention to early requests, I do see her point with this one.

Pillow Pets is a favorite theme, and she adores her ladybug collection. It's so early, though, that I haven't spotted these in stores, nor have I found her fave online yet. I'm sure that will change quickly with this 2012 Christmas gift trend on the horizon! Jumbo Pillow Pets, also known as Pillow Pets Jumboz, are making their appearance on the horizon and they are cute and soft, just like their predecessors.

Watch for the Latests Jumbo Pillow Pet OptionsThey aren't all out in the virtual world yet, but they are coming...I'm sure we'll see more as the holidays approach!

Meet the Jumbo Pillow Pets So Far...Cute Girl Gifts at any stage!

As these critters make their way into the shopping world, it will be fun to see children react. If your daughter is as enthralled as mine is with the concept, these are going to be a huge hit! My youngster started out two years ago with an 18" ladybug, followed by an 11" Pillow Pet PeeWee last year. They are cute and soft!

How Big are Giant Pillow Pets?

Lots of details are swirling, but 30 inches doesn't really convey the sizing of the giant pillow pets without a little math and comparison. Original pillow pets measure 18"...flat out, that's an 18 x 18 square area, 324 square inches. Minis are 11 x 11, 121 square inches. That makes originals about 2.6 times the size of minis.

Jumboz Pillow Pets are 30 x 30, 900 square inches. That's nearly 3 times the size of originals..2.74 times the size of originals if you want a more precise number.

Pillow Pet Pricing: Save on Pillow Pets for Girls

One of the things you will notice in store settings is that in the past couple of years, the 18" pillow pets have stayed in the same price range. I've just recently noticed a slight adjustment, though, which makes sense. The novelty of the initial series of Pillow Pets may have worn off. I'm seeing pricing in brick and mortar venues in the $15 range. Online seems to be even better, and you'll find frequent reflections of the market at Amazon. Explore some of these possibilities, for example, in discounted Pillow Pets. Jumbo Pillow Pets will definitely affect the costs of previous product choices.

At this writing, each of the Pillow Pets represented below is priced between $10 and $15, all of them being large pillow pets. This is the year to pick up pillow pets for all of the girls in your house without breaking the bank. Seriously, I haven't purchased them in previous years because the price tag would be $100 for my four girls combined. The effect of new products for me is that this is more do-able this year.

Pillow Pet Collections: Cute and Fun Gifts for Girls

The company that markets Pillow Pets has a few tricks up its sleeves this season. Not only is it releasing the giant pillow pet choices, but it also has great slippers and hats. Your youngster can enjoy a full slate of Pillow Pet fun from jumboz to minis.

Look for New Pillow Pets Characters, too... - Cute Character Gifts as Fun Girl Gifts

There are a few new critters on the horizon, some related to well-know Pillow Pet figures, and others completely new.

I love pillow pets as grandparent gifts, and I also think they make great gifts for a college freshman away from home. There are plenty of other possibilities, and there is a lot of fun to be found with the creatures.

Pillow Pets Dream Lites

My daughter is gung ho for the dream lites Pillow Pets, too. She thinks they are cute. I saw them in the store and am not impressed. The hard plastic back is meant to let light through to make stars on a bedroom ceiling. The hard plastic doesn't seem very cuddly, but I guess cuddle isn't the goal. Still, I think the items are kind of ugly. What say you?

Are these light up Pillow Pets worth purchasing?

Jumbo Pillow Pet Gifts for Girls: Cute or Silly?

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      very nice


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