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10 Fabulous Father's Day Gifts

Updated on June 17, 2014

My Top 10 Ideas for Pleasing Pops

Maybe it's just because I'm a mom, but we're easy to shop for. Chocolate and flowers are popular because, well, they work :) And if you listen, you'll probably hear hints year-round about little clothing, jewelry, and domestic items we'd love.

Father's Day gifts? A bit tougher. We can't afford the things you dads really want--a kick-butt TV, flying lessons, season tickets for your favorite pro team. And the more modest items can be tricky--you may need 100 things from Home Depot, but it's a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated. Gift card? Practical but impersonal.

Here, 10 fun Father's Day options for your dad, your hubby, or (guys...) yourself!

(image: Wolffie via zazzle)

When is Father's Day?

Heads up!

Father's Day in the USA is

Sunday, June 21, 2015

(plenty of time to plan :)

1) A Swiss Army Knife

Every dad needs one. Every mom, too, for that matter. The hubby & I both own one, though his is more complicated. Just three-and-a-half inches long, this version of the classic gadget features 30 stainless-steel tools for everything from rugged camping and fishing trips to laid-back urban picnics. Sweet price, and it ships free!

2) Season One

Shopping for a guy who enjoys good TV but is short on time? Grab a season-one DVD, so he can watch as little or as much as he wants per week. (At the urging of my mom & me, based on our enjoyment of the show, my dad just finished up a "Friday Night Lights" marathon and is now grieving its end!) Ladies, I've made some recommendations here with dual-gender appeal. If he's going to hang on the sofa for hours, shouldn't it be with you?

mmm, pork chops
mmm, pork chops

3) Grilling Tools

Grilling is a year-round sport at our house. We do a huge extended-family feast for New Year's Day, with mostly New Orleans style food and music, and there's nothing like the smell of smoked sausage grilling out on a 10-degree day.

Here, some tools and accessories to help dad defend his "King of the Grill" crown.

(photo credit: ctaloi via photopin cc)

Dad's Day DIY

If your kids are crafty, has dozens of adorable Father's Day crafts they can make. Click here for lots of options. What dad doesn't love homemade Father's Day gifts?

4) Music Stuff

Maybe you're lucky to know what new music your guy is craving, or maybe he has a well-maintained Amazon wishlist to make your life easy. Or maybe not. Here, some out-of-the-box ideas for a music-loving dad. Tip: When I grabbed the Keith Richards bio for my dad's last birthday, not only did he love it, but the two guys on duty at the bookstore expressed envy about the gift :)

5) A Massage

If you've got skills, a homemade coupon book for 5 massages costs only your time and is a gift any guy would love. If not, the American Massage Therapy Association can help you find a massage practitioner. Or just ask around for local recommendations. Even an anti-massage guy will change his mind after a few minutes on the table. And the whole family can bask in his improved mood afterward :)

6) Sports Related Gifts

He's got the hat, the shirt, the tickets. What else is there for a sports nut?

Easy Father's Day Breakfast Casserole

6-8 slices of bread or a loaf of french bread, cubed

1 lb. sausage, bacon, or ham (in any combination), crumbled or chopped

3/4 c. sharp cheddar cheese, grated

1/2 c. mushrooms, chopped

5 eggs

1 3/4 c. milk

Salt and pepper to taste

Place cubed bread in casserole dish. Add cooked sausage, bacon, and/or ham on top. Add cheese and mushrooms on top of meat.

Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Pour evenly over top of the other ingredients.

Let stand 5 minutes, then bake at 350 until brown (35-50 mins., depending on your oven).

(Note: I realized after the fact that I could have made this even easier by cubing the bread and cooking and chopping the meat a day ahead.)

Adapted from

7) A Fun T-Shirt

Skip the much-maligned necktie gift in favor of something Dad can kick back in: a T that's sweet, funny or both.

8) Beer

This might not be the best gift from a 6-year-old to daddy, but if you're an adult buying for your pops, an assortment of his favorite brews--or some special varieties he hasn't tried before--is an enviable gift.

If your dad isn't near enough for you to drive some nice brew to his doorstep, never fear. You can order beer online with free delivery in the U.S.. Geography is no longer a barrier for beer fanatics!

(photo: Bernt Rostad via photopin cc)

9) BBQ

If you live in Texas, the Carolinas, or someplace else with claims to the best BBQ in the land--hmm, do I feel a debate lens coming on?--you don't need to bother with this gift. You can just go down the block.

For the rest of us, these specialty providers will deliver mouth-watering brisket, ribs, and more right to your door. I did it one year as a double Father's Day gift for my husbad and my dad. YUM!

(photo: jspatchwork via photopin cc)

Poll: Who's Got the Best 'Cue?

I haven't met much barbecue I didn't like, especially with a side of zingy, vinegary cole slaw. But I've traveled enough of the U.S. to know that opinions on this matter get hotter than a jar of pepper sauce. Share yours here!

Which state makes the best BBQ?

See results

10) Bacon!

I think this one is self-explanatory.

I splurged one Christmas and got my husband a 6-month Bacon of the Month club membership. It's a pricey but amazing choice that just about any dad I know would flip over.

On a budget? Go with a more reasonably priced onetime bacon-by-mail order, as I did this year for my father:

Fathers Country Hams (gotta try these folks)

Broadbent's (I'm getting their bacon trio sampler for that special someone this Christmas -- shh!)

Harrington's (this is the one I chose for my dad last Father's Day, as he loves maple -- he said it was one of the best bacons he'd ever had)

If mail-order food isn't your style, here are some other ideas for your favorite bacon lover...

(p.s. Do yourself a favor and read "My Uncle Stu"'s review of the bacon bandages. It's hilarious.)

(photo: nerissa's ring via photopin cc)

Now that's a dad!

I love this National Fatherhood Initiative ad. See if it doesn't make you smile.

don't forget the (awesome) card!

free father's day card
free father's day card

The Treat personalized card shop (a branch of fab Tiny Prints) offers fun, funny, perfectly designed Father's Day cards. Add your own photo and text for a one-of-a-kind card dad will want to keep forever.

Ladies, what's the best Father's Day gift you ever gave? Guys, what's the best one you ever got?

Please share...

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    • Glenda Motsavage profile image

      Glenda Motsavage 

      4 years ago from The Sunshine State

      Bacon of the Month? - Who knew? Guess what my hubby is getting next Father's Day! Really enjoyed your lens (and the video was very funny! ). Added this page to my Related Articles on my Frugal Farmer lens, which is a tribute to my Dad. Thanks for sharing.

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Nice gift ideas!

    • verymary profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicago area

      @anonymous: well yeah, the guy concept of a massage & who it supposed to be FOR is not always the same as ours!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome ideas (swiss knife and massage!!!) LOL! I'm thinking back to when I get massages as a "treat" on Mother's Day (from my hubby, of course); boy, uhm, the massage doesn't last long enough for some reason (wink, wink). I think the guys will benefit from a much longer massage time, hee hee.

    • poldepc lm profile image

      poldepc lm 

      6 years ago

      great lens...her in Belgium we celebrated Dad june 10th...Thx for you visit and squidliking

    • sibian profile image


      6 years ago

      nice lens

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Long Sleeved shirts for formal attire and chocolates for my father.He loves chocolates.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Loved this lens - thumbs up and an Angel blessing for you!

    • Heatherseesthel profile image


      7 years ago

      These are timeless gifts! Well, maybe not the bacon, heehee, but thanks for all the good suggestions and a great lens!

    • zeesash lm profile image

      zeesash lm 

      7 years ago

      this is a GOOD post regarding father's day gifts i have read another one relate Father's day 2011 having also gift ideas and the way how to wish your father at Father's day.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great father's day gift suggestion. Thanks.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes this is good gift!

      father's day gifts ideas

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Father's Day gift ideas!

    • noxid25 profile image


      8 years ago

      I gave my husband a photobook and he loved it...other than that, a big steak dinner with his fav beer is always a pleaser. :) Lensrolling to my 'Dedicated to All Fathers' lens. Great gift ideas here!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      "Easy Father's Day Breakfast Casserole" sounds easy enough to try.

    • draik profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for joining Shopping Online Group. Your lens was added to our feature module and it will appear randomly.

    • Kiwisoutback profile image


      9 years ago from Massachusetts

      Nice work, I just lensrolled it to my own Father's Day gift lens. I agree, beer is the perfect gift to give, really! I'd love getting that.

    • ElizabethJeanAl profile image


      9 years ago

      Father's Day is right around the corner. It's time to start thinking about it.

      Thanks for sharing


    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 

      9 years ago from Vermont

      Woo hoo, these were all my Dad's faves. Thanks for the feature on my King of the Grill BBQ apron - it's a best seller! 5*

    • hlkljgk profile image


      9 years ago from Western Mass

      some great ideas!

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 

      9 years ago

      cool ideas :-)

    • Holley Web profile image

      Holley Web 

      9 years ago

      I hadn't even looked but my birthday falls on father's day this year! Again. Nice job and great ideas!

    • MsSnow4 profile image

      Carol Goss 

      9 years ago

      Nice stuff, I'm sure all fathers thank you :)

    • jimmielanley profile image

      Jimmie Quick 

      9 years ago from Memphis, TN, USA

      I'd better start thinking about Father's Day! Thanks for the reminder.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great ideas!

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      9 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      I used to take Dad out for cool meal. Same with my husband. He loves to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant so that's what I get him...or some track shoes...he's a runner.Cute lens!

    • GreenEcoBean profile image


      9 years ago

      Probably a coupon to clean Dads' needed it!!!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      oh I needed this!...I've been wondering what to get DH for pop's day and our anniversary...great ideas here! many thanks! whew!

    • annetteghallowe1 profile image


      9 years ago

      I always fix my husband one of his favorite meals that I really don't enjoy making! He isn't a big one for presents but loves a special meal.


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