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Cute Valentine’s Day gifts under 30$

Updated on July 30, 2012

Looking for cheap, adorable and unique gifts to your valentine this Feb 14th? Here is my list of gifts under 30$. No, they are not chocolates and flowers XD. Read on!!

Reasons I love you stones: Love doesn’t need reasons. But life is short. When was the last time you told her how you adore her. Let her know this Valentine’s Day. It sure bridges the gap if you are having any bumps in your relationship.

Chocolate flavored Bath Frizzes: V-day is all about aphrodisiacs and chocolates. Why not give your sweetheart a gift of "Chocolaty Bath”? That’s right, Chocolaty bath. No, not Hershey’s chocolate syrup in bath tub XD. It is these chocolate flavored bath frizzes, which look like truffles. They dissolve easily giving the aroma of cocoa and vanilla. Mmmm!!!!

Gelicity Spa: Usually, traditional Valentine’s Day gifts include giving a spa gift certificate or a spa gift basket. But if you are broke, like me, this may come handy. This is a powder which coverts water into a thick gel which retains heat 3 times longer.It gives an excellent relaxing massage and soothes your sore muscles. It’s like having your own spa at home. What’s more, infused with aroma oils, it sure gives your valentine a luxuriously relaxing bath.

Cuddly hottie: Saving the best for the last, this is my favorite one on the list here. Is there anything else that is as adorable as a huggiliciously warm teddy bear infused with aroma oils? You bet.

Macaroons and Oreos: Got enough of the V-day that has only dark chocolates, red roses and cheesy love poems? If you are hater of cheesy romantic stuff (or if your valentine is), give them a gift of these chocolate dipped macaroons or Oreos decorated with hugs and kisses!

Please share any other gift ideas you know of. I'd love to hear them :)


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    • BeautyAndTheRest profile image

      BeautyAndTheRest 5 years ago

      Absolutely. Nothing can beat a romantic candlelight dinner hand cooked by your loved one. Thanks for commenting :) !

    • LoriSoard profile image

      LoriSoard 5 years ago from Henryville, Indiana

      Good suggestions. A nice home-cooked meal served with candlelight is always a nice touch as well.