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How to Plan a DARE PARTY

Updated on August 14, 2013

How to Plan a Dare Party

The key to a successful Dare Party is to invite the right type of people. People invited to a dare party should be fun and fairly uninhibited individuals. There are several types of dare parties, including adult dare parties, bachelorette dare parties, family dare parties, and pajama dare parties. This lens explores dare party planning and fun.

Dare Party Instructions - For "Adults"

1. Make a guest list of 20-25 people.

2. Send out invitations two weeks before the Dare Party. In the invitations, let each party guest know that it is a DARE theme party and that they are to bring $10 each.

3. You will need "fake money" for this party. Buy some fake money or use Monopoly money. You need enough fake money to give each party guest $25 worth.

4. On the eve of the Dare Party set out some drinks and appetizers or desserts.

5. Collect $10 of "real" money from each party guest as they arrive. Put all the cash in a hat.

6. Give each party guest $25 of fake money and tell them the rules of the game, which is to dare, and take dares, for other party guests in exchange for fake money. Let them know that at the end of the 2 hours, the guest with the most fake money wins all the real money that was placed in the hat. If you have 20 party guests, one of the guests is going to win $200 at the end of the night.

7. To get the ball rolling, suggest a few dares to your party guests. Some dares to suggest are, $5 for wearing a kick me sign on their back for 15 minutes. $3 to insult the host of the party, $10 to go into the bathroom with someone of the opposite sex and switch clothing, $2 to give their best impression of someone else at the party or something as simple as $1 for filling up another persons drink. See the list of "Dare Suggestions" below.

8. At the end of 2 hours have all the party guests turn in their fake money. The guest with the most fake money wins all the real money that was collected when the party guests first arrived.

Fake Money for Your Dare Party

Have you ever been to a dare party?

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Each dare is worth a certain amount of money. That worth of the dare is determined by how much the guest is willing to pay. For example, one guest might dare another guest to "kiss the person on their right" for $2, while another guest might offer $3 to kiss the feet of another guest or $5 to be tickled for 1 minute by someone.

1. Kiss someone.

2. Kiss the feet of another guest.

3. Give a spanking to another guest.

4. Be tickled by another guest.

5. Fill up a drink for a guest.

6. Bark like a dog.

7. Suck someone's finger.

8. High-five everyone in the room.

9. Wear lipstick for 5 minutes (this is a dare for a male).

10. Exchange an article of clothing with another person, like shirts or pants.

11. Make a prank cell phone call.

12. Perform a sexy dance.

13. Do the "funky chicken" dance.

14. Sniff the breath of another guest.

15. Moon everyone in the room.

16. Talk dirty pillow talk to someone.

17. Flirt with someone of the same sex.

18. Eat 5 hot peppers.

19. Stand in the corner facing the wall for 5 minutes.

20. Remove your pants and stand in your underwear for 5 minutes.

*You can up the ante by offering double and triple dares too!

What do you do at a bachelorette party? Go out on the town and take this entertaining deck with you! It contains dozens of outrageous dares for various destinations that will give the bride-to-be a night to remember.

"Family" Dare Parties - A Dare Party for the Whole Family

The booklet contains loads of creative tips and ideas that address every detail of the party, from extra-special invitations to fabulous food to clever crafts, activities, and party favors. It's almost all you need for a memorable pajama party-just add friends!

From the Back Cover:

Pajama Party Heaven

Nobody wants to sleep at a pajama party. After you've painted your nails glittery blue and stuffed yourself with pizza, keep the place rocking with a game of TRUTH OR DARE. Dare! Sing your favorite rock song like an opera star. Truth! Have you ever laughed so hard you wet your pants? Let's hear it for staying up all night!

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    • profile image

      carol-bing-3 5 years ago

      I love all these great ideas for truth or dare parties. My friends and I always watch movies together, so what we did one time was watch a movie on called Truth or Dare, and each time a truth or dare came up in the movie, we would pause it and make everyone give their answers as well. It was fun! Yekra has a bunch of other great films too. I just love them!

    • JoyfulReviewer profile image

      JoyfulReviewer 6 years ago

      Clever party ideas.

    • profile image

      dareupyourparty 6 years ago

      Love your lens! I am interested in all stuff about truth or dare, so I made a lens myself. I will be sure to try out this idea with the money bills the next party!

    • profile image

      shops 7 years ago

      Great idea for a Lens! Love it!