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Cyborg Makeup

Updated on November 4, 2015

Cyborg Makeup Tutorials For Halloween

Are you planning to wear a Cyborg costume this Halloween? Then you will need a Cyborg Makeup Tutorial to help you design the scary look you want. The key to a great Halloween makeup job is paying attention, researching how to put on Cyborg makeup, getting the proper materials and makeup accessories you need, practicing, and taking your time. That, and a great Cyborg Costume, will have you winning the prize at the Halloween costume party you are going to.

A Cyborg is a Cybernetic Organism, an organism that has both robotic and biological the Terminator had human skin over his hyper-alloy endoskeleton. If you want to dress as a half human and half robot this Halloween here are some fun makeup tutorials. Some of these cyborg makeup tutorials are easy and others are a bit challenging. Pick the one that's up to your costume standards and transform your self into a cyborg!

Famous Cyborg Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Terminator
  • Iron Man
  • The Borg from Star Trek
  • Rachael, Pris, and Roy, Replicants from Bladerunner
  • Darth Vader from Star Wars
  • The Six Million Dollar Man
  • The Bionic Woman
  • The Cybermen from Doctor Who
  • Data from Star Trek
  • Robocop
  • T-X from Terminator 3
  • Number 6 -Humanoid Cylon Model from Battlestar Galactica
  • Seven of Nine from Star Trek
  • The Borg Queen from Star Trek

Some of these Cyborgs are just machines with skin, but others are warm and sensitive characters, some are mostly machine and some are more human than machine. An example of the Cyborg who is more man and less machine, you have The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. These two are people who think and feel, and have bionic parts. The Terminator, on the other hand, is a Cyborg who is a machine with skin, he just looks human.

Video Cyborg Makeup Tutorial

Here's One Way To Put On Cyborg Makeup - This Makeup Artist Is A Good Looking Cyborg

This is a great video tutorial showing you how to create a unique Cyborg look for Halloween.

Cyborg Makeup And Accessories

Cyborg Makeup Ideas

Here is what you will need: Wolfe face paint, red eye shadow, rush eyeshadow, foil pieces, lash glue, a couple face paint brushes. Double check, I wouldn't want you to forget anything.

Outline your Cyborg design with your Wolfe face paint, rip the foil pieces up and glue some onto your face (use the lash glue or some other gentle costume glue that's okay for use on skin), Outline the foil pieces with black face paint, mix up some white and black paint to make gray, paint inside the black lines gray, paint a big black circle around your eye and fill it in. Put red eye shadow on your eyelid. Define your design and fill in some gray, fill in a couple shapes with white, go along the outside of part of your design with some rush eyeshadow. Add more foil, and finish up by adding some more black lines. You're a Cyborg! ( The video said she doesn't use cosmetic brushes, but paint brushes she got at Michael's Craft Store...I think I would prefer makeup brushes.)

Cyborg Makeup Accessories

Cyborg Couples Costume

Cyborg Couples Costume Ideas

Dress Up In A Couples Costume This Year

For those of you who don't want to be a lonely Cyborg this Halloween I have included a couples costume idea. It's fun to dress up as a couple or in a group costume theme.

Now, these don't have to be Cyborg costumes, but I think they would look great on you...and add that Cyborg makeup, and you've got a unique and good looking Halloween costume.

More Cyborg Costume Ideas

More Cyborg Costume Ideas

Here are a couple mask ideas for your Cyborg Halloween costume, but truthfully, the Cyborg makeup tutorial will give you a very cool, unique look. Of course, if your heart is set on dressing up as The Terminator or Halo 3 Master, mask and all, go ahead! It's your costume, so what you want, you get!

Cyborg Halloween Costumes

Cyborg Halloween Makeup And Costumes - Vote On Your Favorite Cyborg Costume

This is a voting plex and that means you get to put your 2 cents in! Tell us which is your favorite Cyborg costume, or if your favorite isn't here, let us know what it is! You can add your own ideas to this list.

Yes Or No How Do You Vote?

Cyborg Costume Debate

Hey, come on, we can debate about everything, including Cyborg costumes for Halloween. I like a good debate, so be sure to add your opinion to the list.

What Do You Think Of The Cyborg Makeup Tutorial?

Cyborg Quiz

Cyborg Makeup Tutorial #2

Glittery Cyborg - This Makeup Tutorial Sparkles!

Want to create a metallic look with your Cyborg makeup? This is a great look and it will take a while, in fact, I would practice at least once before the actual costume gig. This look starts off with Chafing Relief Powder Get and uses Makeup Art Cosmetics Ground Black, Ben Nye's Fireworks Fantasy Wheel, Double Wear Estee Lauder in Silver Star, a color named Aquacream, Barbie Stila Cobalt Clutch Smudge Gel, She Who Dares in a dark, very shiny color, LaSplash, Onyx Mineral Pigment, White face paint, Royal Blue eyeshadow, Urban Decay Glide on pencil eyeliner zero, Silver pencil liner/shadow, silver lip glitter, Duo dark pigment eyelash glue, very long false eye lashes, it looked like a Ben Nye makeup sealer, and some very sparkly makeup with glitter in it. This look also adds strips of silver glittery thread but it's pretty thick and some gentle face glue to adhere it to the skin. More glittery silver...I couldn't get the names of all the products, but the end result is beautiful in a Cyborg sort of way! Plus you might need some brushes too.

Sparkly Android Makeup

Always, always watch the video first, make a list of the makeup and brushes ... and other accessories you will need. Then check your makeup supplies, check off the items you have on your list and then go buy an item or two you might need to achieve the fun costume makeup look you want.

Cyborg Makeup Tutorial #3

Terminator - Mutated Cyborg Makeup Tutorial

To create this Terminator/Mutated Cyborg look use black, green, white, and red makeup, some black mascara, a dark eyepencil, some makeup blood gel, and some white face powder. You can use Duo Adhesive to attach the foil to your skin.

Cyborg Makeup Tutorial #4

Gory Looking Cyborg Makeup

Get some pure glycerine, pour 50ML into a coffee mug and heat it for a minute in the microwave oven. Add 3 packets of gelatin, one at a time and stir until it's dissolved. Cut tin foil into different shapes and apply them to your skin with the gelatin mixture. MAKE SURE THE MIXTURE IS COOLED OFF. Apply a thin layer of the mixture and put the foil on top of it. Press down gently and then apply a small amount of the gelatin mix to the edges of the foil. They use a popcycle stick in the video to spread it on the edges. Put some foundation powder on the gelatin around the edge of your foil and blend it in with your skin color. Then add some reddish color to make your skin look sore. Add some red makeup or Halloween body paint to the inside edge of the foil/gelatin, then add some Halloween blood gel, so it looks raw and bloody.

Cyborg Makeup Tutorial #5

Cyborg Halloween Makeup How To Video

Use your makeup or get some Halloween skin paints in silver, black, red and aqua. You will also need some makeup brushes and a makeup sponge.

Cyborg Makeup Tutorial #6

Blade Runner Makeup Tutorial - Nexus-6 Pris

Pris Replicant Makeup Ideas

A Zombie Queen Costume

Silvery Glittery Cyborg Makeup

I tried to gather as many of the makeup products as I could find so you can choose the ones you want to use when you attempt to re-create the very beautiful SIlver Cyborg in the makeup tutorial. If you find some less expensive or easier to use products, or just want to put your favorite brands on the list, please add as many as you like.


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