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Daniel Tiger Theme Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas

Updated on March 18, 2015

Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Theme

Find Grr-refic Daniel Tiger birthday party supplies and ideas to throw a themed party you're little one will love. Decorations, favors, invitations, cake ideas and supplies all in one place.

If your child is a fan of Daniel Tiger's neighborhood show and has grown found of the little Tiger who wears a red hoodie and sneakers, a Daniel Tiger party theme is the only way to go if you are celebrating their birthday. This page has plenty of

Daniel Tiger birthday party ideas and resources ranging from DIY to free printables. There are also hard to find Daniel Tiger party supplies and items featured here too so you have all the pieces to put something special together. Please enjoy.

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Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

To let all your friends from the neighborhood know that your throwing an event that you want them to attend, you'll need some Daniel Tiger birthday party invitations. Some of the best invites can be found on Etsy and Ebay where you'll find invitations that can be personlized, printable invites and have them custom made for you by the sellers.

If your looking to make your own invites one idea would be to make Tiger print invitations. They are easy to make and would fit the theme well. All you need to make these invitations is orange card and a sharpie pen, Sea Lemon has a great tutorial showing you how to draw the black stripes onto the orange card here.

Photo source: MyBabiesBreath

Free Daniel Tiger Invitations

Free Daniel Tiger Party Invitations
Free Daniel Tiger Party Invitations

Courtesy of - Print of these free Daniel Tiger Invitation templates made available on their site

Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Tiger print decorations have to feature as a part of your Daniel Tiger birthday party decorations. Consider using tiger print balloons, banners and even streamers to do this job. Touches of red here and there can be inlcuded too to represent Daniel's hoodie and sneakers.

As a base for your party table before you put on the rest of your Daniel Tiger table decorations make a DIY tiger tabecloth as seen here. The cloth was made with one orange tablecloth and one black one tied together. The tiger strips where then cut out of the overlapping cloth (orange) to show the black cloth beneath. To keep the tablecloth together you could use glue to stick the edges together as well.

Even small additions like a jar of black and orange gumballs will be an eyecatching addition when placed in the center of the table. It can be used initially as a accent but can feature later in a game of how many gumballs in the jar or be eaten by guests.

Also have your little bday boy/girl involved in putting up Daniel Tiger party decorations by having them color in some Daniel Tiger coloring pages and sticking them on the wall. An alternative would be to print of A4 size pictures of characters from the show and have them hanging around. You could even make cardboard frames to put on them.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Edible Cake Topper
Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Edible Cake Topper | Source

Daniel Tiger Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

The birthday cake is always a special moment in every birthday party and so if your looking for some Daniel tiger cake decorations to make the cake look special a simple option would be to use character figures to top of the cake after you have frosted it.

Edible cake images are also an easy way to beautifully decorate a cake. If you choose to use an Daniel Tiger themed edible image, pipe a red border around the image to make it stand out a little as seen in the pic to your right.

The flavor of the cake should always be your child's favorite if they have one but you might be able to win them over to making strawberry flavored because of Daniel Tiger's love for them. You could have a few whole ones placed atop the cake.

For more Daniel Tiger birthday cakes and ideas make sure you check out cake cake central.

How to Make a Daniel Tiger Cake

Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

The PBS website is a great place to find templates for Daniel Tiger party favors. They've got templates and tutorials for masks, favor boxes, finger puppets, stickers and more. Of course all of these favors will involve a little DIY but aside from that there is plenty there to send your guests home happy.

You could also include some tiger print favors and cookies to your Daniel Tiger birthday party favors too.

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