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Dad Celebrated His Birthday on St Patricks Day

Updated on March 26, 2013

IF you need a green gift for Dad...

Each year St Patrick's Day was celebrated as I was growing up as Dad's Birthday. I don't remember ever really knowing much about St Patrick. But we had green cake with candles, green gifts (as clever as we could be over the years) and anything with clovers or a green theme.

Dad would joke that he didn't like green. But of course we believed he was just joking. The older we got the better we were at finding great birthday gifts for Dad on St Patrick's Day.

This page isn't about 'eco' green. It is about gifts we bought for Dad when we were kids which were the color green because his birthday was on St Patricks Day.

This page will show you great gifts for Dad on his birthday. Each has a 'green' theme and will make great St Patrick's Day Gifts for men as well.

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Quick Guide: The Funnest Green Gifts For Dad

Dad Tinkered In The Garage

My Dad could fix just about any car made before computers became a major component. I remember sitting next to his tool box in the driveway while he was under the hood or literally under the car. I would hand him tools. While other girls in the house were helping in the kitchen, I preferred to be helping with the toolbox.

I will always cherish the way Dad was so patient with me (at age 10 for example) when he would want a Phillips screwdriver and have to go through several other tools before finally getting the wrong screwdriver. See, most of the time he couldn't see his toolbox so he would try to describe what he wanted to me so I could find it and hand it to him.

Every now and then I blurt out the name of a tool and I know it must be part of his lessons surfacing. Because I will look at it 'after saying it' and wonder things like "well, I think it is anyway"

Stack-On BIN-10 Medium Parts Storage Organizer Bin, Green

Viper Tool Storage LB20MTB 20-Inch Steel Tool Box, Lime Green

Designers Edge L1306 108-LED Portable Bright LED Workshop Lighting, Green

Dad Loved The Backyard

Dad loved to be out of doors and often would spend time in the back yard tinkering. In fact... you'll find that word 'tinkering' a lot when you are getting to know my Dad. Since I only saw him at home there were years went by before I understood the 'job' he went to day in and day out.

Tinkering was what I saw my Dad doing. And he loved it.

Suncast Deluxe Garden Hose Hangout with 150-Foot Hose Capacity And Enclosed Storage Compartment, Taupe DHH150

Marathon Industries 70015 5-Cubic Feet Poly Residential Yard Rover Green Wheelbarrow with Dual Pneumatic Air Filled Tires and Cushion Grip Handle

Sandusky Lee CW Steel Crate Wagon, Green, 1000 lbs Load Capacity, 27-3/8" Height, 48" Length x 24" Width

Dad Was Hyper Organized

Amico 9 in 1 L Shaft Hex Security Torx Key Wrench Set w Green Plastic Holder

One thing really remarkable about my Dad is he always had all of his tools neat and clean. Sometimes it would take him two hours to tidy up after tinkering. But, this way (he told me time and time again) You know if you have everything put up since you can easily see any empty spots on the wall or in the drawers.

I believe when my siblings and I were younger (ranging from age 2-12 I think) he actually had his peg board marked with the outline of each tool. So... even we could see when the hammer or the large socket wrench was missing.

Dad Loved Toys

We were so motivated to make sure Dad's gifts were 'green' (not ecology definition, but, actually green in color) we would go out of our way to find something he would like. It is pretty easy to shop for a guy who obviously loves to be organized and work with his hands.

1 Deck Light Green Pastel Bicycle Playing Cards
1 Deck Light Green Pastel Bicycle Playing Cards

Dad loved to play cards. We played as a family. Games like ''go fish'' and matching games. At a time when the standard decks were used for just about any game we played. Now you can find special decks for countless games each specialized for that one game.

Kinsmart 5" Dodge Viper GTR-S 1:36 Scale (Green)
Kinsmart 5" Dodge Viper GTR-S 1:36 Scale (Green)

When DAD received one of these it was obvious my brother was hoping Daddy would share.

And I believe he did. Cars it seems are a great gift for guys of any age.

Stuffed 10" teddy bear in personalized custom embroidered U.S. Air Force Flight Suit Coverall Jumper Military Uniform
Stuffed 10" teddy bear in personalized custom embroidered U.S. Air Force Flight Suit Coverall Jumper Military Uniform

My Dad was in the Navy (before I was born) and I always admired him for that and the stories he would tell us from time to time.

It is always a great gift to buy a teddy bear (I PROMISE) for anyone at any age when the bear is a theme bear closely similar to the themes in the person's life.

NO ONE I have ever given a bear has ever said """REALLY?"""

They always hug the bear and say "Thank You!"

Green Bay Packers Inflatable Field Pool
Green Bay Packers Inflatable Field Pool

Sports!!! Most Dads love sports so anything in the sports realm in the theme you want (in this case 'green') works well as a gift for Dad.

Funko POP Disney Series 3: Alien Vinyl Figure
Funko POP Disney Series 3: Alien Vinyl Figure

This is not the one I bought for Dad one year. This is of course a more modern style item. The one I gave Dad one year (I think I was 9 at the time) was a similar looking creature with long hair which stood straight up. In later years that hairstyle started to be popular but the dolls went away...


Dad Repaired Roads

By the time I was old enough, to comprehend what his job was, Dad was a foreman on a road repair crew for a large county.

When he was younger he started out after getting out of the Navy as a road crewmen and worked his way up.

Gradual Retirement

Dad was a gradual retirement candidate.

I still recall talking to him, right after they put him on a desk job, and he expressed how much he missed being out there in the middle of the productivity. He felt as if the contribution he was being asked to do wasn't important.

He never was one to sit for long after all.

When he was fully retired he would spend many hours in his yard, on his tractor, moving the earth around. He lived on a hillside so he was able to plan many modifications to beautify his little piece of the planet.

You might have guessed and I know... That tractor wasn't GREEN!

We Will Miss Him

We Miss You, Dad

I believe Dad is still working on the roads now. I'm sure he has a plan so he can be a part of any golden highway projects God has waiting to be done.

I will miss my Dad deeply until the day I see the roads he was called to work on and I'll get to see him again.

Dad's Birthday Guestbook

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  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    5 years ago from Chico California

    @anonymous: (((Marie))) Yes I remember his love for sweets. He loved your green pistachio cake.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Marie F. Chavarria

    We called dad jack of all trades. He was the go to guy. All our aunts always called for his help. Sometimes I would make my dad a green pistachio cake and he loved it. If any one new our dad they would also know how he loved his sweets. Our dad enjoyed the out doors and as Deb said loved working on the yard and building thing. He is loved and missed.

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    5 years ago from Chico California

    @Virginia Allain: I am sorry for your loss Vallain. I miss my dad so much. I do feel better when I can share (and relieve some of the lost feelings) and especially if others enjoy it. I know I will see him again. And I'm sure he is happy and mostly I am grateful he is no longer in pain.

  • Virginia Allain profile image

    Virginia Allain 

    5 years ago from Central Florida

    I lost my dad this year, so it touched me quite a bit to read your memories of your dad. It's good to save his memories online for others to enjoy.

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    5 years ago from Chico California

    @flowski lm: Thank you, Flowski. ;-) Very kind of you to say so.

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    5 years ago from Chico California

    @OhMe: Thank you, Nancy. I'm sure he is beautifying those heavenly golden highways. <3

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    5 years ago from Chico California

    @Joan4: Thank you, Joan. Dad did love his tinkering. :-)

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    This is wonderful! I love all the stories about your dad and I could easily visualize those fun birthday parties and you helping him with his tinkering! Adorable page for St Patrick's day! and great gift ideas, too!

  • OhMe profile image

    Nancy Tate Hellams 

    5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

    Loved reading about your Dad's birthday on St. Patrick's Day and all his green gifts. Yes, I am sure he is working on those golden heavenly roads.

  • profile image

    flowski lm 

    5 years ago

    A great gift guide or is it a story? It's both and it's simply brilliant!

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    5 years ago from Chico California

    @Fart Pickins: Hi Jeff, Thank you. Dad was a great guy. And the longer I got to know him the greater he became. I should spend a bit more time on this one. I am not sure how much to tell. But I'm glad you enjoyed what I did share. I'm certain you would have liked him. All the best to you and your family, Deb

  • Fart Pickins profile image

    Fart Pickins 

    5 years ago

    I don't know anyone with a birthday on St Patrick's Day but I sure did enjoy reading about your dad. Sounds like he was a great guy.


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