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Halloween Costumes for Cats

Updated on September 16, 2014

So Cute! (Sometimes)

On Halloween, there is a tradition of putting on costumes and going around houses and asking for candy. That tradition is called "trick-or-treating". Many children do it, and even adults!

But why can't your CAT also trick-or-treat? Maybe because they don't like candy, (you can always give them treats instead), maybe they don't like all the noise, (that can PROBABLY be fixed), or maybe, the biggest problem of all is that they don't have a costume. And how can you go trick-or-treating without a costume? Impossible.

So, if you decide that you're going together with your cat on Halloween night for some "treat-or-scratch", give them a scary, absolutely adorable, or hilarious costume to wear first!

Cat Costume Question!

Have you ever dressed your cat for Halloween?

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The History of Halloween

The history of Halloween, All Saints' Eve, Samhain, or All Hallows' Eve celebrations is somewhat blurry. We mostly know colors, signs, and traditions of those holidays. Halloween, October 31 is held a day before All Hallows' Day, and was established in 1556. All Hallows' Day is believed to be originated from ancient Celtic holiday Samhain, the day of honoring dead and pagan harvest festival.

Believe it or not, the costume tradition actually came from Christian roots. It was believed that souls of the dead would wander the earth until All Hallows' Day. All Hallows' Eve was the last time the souls could seek revenge and gain vengeance on their still-alive-enemies. To avoid being recognized by a soul, the people put on masks, costumes, and all kinds of disguises to protect themselves. The pumpkin-carving tradition also came from Christians, who would carve turnips, remembering the souls that were held in purgatory. But immigrants to the new world (America) discovered that they could practice their traditions on the native pumpkin, which was bigger, softer, and therefore, easier to carve.

Trick-or-treating was established when poor people would receive food on All Hallows' Day in return for prayers for the dead. Trick-or-treating was first recorded in Scotland of 1895, and later, in 1911, in America.

Cat Costumes!

In this video, you can see some funny costume ideas for cats to wear. They include: the octo"puss", the "cat"terpillar, and more.

Why are cats a symbol of Halloween?

Everyone knows that a black cat is one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween. But how and when this association started?

People were fascinated with cats since the earliest times. In Ancient Egypt, the black cats were worshiped and protected as in coronations of goddess Bastet. In China and Japan, it is believed that cats bring good fortune. Small cat figurines can be seen in many Asian shops and homes.

However, black cats have mostly unfavorable reputation in many other countries around the world. The superstition that a witch can turn herself into a black cat and disappear comes to us from ancient Celts. Since that time "witches" and black cats were persecuted together. There is something mystical and powerful about black cats, as if they themselves know magic. It feels that a black cat can become invisible, suddenly disappear.

Black cats were seen as a witch's companion, a link between magic and real worlds, a guardian of supernatural realm. Nowadays, witches and black cats are an essential symbol of the Halloween tradition, still reminding us of that powerful medieval superstition.

So why don't dress up your cat in a cute costume and than share the Halloween night with your pet by dressing up yourself as a witch or a cat?

What's Halloween without a costume?

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